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Hey!!!! How does one call this post? An update on my life..Argghhh! I hate doing that coz I'm so bad at it. I mean there are several of you who have the art of putting a detailed post on your life in the most funny and romantic way. I suck at this one. The post becomes so boring.

Time flies fast and as good as it gets..I've spent one year and four months working in the media. Well! Yeah! I'm still a baby in the cradle. Been working as sub-editor and fidgeted with something new-reporting. I'm enjoying it and been doing production job as well. I shall be relieve of the production job towards the year end, I'm told. Hopefully so! I've done it for one year and I'm more geared to reporting. Honestly speaking, I'm not good at sub-editing task and tried it for one year. I now realize it's not my true calling and haven't been totally competent at the desk job. Am I cornering myself? Nopes! Not really. Just being plain honest with you, guys. I am bad at the task. Period.
It brings me to the next hot topic in ma life. Holidays!!!Yes! Indeed! I am finally taking my 20 days holidays as from December 20 where I shall be in Pune, Mumbai, Goa and god help me Ahmedabad and Delhi. Damn excited! I have already started counting days on Mr calendar..Since I can't really afford the places due to my lack of savings acumen, I went to S.B.I for a loan and this guy narrated a whole story to me and took my time much before telling me that I am not eligible since they have a policy of giving a personal loan to government employees and Top 100 companies employees. Hello dude! You could have told me that before rather than wasting my time. The most interesting character is the guy who is responsible for the loan. He meets me and tries to be inquisitive on the reason for taking a personal loan before telling me how busy he is and referred me to someone else. Bloody incompetent and unprofessional ass!! Went to HSBC and the girl was a model of professionalism and eased the whole process for me. It shall be granted in less than 10 days and it is indeed an example of excellence in customer service. Only hitch is that I have to transfer my account for salary which is pretty cool with me.
Been reading quite a few interesting and varied stuffs. Yes, I'm being a multi-tasker at reading. Just finished John Grisham's Theodore Boone. Well, there is a sequel to this one and can't wait to grab the next one. I've started with confessions of a pilgrim, an interview format of Paulo Coelho by Juan Arias and on the verge of finishing R K Narayan Talkative Man. Oops! Forgot to mention 3 cups of Tea. My plate is pretty full as of now.
Back to my much needed break, albeit holidays. It was a break I badly wanted. I shall shop till I drop coz December is celebration time as new year, Christmas is looming around and it's always a healing process to shop. yeah, Diwali is also round the corner and it's one of moi favourite.
I shall leave you now. We will catch up morrow'. A brand new day and new post awaits.
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