The Love Letter

I have been longing for her presence at Bandra station. Every time, she edges past me, fluttering her long hair playfully , earphone in her ears as she strutted her way inside the Andheri fast local. I have been playing the waiting game for three months. It was sheer agony fighting against myself. If she was waiting at the station for a long time, her gregarious friends would unfurl themselves as they broke into splinters How I abhor her friends, the spoilers?
Every time, I was planning my way to drop a hi, I was forced to yank my way as she engulfed in a passionate conversation with her pals. She looks very cute and sweet as she sported the bejesus expression to her friends narration of matters. How they rode roughshod over my pent up feelings! I shushed at their ignorance of my feeling for their beautiful friend. She was my angel.
Today, I've been waiting for an hour and have not seen the slight shadow of hers at Bandra station. Where has she gone? I don't even know her name and I have nurtured feeling for her. Love is a bitch. As I boarded the train and glean on the copy of Midday, somebody spurted inside the train. It was her. She glowed in the green salwar kameez. A voice within said, 'It's the time now. It's now or never.' I removed a sheet from my notebook and swiftly scribbled something. As Andheri station was slowly approaching, I plucked my courage and sidled towards her, 'excuse me' in a barmy manner.
She turned her neck towards me and smiled sheepishly, "haan, kya?"
Yeh aapke liye, as I handed her the first love letter.
She gently unfolded the letter and gleaned through the letter charily. She simpered, 'station aa  gayi mujhe jana padegi.' She hustled through the jeering crowd who were struggling to enter the train. As I jumped on the platform, I lost her in the crowd.
I saw her the next day as I slowly approached her group of friends, she pretended not to notice him and oblivion of my presence. She sounded awkward as one of her friend asks, Anjali kya hua?"
She looked straight at her, Kuch nahin yaar, bas exams ki tension.
She turned her gaze towards me and  ushered her eyes towards the train. I entered the train and she followed me, waving bye to her friends. She slipped a piece of red-colored paper in the pocket of my trousers. As I read the letter, it says Hi I am Anjali. We can't really speak to each other. I like your letter. Though I admit that I received a blot from the blue and I think we should speak through pen and papers. By the way, don't forget to tell me your name next time.
We exchanged glances, smiles and letters for more than three months. We have shared our worries, dreams and aspirations in more than 200-letters. Finally, I told her that I love her in the letter during our journey in the train. I also left a red rose on the seat next to her. Anjali couldn't pick up the rose since her friends were around. She sheepishly looked at them and judging by her body language, I could tell that she was scared too. The next day, she put the letter in an envelope that was bejewelled by beautifully designed flowers. As I opened the envelope with care, I was getting goosebumps in my stomach. I close my eyes and finally, I tried to be brave to see her answer,"I love you too."
The next day, I waited for her at Bandra. She didn't came. I waited for the whole day. Days and months have elapsed and I was worried at whether something might have happened to her. My mind was wrecking havoc and it's been more than two months.
One day, I obtained a letter that I have been selected for a job with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Dubai, I wanted to know what happened to Anjali. I became friend with one of the guys in her group, Ankit and when we went for tea and a smoke outside Bandra station, I casually asked him about Anjali. He told me that Anjali's father is in the diplomatic services and the whole family has moved to Sweden and she will do her Mba there. Ankit also told me that she was secretly in love with a guy whom she was meeting in train but couldn't speak to since her parents are strict and anyone could have seen them together. I hugged Ankit and said good bye.
As I walked towards the bus stop, I could sense a jumbled feeling. I wanted to jump and dance because she was in love with me and at the same time, I was so angry that she left without telling. I wanted to cry.
Two years later:
I came back to Mumbai since I wanted a career shift. I would soon join a well known advertising agency Sharp Eyes in Mumbai. Dad and Mom had a talk with me about marriage and they convinced me about a beautiful girl who is the daughter of dad's friend. At first, I brushed aside the marriage proposal since a day did not passed when I did not thought of Anjali. Finally, I relented and we went to meet the girl. I was sitting comfortably on the sofa when a girl in red saree slowly walk towards me with a tray of coffee and biscuits. I looking upwards as she uncovered her head.
What happened was going to change my life forever and forever. I was knocked off the chair as Anjali smiled to me. Like me, she was bewildered at what sprang in front of her. We smiled to each other. Our parents were not aware of what's happiness and they were as shocked as we. We started to hug each other and we didn't care what our parents would think. We said, I love you' unison and tears dropped on our cheeks.


