Eternal tale of love

Cuddling next to her flawless face,
I caress her skin.
Where love is the most flamboyant expression and abused,
We look deep into each other's eyes and kiss.
It's the passion of love and a feeling that only two hearts who truly loved could understand.
Resting my head on her shoulder,
I am transported to heavenly bliss,
dreaming of a life of togetherness and eternity.
I turn around to see her shadow eluding faraway from me.
Where are you going? I implore.
I was never present physically,
still I shall never cease loving you,
she tells.

A to Z challenge Theme Reveal: Short (Romantic) Stories

I am participating in the #AtoZ Blog Challenge. To cut a long story short, I was more than sure than this time I would not be able to make it. The hectic work pace was killing me and to register was almost suicidal, what if I am not able to make the cut? 
In fact, I was planning to schedule my posts by mid-February but things started to fall apart. There was no way I could do it and got chatting with Shalinee on how to do it. One thing led to the other: She prodded me to get on it. I was in still in two minds when I hopped on Vidya's blog telling her how to do it, owing to the fact that the hectic work pace won't allow it. I was in two minds and asked her to motivate and help me. Vidya's words worked like magic on me and deciding to hop on the train.

Vidya's words:

Work will always be hectic....If you are worried about what to write about-you have a thriving blog-just go through your oldest posts-you'll find you have more to say about those topics....There will be days when you think you don't have time..truth is, we can always find 10 minutes...you can do it!

The fabulous Vidya is a magician and couldn't believe how her motivating and inspiring words is leading me to sign up for the challenge. Till you have people like Vidya and Shalinee (https://taleoftwotomatoes.wordpress.com) prodded me to sign up.

#AtoZ theme: Short (Romance) stories

Quoting from http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/, the credit goes to Arlee Bird where participants post every day except Sunday which is fun day. 26 days of blogging, posting daily on a single alphabet. The fun starts on April 1 with letter A, April 2 with letter B and it goes on Day 26 with letter Z.
For more on the challenge, click on

Theme Reveal:Short (Romantic) stories

This time, I have decided to write short (romance stories). I have decided to write 26 stories between 500 to 1000 words. While most stories would be my favorite hot topic love and romance, some of them will be short stories, moving away from love. You see, too much of nerve racking and getting in that mode of dabbling with alphabets, can be a tough call. Here, I am. Can't believe I am signing for it. Do sign up and for more jump on Vidya's blog:


Wish us luck and hope I do justice to the challenge.

With Love


The tragedy of a dog's life

 Oho! They won't let me sleep peacefully on the street. After all, I am a street dog. Some idiot making noise clearing all the debris with the broom, ringing on my ear. Now, who is that person scratching my back like that? I gonna slap him. Ahem! Ahem! I can't even do that!
The tiny lady, wearing a long white robe is chasing me away. How ruthless and heartless those humans are! After all, I am only a dog, an 'underdog' living off the streets. Go away bloody scoundrel, she shouts. I try to scare her, showing my scary teeth and barking ferociously coz no one wanna pay heed to the cry of my heart. I know! I know! I wanna tell them to give me shelter and food, in return I will protect your house. But, no. How ungrateful those humans are! I run away from the lady who turns her back towards me, walking towards her kitchen. What's this perfume? I just wanna burst into the kitchen and steal the delicacy. Those humans call it Biryani.
Now, why this other dog is running like a mad cap, as if he is participating in the Olympic race. Now, let me run after him. No! He is too fast, this smartie pant. I run past this huge metallic gate and let me stop to say hi to those canines. They live like a King, you know, and there owners called them babies. See! What they are doing? Playing with a ball and hiding bones inside the grass so that the master don't see it. Those rich dogs, I tell you, they have too much of everything and I am looking for a bone to eat. Still, they have become selfish like their masters, they won't share the bone with an under-dog like me, dying with hunger in this misty morning. 
Last time, I stood in front of the gate, the canines barked at me, shooing me away. I just wanna be friends with them. This crazy book writer! I know she is what humans call hot and sexy but reading a poem to her dog who was scratching the mud and wagging the tail. How on earth do I tell her how idiotic she is and can't make out the language of the dog who is not even interested in her passionate poems which she recites loudly.
Now, I need something to eat and let me hop on the street to try my luck, may be if I can hound this guy who sells Vada Pav and Pakoda on the street may pity me and flung some that I can grab with my mouth.Now, why this dog is doing trying to cross the street in this crazy human made turmoil that blows my ears to death. It frightens me to death in this world made by people hell-bent to destroy our lives where our breed have no comfort and peace. 
The nameless friend makes a step or two, before moving away, too scared to valiantly face  the cars and buses who has just one objective: bleed to death anyone who comes near them. Do you think they will spare us, I wanna tell the stranger dog. Finally, she backs out and comes near me to drop a Hi. Now, you disturbing me, I wanna tell. But, you see, I am nice. I laze on the pavement and pat him. Two for company. Together, we have one mission: Jump in the garbage, pulling everything upside down and scatter on the street, for one morsel. No luck, we are chased by the cops.
We've got a victim. We eye in each other in unison to conjure our tricks. The truck is filled with goodies, loafs, bananas and vada pav. We scare the two guys, grab our share with our mouth and disappear in the alley. Finally, our hard has paid off big time as the men wearing white garments yell.
Have a good Day. Now, you see why the underdogs win the smart race.



