An Orkut Love Story: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
“So, tell me, you have crushes on how many girls and do you go about declaring your flame on every single, hot chick you meet?”, She asks.
I am befuddled at such a question falling from the sky out of the blue. “Is she a mind reader or what?” I wonder.
I send a reply, “Huh! What has got into you? I don’t go about having crush on every woman I meet. If there are 1000 females in my college, I don’t make a declaration of love. Main aadmi hoon haathi nahin (I am human and not an elephant).”
“Hahaha! I am giggling. Mister, don’t act smarty pants with me coz I have discovered your secret,” She scares me.
I wanted to shout. “What secret, yaa?,” I ask.
“You acting itna innocent, na. You spend your time, toggling with the crush games on Orkut, declaring flames to girls by clicking the small heart icon. I am telling you, sambhal kal rehna (Be cautious) coz my spies are keeping a close watch on you.” Now, she is playing the games quite expertly.
I mean, I know, I am playing this silly game on Orkut to whine my time. I discovered this fun stuff by accident and someone likes someone, just click on the crush and the girls will rack their brains to know who are interested in them. But, Orkut, guarantees privacy to users and there is no way one can know about it. I feign ignorance and ask, “How you know about that?”
She sends me a scrap, “My detectives are all over the place. You are being watched.”
Tube light moment strikes. I’m in for the game and roars with excitement. “This means that you have a crush on me and why don’t you accept that your tiny heart has left you, travelling across seas and oceans to land in my hand in Mumbai.”
“Wah! Wah!” She scraps back, “Stop acting smart because you are caught, Mister. Who else are the other girls, besides me?”
“Bcoz..Madam…When you crush someone, it runs anonymous and when the other person responds, you are notified. Am I right?,” I press the trigger.
She didn’t reply instantly and, after a while, sends, “I bet you haven’t still read The Alchemist?”
I corner her, “And, I bet you diverting attention. Accept you click on me as your crush?”
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