Childlike innocence

childlike innocence, riveting eyes and chasing my dreams.
As I sing gleefully,  my eyes chase the biggest dreams in life.
There is no holding on to what's not mine.
The chorus is missing, the song is not yet composed.
As they a sing a lullaby to me, I direct my gaze and crane my neck to the next best thing.
It eludes me and it seem far away from my eye.
I haven't said my last word coz I know it is not a distant dream.
Dreams that I nurture in my heart, for I know that one day it will come true.
Impossible for naysayers, possible for me.
I believe that I can.
For the great doer is only but me.
I just don't make hullabaloo of it, they do.
Dreamer, lover and adventurer.
That's me.
I day dream of the feat.
It's just a matter of time.
For slowly but surely I shall reach the destination.
A destination fraught with bruises, deception.
I shall arrive.
There is no fun without hurdles.
I shall arrive coz I have the childlike curiosity burning inside.
Let the fire spread.


Set to conquer Gurgaon

The countdown start rolling and rollicking as I gambol on the days and nights hovering. Six more days and I am set to visit a new city, Gurgaon. I have never been to Gurgaon which is 30 minutes to one hour away from Delhi and honestly speaking, it was far far away from my travel list. The only thing is that it is eight-days trip fully funded by the Indian Government. Officially speaking, I am on duty and it doesn't go without saying I shall enjoy the perks in terms of sight seeing and exploring the city.
I am excited to discover the city that I have never been. It shall add to my travel data base and it's always cherry on the cake to discover a brand new city, new people, make new friends and of course, networking. For a journalist, networking is a sine qua non and dire necessity in today's world. It opens a whole new avenue coupled with immense possibilities where one is afforded a unique opportunity to discover an entire gamut of 'windfall gains.' The offer came unexpectedly as I was informed from official quarters that I have been chosen to represent my company. I jumped leaps and bounds as the Priyanka Chopra's song, In My City' blarring to my ears. Yeah, babe I gonna be in your city and make some new friends.
Apprehensive! I am always since it's a new experience and through I am confident of the eight nights, it's a new city for me. But, that's the fun part of being in a new city all by myself and enjoying every moment in the city. It will also be my first trip to Delhi as I get set to get down at Shrimati Indira Gandhi International Airport while my stop has always been Mumbai, albeit, Chitrapathi Shivaji International Airport. Guess, when I reach Gurgaon at 3 in the morning, I shall sleep till noon and get set to explore Gurgaon which I've told is very well-developed and mall mushrooming all over the city. Come Monday, assignment start as I shall hunt for interviews with important interviews..well that's just a teaser..ahem! ahem! I shall pull all strings to grill two important personalities, to say the least.
Frankly speaker, I am restless as I can feel the chill down my spine and I am bestiring myself to the joy of discovering the new city and its people. It's my premiere professional experience on such a grand scale and I am aware that I will rub shoulders with giants in my field, learned men and women who are maven at the craft. I am looking forward to learn and draw inspiration from these beings. Though, eight days conference is quite less but there are so much that one can do in one day work and I gotta eights day. It's grand and an opportunity that can only spruce the 'professional me' up. It shall buttress the individual in me with regard to my craft as a journalist and it is indeed the start of many beautiful surprises like this one.
The only hitch is that I will not be able to visit my favorite city Mumbai and what I call my home, Pune. I am supposed to understand I will be caught in a swirl of activities and adhering to my professional assignment is what prevail. It pinches when one cannot be in maximum city and Pune. Like one friend remarked, you be in India without being in Pune and Mumbai. What to do? Sometimes things get out of control as we caught in a maelstrom of professional activities. But, but, I am grateful to Bharat sarkar for giving me such an opportunity. It's a dream come true and further reinforce the view that India has made me who I am. I am eternally grateful to my country of origin.
Time to wave good night folk. Watch out as I shall narrate the Gurgaon and Delhi story.