Gliding past storms to seek dreams, happiness in the illusory

Dreams weaved in the cornucopia of thoughts and illusion,
stoking fodder in our tiny hearts,
for no hope or desire is too mundane to fulfill.
The heart knows no reason to build imaginary castle,
filling our world with momentary moment of joy.
Expectations soothes the heart as we crave for the imaginary pleasure.
The disappointment lingers large yet it encapsulates us with hope.
It titillates the sense as we move beyond reality.
Soaring up in the sky as we chase the world of impossibilities,
the stars may be too far for us to touch,
yet the heart, mind and soul finds solace.
Turning our back to reality and twisting our mind,
stoic to the storm that unfurls in front of us,
we glide past the vagaries of life, re-visited in all its form and hues.
The rainbow may not be too far fetched as a symbol of happiness.
Mind matters above everything else.



Nirbhayas re-visited: The Udwin Leslee video, selective portrayal and our mindset

There is no difference in character and thought between on one hand, lawyers, ML Sharma and AP Singh and on the other hand, rape convict Mukesh Singh. It gives me goosebumps when I read the comment of the criminal who said that Nirbhaya deserves to be raped. There is raging debate whether the video aired by BBC should be banned or not.
First of all, I am against any form of ban and, after all, it's a question of freedom. Let people decide whether they want to watch it or not to formulate their opinions. I have an issue with the video for some reasons. It lies in the fact that I am dead against the idea of glamorizing a crime like rape and making the rapist heroic. Certainly, asserting your superiority or giving vent to male aggression doesn't make you a man and unfortunately many have this filthy attitude. I am not prepared to watch the movie because of the gory details, confessed by that mentally deranged person who showed no remorse at all. I mean, who does such kind of things? Only someone without a heart and calling him ruthless is an understatement. He is just a demon that deserved to be flogged and humiliated in public.
However, what irks me in this whole episode is the way we reacted to the video. Ok, like me, you may disagree with the film made by Udwin Leslee but there are certain things we cannot ignore. In fact, the film, now that it's already been made, is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the mindset of people across the globe. For sure, this mentality is not restricted to India and reference is made to UK where 24,000 rapes were reported in a year where conviction rate has gone down. You can check the article by Suzanne Virdie in Times of India blog.
Let's face it: Several of our MPs has made unfortunate comments about a girl dressing scantily, roaming freely at nights and that they ask for rape. Should the video shock us? Doesn't it say a lot about our attitudes, bred since an early age, on what we think of women and we are scared of equality between both men and women? 

