Eroticism of midriff, navel

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There was a time when the woman parading in a short skirt, parading her legs and the upper part of her body exudes sexiness. All that matters was the bust. Refer to Kimi Katkar upping her bosom factor to the lips of Amitabh Bachchan in Hum or Raveena gyrating to Akshay's nature call, Tu cheez badi hai mast mast or Kareena's size zero. It is passé now.
As Bipasha right says it, "Indian men don't like abs on women. Hard bodies are out. They prefer their women rounded, but thin is in now." Truly said Bipasha. Picture Deepika in the bad remake of Dum Maaro Dum. Well, it started with Katrina Kaif with Sheela ki Jawaani. The navel is in, is back and it gonna stay for a long time till something better and smoother replaces the flat curve. It's sexy and sexiness redefined with the smoking hot combo of the navel and the midriff. We all love watching our women's navel. It's not that I am being sexist but rather thinking in terms of sexiness or upping the sex quotient. Ask the new age conceptualists of Hindi cinema. This englobes the saree beautiful on the lady. She is no bimbette and she knows her mind as the smart,kick-ass designer paint a transparent circle between the midriff and the navel. It makes for aesthetic show.
The trend are changing and innovating on the fast line as new designers chips in new ideas which makes fashion adorable. We all want to live the dream. Men are not left behind and we take it as a sign of encouragement as our models have gone from flab to fab.There was a time when someone had to be plump to make a fashion statement. Can you imagine the reaction if someone would flaunt her cleavage a la Deepika, Malaika, Aishwarya or Bips for that matter 10 years back? She lost it and her career is over. Not anymore, dearies. I somehow find the tatoo damn sexy on the navel and it's appeal is unique. Not just for the sex quotient but for it's fashion content and appeal. Thin is sexy and is in. That's the mantra.
It makes for regular exercise and the process of hitting the gym to equip yourselves with a flat and thin curve. Exercise has never been so sexy. Indeed, the navel has been the centre of both male and female attraction. The woman is now more flat chested and is the only part which is still curvaceous. Now wonder brands like are innovating big time with its various length and width to accomodate the human body. A pair of jeans should be fit from the waist to the toe as the wearer easy slips into them. It is a booming industry, the textile. Clothes have never been so innovative in design, process and outlook.
The good thing is that our generation is a very fit one. We are aware of the difference between sexy and vulgar and as long as we know how to project ourselves, who cares. It's all about the brand image. In some way or another, we are all projecting a brand, celebrity or mango people. It is a tale of uninhibited physicality and speaks of the changes in the mindset of the young generation. We are generation, unafraid of speaking our minds and is a fashion statement.
The navel never ever makes the woman looks indecent. She flaunts it so comfortably and it makes her look sexy. It's cherry on the cake. It propel us dancing along with Bipasha on the lines of Beedi jaile le. Personally, I love watching a sexy lady with a well toned midriff, curve and of course, the navel. Katrina's midriff in Sheela ki Jawani is the perfect body to the male gaze. So is Malaika's sizzling act in Munni badnaam. Priyanka Chopra has a beautiful people and insiders in the industry confide that the lady is a fitness freak.
Slim is the new in'. I remember how at one time, in my early teens I would envy guys with a well built and robust body. They were always surrounded by the super hot chicks and was like see, I am too slim, this chick is too farway to chase. I felt like a sore loser. Not anymore. Slim is beautiful. Slim is sexy. What the point of having a robust body if you cannot exude charm and be comfy what's the point in displaying a robust and badly built body. it becomes a case of forced vulgarity to be in.

The brand new avatar of the likes of Kat, Deepika, Priyanka and Sonam for that matter is sheer pleasure to watch. They exude a redefined process of eroticism and sexiness and one feel that the Khajuraho is back and the ladies are living the dream of the temple. It's a tale of mystic beauty. A case of slim, bare and forging one's own identity.Ravi Verma and Hussain saab would have been proud today were they alive as our B-town ladies and why not guys(c'mon we can be sexy and we are..make no mistake about it) would give the sensual pleasure of polishing and re-polishing their arts.

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