Book Review: I Too Had a Love Story

Love happens once and as it happens, it stays forever. This adage hold true for author Ravinder Singh whose courage must be applauded for sharing his love story to rom-com lovers. I Too Had a Love Story is the true story of Ravin and Khushi.
The book is sensitive and strike a chord with our inner self, albeit, heart as a true tale of love is told that bring tears to our eyes. It contains a strong emotional dose that melt the heart of the strongest person on earth. The climax is shattering and devastating, a far cry from the countless rom-com and campus romances that's mushrooming the Indian market since the last decade.
'I remember the date well: 4th March 2006. I was in Kolkata and about to reach Happy's home. I had been very excited all morning as I was going to see our gang of four after three years, says the author. As rightly penned, not all love stories are meant to have a perfect ending. Some stay incomplete. Yet, they are beautiful in their own way.
The date, 4th March 2006 changed the live of Ravin forever. A harmless dilly-dallying with an Indian dating/matrimony site changed his life forever. This one is tale of innocent love as he meets the sweet, innocent Khushi on the dating site and the first phone call leads to another as the latter lovingly calls him 'Shona'. Aww! Sweet! After dating on the phone and chat, Ravin and Khushi finally meet in Faridabad. Two person living in two distant places far away from each other fall in love and finally meet after the chatting, love smses. How appealing to one's romantic senses? I bet you will fall sway to such a perfect love story.
Ravin is your normal guy whom you meet in the hum-drum of city life. He is your average-goer and one would not bet he will fall in love with the perfect girl in tinsel down. Falling in love with the girl who seem so perfect. She is the epitome of beauty, kindness and intellect. Tempting offer! Khushi is the girl whom you will die to meet. She spells perfection as one prod on their luck to meet and fall in love with someone like Khushi. As you flip through the pages, you will eventually fall in love with Khushi whom I would call a 'Godess in the making.' A sensitive girl with a heart of gold. Hey! hold on! Not everyone is as lucky as Ravin..or is he?! You will get the answer as you grab a copy of I Too Had a Love Story.
The book is heart-pounding as you are thrust in a dream tale of love. How can it happen to anybody? Has Ravin done a good deed in his past life that a girl as beautiful and pure like Khushi walks in his life. It's the perfect love story as you are transported in a world riddled with complete perfect. The book is so beautifully written, poignant with human emotion as dream interwoven and lived to the hilt. You can't stop yourself feeling that it is your love story..at least you desire to believe that it is your love story.
As Ravin and Khushi are on the point of getting engaged, calamity struck. They were not meant to be as the incident play spoilsport to one of the perfect love story. One is tempted to ask:Why? Why? Why? I wanna pull all strings loose so that Ravin and Khushi live together forever and forever. Sometimes, it is not meant to be as destiny has the habit of wrecking havoc on people's lives. I would have been devastated in the place of Ravin. At some point, I so wanted to put the book aside in order to avert the dreaded climax. I wanted to pull the powers in the world to give it a new climax. But, then it's a real love story and not all pure love stories end on a beautiful world.
The book makes you emphatize with the destiny of Ravin and Khushi. Shit yaar! They were not meant to be together and were not just meant to be. As I got engulfed in the climax, I cried like hell. Yes! I am being pompous about it and confess that I cried so much that I wetted my pillow and prodded myself to make a cup of tea in the wee hours in the morning.It propel us to reflect on our human emotion and the very act of falling in love that seem so gory in the start. Do love really exist or it's just a figment of human emotion?
Author Ravinder Singh must be credited for jotting and pouring his emotion in I Too Had a Love Story which is so real and genuine. The guy poured his emotion in a clever and honest manner so as to speak. Khushi's innocence is depicted and brought alive in the most simple manner. I admire the courage of Ravinder Singh whose gutsy act shared something as personal as love to the world. This book will touch your life, tiny heart and shake your world. If you believe in the entire gamut of human relations, grab a copy to accompany Ravinder in his journey of life. I Too Had a Love Story is a story that is largely untold in today's materialistic world of monies and casual dating. It will touch your heart and make you cry but sometimes it's better to cry through a real tale of genuine love. Khushi has carved a special place in my heart. Are you ready to meet her? Khushi will bring a smile to your face and take you in a beautiful journey a it's impossible to forget her.