Like Javed Akhtar has rightly pointed out, the perspective by the rapists and his lawyers is a mirror image of the sick society in which we live. It's not a question of men against women. It starts with educating our boys to respect women and mind you, it cuts across social class and religion. In that sense, I am comfortable with re-visiting the Nirbhaya case but certainly not in the fashion advocated by the video,
One is tempted to ask whether it is psycho-analytical, physical or emotional aspect of rapists across the globe. What makes men commit rape? Is it the patriarchal attitude by controlling women in society that she should always listen to the husband, don't venture out at nights or come late, that leads to rape? The video has nicely ignored freedom of women and the act of rape that mutilate not only her body but soul. There are thousands Nirbhayas in both urban and rural India that are the victims because they are not 'good girls' and having sex outside marriage or for that matter, showing their desires as human beings.
The video is tale of selective portrayal when it comes to rape. Now, will someone explain to me why a toddler or five-year old is raped or a daughter in the household? Certainly, she must be at fault according to the logic of people like ML Sharma and AP Singh. This is an issue that Leslee selectively failed to explore. Or, Madonna who was raped when she first came to explore the world of showbiz.
The fact is that our legal system is flawed or else, how come a rapist is unafraid of the consequences of justice. We shy away from prosecuting the rapists and case in point, is the so-called adolescent. The fact is that many of us are a by-product of the system, a disease by 'punishing' a woman for her outrageous views or life style. Let's change our thoughts since there are many who have similar echo to the rapist. 

Both Kiron Kher and Jaya Bachchan are right in their own ways when they point at hypocrisy in our society. It's a question of deep-rooted patriarchal mindset that remains enshrined in our society that leads to such cowardice aggression. Who are we to decide what a woman wear, jeans, Burqa, Saree and what is the relationship between rape and garments? Even a man wears short, showing his leg! It's high time we change our attitudes by educating not just children, in particular young boys in school but their parents. It's a tragedy that we stifle sexual freedom calling it dirty or make red light areas illegal. Prostitution is not the problem, our thoughts and sexual oppression are! We think of ourselves as the biggest moral authority when we question the life of a woman, she stays up till late, party hard and comes home after midnight despite being married. I mean, who gave me this right to decide on the life and body of a woman?
Now, I come to another important aspect of the debate. Unfortunately, with the backlash, I think twice before genuine complimenting a graceful woman oozing hotness or sexy for that matter. There is an inherent fear of being labelled as such. Yes, the backlash is killing the joy of healthy flirting and  add salt to injury. The ludicrous take of Rose Chasm and her India phobia depicting the country as a land of rapist where every single man who wanted to 'rape' her, be it on the street market or people filming her and friends gyrating to music. (http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1023053)
Come on! In every country, there are rapists Miss Rose Chasm and you make it as if all men are rapists and it can only happen in one part of the globe. While I am angry so many girls are mentally harassed through stares and are subject to even more than that which I may not be able to understand, but the whole point reaches insanity on your part. I know many wonderful men who respect women a lot but the way things are being painted about India is simply lingering on the height of insanity. However, I do understand the problems faced by women in public places which gets worst by the day. It's up to us to do something and make things better. Why do we need a foreigner to come and tell us things. Let's be the change. alter our mindsets even if it means in a radical manner.
I think I've made my case on the video, trying to cover as many points as possible from ugly patriarchy, to issues with Leslee work and over the top Chasm's neuroticism and our attitude towards women in this lengthy post.

PS: Check this post: http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2015/03/indias-daughter-bbc-documentary/



Soothing baby sleep, bringing joy to life

Soothing baby sleep,
cuddled in the stranger lap.
She thought it's heaven, her tiny head flows to the love and soothing embrace.
Smiling to the power of love,
tiny legs and fingers admired by one and all.
The innocent little gift wrapped in a bundle called joy,
enjoys the attention showered.
She would not realize how much love she earned and gave to the guests she charmed.
Beauty personified, she exudes magnetic spell over everyone.
She brought joy to life.


Ban Bandh Na Raha

We are a nation that has re-discovered itself and giving a new definition to Alice in Wonderland cum the Great Discovery of Amreeka like Christopher Columbus. The new age Columbus has found a precious stone, a gem, called BAN which they are taking seriously. The stone is polished and turned into law. First, there was bandh and now there is ban.
Our learned men and women, in their wisdom will soon decide to hit the cudgel minus the stone to ban everything in life. After all, it's becoming a national past time to protect the Great Indian Culture since we are so sanskari. They will ban the word Fuck because no should enjoy a goddamn fuck. Ban the fuck itself and stop enjoying orgasm, pleasure and procreating. Ban life itself. Let's polish this precious gem to go back to stone age. Life was much simpler, isn't it?!

