Happy marriage, unhappy you and Fat family

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Threat and ultimatum of marriage resemble a time bomb and is worse for girls past the mid-20s. For men like me in the mid-30s-the age is a deep dark secret- we are not spared by the bua, phuppa, pesky uncle ji and aunty ji, nana, dadi and even younger folks doling gyaan on marriage as if it gives them an erection.

Why do people marry? For love, companionship and fulfilling parents’ will or the innate fear of being alone. Another bigger reason and biggest truth brushed under the carpet, for sex when there is insecurity of not getting any. Yes! Trust me, people marry for sex and a crude way of putting it, getting their fair share of banging.

The pet peeves I personally come across are uber-conservative folks hinting on happiness being irrelevant to fulfilling sacred obligations for parents.  I shall skip this bit about marrying for parents but one question is if H for happiness is not important, how do we explain the growing rate of divorce, separation or outside affairs? Certainly, the law that criminalized adultery until a few days back didn’t deter people from having sex outside marriage! Think! Think!

Marriage is a choice so is ‘one-night stand’. Of course, the moral issue may linger above the legal scheme of things. One cannot make a choice to be unhappy in life so that our folks become the happiest on earth. I keep getting all kind of gyaan on my impending marriage and the whys of forever delaying being settled as if the former is some nobel prize to procreate. The worst thing is when we think about folks caught in a catch 22 situation in a marriage and choosing to hide behind the entire ‘children’ argument in an effort to mask suffering or the lack of spine to break-away.

Looking at the bigger picture, the entire thing whittles to sexuality and desire versus the ingrained fear of family which prevents individuals from breaking away from the shackle of an unconsummated marriage. Alternately, suppression of emotional and sexual desires never reaches the climax. This holds true for singles, divorcee or married alike.  Are you going to look for happiness in an institution scripted by the world, read parents? Since you played no intrinsic role in its making, what is the guarantee it will become a successful model? Marriage as a club or institution you commit to is no less than a business model. What’s the use of a system lacking passion, half-baked hearts into a venture with no trace of happiness?  

Listen to your heart and be true to the self in chartering the individual path and jump into the bandwagon only if you willing or committed to. Never do anything for anyone else but yourself in finding the space to glow, blossom and grow. The society is made of people like us who created culture, again something not infallible and we cannot be dictated by a group of people on doing on what is good or morally right for us. Choose happiness and being one’s own self against any shit spread by society or so-called culture.

Happy Sunday


Things I didn't do Today

As much as we try to be a pro or stickler for details, there are so many things that we fail to do or too lazy in the humdrum of everyday life. I am no different when it comes to skipping things on my radar.

1. I missed the morning yoga since was too busy in mindless stuff, gulping coffee and eating my soojee prepared by Mom.

2. Forget to give Mom some cash since she was going to the market for vegetables. The bad me and the fear of missing the bus to office made me go blank!

3. Didn't write in the agenda diary on the tasks that gotta do for the day and the risk is the mind space becoming like Mumbai, overcrowded and footpath for survival.

4. Skipped sending an important work-related email to friend that my boss been telling me to. The perk of doing this silly post is therapeutic and works well as a reminder.

5. In a hurry, forget or pretending, to arrange the bed and put the blankets in place.

6. The cylinder gas will get over today and while having a shower, realized that they geyser showed signs of dying, turning from hot water to warm. First thing, gotta tell mom as I reach home and change the cylinder that will die a slow but painless death.

7. I'm truly awesome! Forgot telling it to myself. Awesome to forget or pretending to, at least.


sweet and sour lemons

I missed a punch, 

tripped and ducked, 

knocked thousand times, 

not down and out,

counting failures and heartbreaks,

on the finger tip,

art of making lemons out of nothing,

an artsy affair,

mundane and everyday tale,

till my last breath, ain’t gonna stop! 

sprinkling sourly taste, 

sweet mouth, 

in the face of disappointment, 


chocolate fudge smile,

spreading hearty vibe and sunshine,

to the heartless and ruthless,

I keep on going, 

the world my violin,

whose gonna stop, my beautiful heart?

I dare the vilest!

 Keep faith N spread love


Ten personal Quotes

Collection quotes and hoarding newspaper cut out was a favorite thing buried in the past and never thought could be a wordsmith. Feeble inspiration came when I was in a relationship and nursing heartbreak, reading the quotes and collecting them, the first thing to look in newspapers. It's another story that I spun the newspaper quotes in my own reflection and forwarded it on sms that was quite a huge thing in the past now lost in translation. Today, I share ten of my quotes, weaved by the silly mind that didn't look for quote masters or newspaper inspiration and truly original. Hope you will like them.

“You are success. Failure can never rule you. Whip this storm called success to make it your own.”

“I fear not death for it’s an integral part, my shadow lingering and the end shall be the new me, Karmic connection of my being.” 

“Why call it unrequited love to feel you never loved in the first place. Dance and make mad love with rejection and celebrate break up for You are love.” 

“Don’t threaten to slap and avoid me but love your beautiful hand to caress my face with your stamp to book me for life.”  

“Kiss is what I long for, deep and passionate for my soul to dance with envy, swirling like the ice cream.”

“I don’t call it break up but the soul’s liberation eluding my obsessive mind. We live without each other with each other, your senses, the linens scattered on the bed, scent of your lip and jet black hair, the image of your sensual, naked self walking inside the room. The day you stop haunting me, it shall be a break up.”

“Shorn of my clothes, I bear no shame for the soul stand naked in front of everyone to see not my flesh but a beautifully uncensored me.”

“There was a time, there is a time and will be a time when your love loomed larger and disappeared in the distance. Your shadow shone like the glittering moon and faded away in the silent night to wipe my tears, happiness and constant heart beat.”

“I am Truth. I am the cloud. I am the sky. I am God. I am Sex. I am never ashamed neither you should about ME.”  

“Love is intriguing but then ghosts live in the imagination in the heart’s temple.”

Desire and a sensual woman

Unabashedly narcissistic,
veil of sensuality,
sexuality draped on her soul,
unapologetic about life choices,
drinking is an art,
alcohol caressing her lip,
like a passionate kiss
haunting smile,
we could’ve been stranger lovers,
 victims of unrequited love,
pure sparkle,
scent touching the nerves,
 I shall admire you by a distance,
making imagined wild and mad love to you,
caressing the flesh,
bold, brazen and free-spirited,
hotness makes your intellect,
I’m just knocked off the perfect.  


Myth of darkness

Darkness is beautiful,



engulfed in silence, 



a lone companion,

unspoken words to sky and stars,

loyal friend,

wearing no judgment,

a cloak of shadow and hope,  

wings to the unrequited dreams,

antidote to the shadowy night,


in its midst,

i shall not yearn for company,

breaking free from the world’s shackles, people, prejudices and love,

cease to exist,

aimless destination and void,

fickle emotions,

tiny dots of light eluding, 

waning moon,

darkness is my identity,

swaying to its tune,

a single beat,

no question asked.