Amitabh & Me

The light of eternity.
Your name, Amitabh carries the meaning 'light'.
It sparkled our lives.
May the light never cease shining on you, Amitji and your wonderful family.
You have been an inspiration to millions across the globe.
You have been an inspiration to me, my biggest inspiration.
Amitabh & Me.
Like the greek God, you stand tall true to your name and magnetic personality.
Your rich baritone voice echoes good voice within my heart.
The moment you utter a single word, it send waves across.
The kind of positive vibes you spread is testimony to your being and our being.
I have hero worshiped you.
There is no one like and will never be.
A supercool dad, Hindi cinema greatest superstar, doting grandfather to our lil' and cute daughter Araadhya and greatest actor in the world.
Yet so humble and down-to-earth.
You are always so self-depreciating about your achievements.
Our generation must take a leaf and bow to you.
The kind of frenzy you set when you walk into a room. 
In one word, it's complex to describe you.
Your larger than life persona send tizzy across.
The influence that you have on my life is such that at the mention of your name I go berserk.
You are the undisputed king beyond the game numbers.
The dignity with which you handle your professional and personal life is something to die for.
What I would not give to be in the same frame as you.
The biggest dream in my life is to meet you, sir.
As they say, age is just a number.
Life begins at 70.
Happyyy Birthday to shri. Amitabh Bachchan, the phenomenon of this century.
With love


We are what we are

You were not born to watch passively at the happenings in the world.
You are not a passive spectator to still waters.
The moment you ushered in the world, you started crying.
It's sign of your rebellious streak.
Why do you behave as you grow old?
You were born to rebel.
Fuck the world, screw their preconceived norms, moral values and old age traditions.
They tell us to behave?
Why should we?
We are at our awareness best?
We protest against their high-handedness..so?
We believe in revolution..so?
We want to live our life and assert our individuality. so?
We don't wanna adhere to your rules..so?
We are not passive spectators to your idiosyncracies.
We shall be who we are.
We ain't gonna tell you what we are.
Why should we?
So that you tell us who we are?
You make the rules that we can't adhere to?
Why do you wanna control our lives through your legislations?
To control us?
It's not our problem that you have a problem with our attitudes?
You invented the institution of marriage not us?
You were the ones who invented the word government.
As if we care?!


Ready to embrace the new world

Excitement beats the hell out of me.
The chance to visit a new city and its people as luck shower itself at my feet.
Surprises...surprises never cease in this world.
As I sprang to life on this early morning, it's an aha moment.
The time to come is the time to enjoy.
I am crestfallen at the beautiful moments that mushroom as I zoom to my own music.
Life has never been so beautiful.
The moment you pray for this beautiful miracle in life,
the miracle spring up.
I feel dancing like a mad and insane dude.
I shall await for the new world to unfurl itself and let the events unfold.
The sheer magic of experiencing yet another facet of life.
Let life surprise me even more.
It's a package, I know that.
A package of good health, endless joy and enormous possibilities.
Perhaps, the beginning of a new world.
Till I wait with anticipation and fraught with anxieties.
I wanna go and kiss the world.
Like a child warming up to the christmas toy, my eyes are shining bright to discover the magic.
Life indeed has a purpose.