Did I say eating beef gives me sensual and orgasmic pleasure? After all, I am banned for eating beef?! Why just beef? Pork, buffalo, cattle. Let's ban meat products. Yet, we won't ban assaults on innocent people, minorities, illegal conversions, ransacking newsrooms and cabbies. Ban your words when you insult Mother Theresa and the rubbish spawned on us.
Movies, books, stand up comedy, people!! Ahem Ahem, the list is tiring to our minds and thoughts. Ban the film on Nirbhaya, did I hear it correctly? I do have issues with the film being made on account of glamorizing a rapist or making him heroic for that matter, one question that plague me like my laptop virus going on a destruction spree is that whether I am considered adult enough to choose what is right or wrong for me to watch. Welcome to the new age Talibanism the Hindutva way?! Dumb fucks, let people decide and formulate their opinions on the film.
Samaaj ke thekedar or the monopoly of thoughts are the ones deciding to jerk off to someone or something. After all, what right have we to decide? See. we are vegetative beings who lack the mental and moral faculty to decide what to do with our lives. Of course, film, food, books should be banned. It's against Hindu or Indian culture. It will wreck havoc on our lives. Choosing to eat beef at our risk and we get 10 years in jail. Ban jail!! No,never Ever. Ban religion. Who am I kidding? I should be sent to asylum for losing my mental faculty. 
I shall take Sanyasi and take a dip at the Ghat at Varanasi, meditating on the bans I am subjected to. The word 'Ban' will be enshrined in beads to count every single element on what went wrong in my life. O! Mother Ganga! I shall sit and admire the soulful and gentle flow of water to knock some sense in my mind, atone for my sins of eating beef and violating the sanctity of religion. See, beef is immoral and the animals should revere,pleading for forgiveness for coming into this world to pollute our great culture.
Long Live the ban. Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra! Ban Bandh Na Raha! Beef Beef Na Raha! Freedom of expression and artistic expression Na Raha! Hail the custodians and guardians of morality. Stop making films and having sex for its banned. Don't you know! It's breaking news.

Ban Bandh! I say!


Women Day: She shall not remain a mute spectator to your violence

Today, March 8 is International Women Day across the globe. I wish all women folks a very happy women Day. However, what matters is that we celebrate and respect a woman every day in life, not just on one day. Over the years, women have lead in all walks of life, political, corporates or as a human being.
What hurts is how women are assaulted every single day, victims of heinous crimes such as rape and looked down, provoked by a mindset of cultural and religious dogma. In several places in India, big cities and far-flung villages,the freedom of women are crushed as a result of male ego and ugly patriarchy that uses culture or religion as a shield. The atrocious rape of Nirbhaya still remains entrenched in our minds and despite the laws,one can say that there has been no closure. The problem is the attitude of men in society.
After Nirbhaya death, I wrote a poem on my other blog on wordpress and re-blogging it here. There was angst in the heart and two years later, I doubt whether things has changed. This poem is a tribute to thousands Nirbhaya in India and across the globe.

The birth of a girl child brings joy in the family.
A girl brings wealth and happiness in the surrounding.
As she grows up, she is stereotyped to behave in certain way to fit into society's definition of model woman.
She is chided by her elders if she chooses to wear a short skirt, 'Good girls don't attract attention.'
She is not allowed to venture late in the night for fear that vultures in the garb of humans will attack her
If she smokes or dates guys or party,she is labelled as a slut.
Yet, you bow to her in the temples, worshiping her human form.
You shower respect to her symbol yet you want to overpower her
You use sex as a tool of power, yet you forget that it is a powerful emotion and bond among equal.
You are persuaded that deep inside you cannot overpower her.
You use the cowardice tool, rape to show your weakness.
Is this what dominance means to you?
You call her weak.
How easy to forget that you are the emasculated one, an easy prey to the so called moral guardians and hypocrites who exploit a woman in the name of society, morality and religion?
You assault her, sexually harass her and confine her to the home.
You live in constant denial.
She is your mother, wife, sister or daughter.
Yet, you choose to exploit her.
Your mother is ashamed of your dastard act.
Train yourself not to rape rather than put the fear in her every moment in life that she will be assaulted.
You think she is weak?
You are weak and lack power over your mind.
How easy it is for the so called moral guardians and hypocrites able to control your thoughts and actions!
Was it her fault when she stepped out at night?
Was it her fault that she slapped you when you assaulted her?
You wanted to silence her voice?
For how long?
She will no longer be the weaker sex.
Remember the more you oppress and silence her, she will rise and kill you.
The time has come now and she will no longer remain a mute spectator to your violent way and herd mentality.
How many Priyadarshinis, Nirbhayas and Amanats you will rape and oppress?
Thousands Nirbhayas will take birth.
This is a wake up call for you to respect her as an individual.

