Journey of death

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Why do people die and never come back?
What are they doing up in the sky?
I wonder whether they are looking at us, smiling or grieving.
Do they miss us?
Is there life after death?
If there is on which journey do they embark on?
Is there any spiritual quest where the mortals head to and do they keep searching for their ultimate goal?
Do they finally achieve their ultimate goal?
Do the very idea of meeting God is the ultimate goal?
If yes, then who is God?
Do we have a universal definition of God when different faiths call it as Ram, Jesus or Allah?
Do we have a quest beyond God or Evil?
They say it's a matter of belief and conforming to the superior power.
If it is a matter of belief then the devil also exist by our side.
How do we decide what is good and what is bad?
Can the devil represent good and God represent bad?
Till then let's keep searching for our own answers to the quest of life,
Till we find out whether the dead keep searching for the ultimate truth.
This we shall never find out coz they will not come back on earth to tell us.
We have to wait for our turn to reach out to them.
Our day shall come

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