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I am. This is my truth of my existence in this world.
Born wild, ever-ready to challenge the ways of the world.
So many tried to challenge my thought-process and change my way of living.
I was perceived as a threat to their existence.
They tried to impose moral discipline since they feared that their self-imposed society's rules may not b e upheld.
But, that's the way I am.
I cho0se to live the life of a hippie.
I choose to be care-free and experiment in life.
I am.
This is my identity.
Don't ever try to question my identity.
I'm gonna placate you and put you to where you rightfully belong.
I am following my passions not yours.
It's my choice to be a writer.
I don't have any problem if you want your son or daughter to be a doctor or engineer.
I don't have the least of problem that your own kin are not following their heart.
Why should you have a problem with me?
It's my Life.
I live my life on my own terms and without fear of society judging me.
I don't live my life according to your definition of God's standard.
Nor to your definition of scholarly religious standard.
I just wanna be myself.
This is the beauty of 'Being Me.'
I know, I am aware,
I am a non-conformist.
This hurts your ego so much and you resort to all sorts of craps like morality, religion.
Then what's good or evil. moral or immoral?
Do you have a bench mark for that?
Who decided that what I am doing is immoral and what you are doing is moral?
It's my life.
I am what I am.
Love me. loathe me.
I am what I am.
Deeply individualist, egoistic and flouting rules.
I am what I am.
You cannot change reality.
This is ME reality.
Nobody can change that.
This is the TRUTH.
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