Happy Women Day.
Let's rise and awaken as human beings.



Colorful rainbow and rain firm tapestry of thoughts

Rainbow arc curling in the sky weaving a tapestry of colorful shades.
Heaven bliss gaining expression,
As the cloud forms myriad thoughts like smoke screen in the blurred lines of poetry.
Rainy weather altered the atmosphere as 
one gazes at the sky and white clouds to find solace and soothe the heart.
The child prams on its tiny legs,
kissing the cup of the tiny face with wet palms.
A stroke of divinity as the writer gazes at the sky and rain lashing in the atmosphere,
seeking inspiration to create characters that stay forever in imagination.
Nature, in its fury, carry elements of bliss,
only a pure heart can feel and feed into thoughts.

With Love


Happy Holi: My Favorite Holi songs

Happy Holi Folks,

It's the season where a dash of color adds character and spark to our lives. Holy remained one of my favorite festival where I forget about about by-gones or social conditioning to sink into the color happiness. It reminds me of the rain party during college days, high on Bhang and sprinkling colors on the streets where a bunch of us would be unrecognizable. Wishing you all, Happy Holi and have fun.
Leaving you folks with some of my favorite Holi Songs.

1. Rang Barse Chunarwali (Silsila)

Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali is the ultimate Holi song by Amitabh Bachchan. 25 years after the release of Silsila, nothing on earth can beat this powerful song, the flirting banter in that and of course, Big B in his deep baritone who packs an amazing rendering that is still fresh.

2. Do Me a Favor, Let's Play Holi (Waqt-A Race Against Time)

This hatke song from Waqt is another of my favorite for its beat and, of course, Akki and Piggi's amazing chemistry. Of course, I absolutely love Anu Malik style and the sensual voice of Sunidhi Chauhan that makes the invitation for some harmless fun on Holi worth it. The song oozes sensuality.

3. Balam Pichkari (Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani)

This one is jazzi. Deepika sizzles in her Balam Pichkari avatar and has one of the most amazing chemistry with Ranbir. I love how Balam Pichkari redefines Holi song among the young generation who let themselves loose. Both Deepika and Ranbir are effortless, being themselves and comfortable in their skins. A superb anthem to Holi.

4. Holi Khela Raghuveera (Baghbaan)

Again, who can beat Amitabh Bachchan in this harmless flirting and powerful Awadhi song. He does full justice to this endearing Holi song with a touch of undiluted fun. Ek Dum Jhakas. Amitabh take this Holi song to another level and I dare you to prove the contrary.

5. Holi ke Din Dil Khil Jaate Hai (Sholay)

The biggest entertainment ever made on celluloid, Sholay, brings stroke of fun and flirting in this feel good holi song, combining romance and friendship. It is fun and sensitive at the same time making it one of the best remembered Holi song.

6. Ang se Ang Lagana (Daar)

This Shah Rukh Khan-Sunny Deol-Juhi Chawla has a simple quotient, celebrating Holi with pomp to the great delight of each and everyone of us. I loove how simple this song has been weaved to celebrate the colors of the festival.

7. Aaj Na Chodenge (Kati Patang)

Kaka does full justice in this amazing Holi song, beautifully rendered by Kishore Kumar to celebrate the different colors of Holi. Both Rajesh Khanna and Kishore Kumar lend their own signature style to this unique Holi classic. A must watch and Holi cannot be celebrated without this song coupled with a sensitive touch.