Heaven and Earth

Mirror of pain.
Unrequited love.
Moving heaven and earth.
Liberated soul.
A never-ending quest in this journey.
Pain, love and repressed emotions.
It satisfies the mind.
Sucking emotions.
Compromising the self!
It drains us.
Lost energy!
Life is no selfie or Instagram.
Be alive.
Sparkling stars.
Full moon.
Rippling effect.
Turn adversity into sweet victory.
Feel the love.
It's the climax.



Relationships: The XYZ of it!

I am no expert in relationships. After being in a string of relationships, both longtermish, short and very short that lasted couple of days or weeks or nor dating for years-I ain't sure whether you can call it relationships- and observing people's lives, there is no secret for a healthy and successful ones. There is no such thing as a recipe for a successful living together. It's the small things that make a relation work.

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1. More bak bak and less dhak dhak

Yes! It's true. A relationship is like the jam-packed local train starting from Churchgate to Borivali. In the local train, it's more dhak dhak and less bak bak but in real life, to make the dhak dhak work, you must do bak bak. Once Kajol said, Just talk and talk. It can be anything. Nonsense works most of the time to solve all misunderstandings. As a couple, whether married, living together or just being in a relationship, there is bound to be disagreement or conflict. What do you do next morning? Nopes! I ain't hinting at sex. Just talk and talk. For sure, the conflict or anger will be diluted. Kuch bhi? Of course!

2. Free each other

Love is all about unfettering each other and set totally free to fly and conquer. Or else, it's plain obsession or suffocation. I have seen it among many couples where growing insecurity and low self-esteem crops in when one of the partners speak or harmlessly flirt with another man or woman. Unfortunately, I've seen it coming more from men but also women who control the thoughts of their partners be it on philosophy, ideology, and religion. Be free as lovers and humans. Never enforce your personal beliefs on your partner, A relationship where political, religious or caste belief gains the upper hand is the recipe for disaster. Controlling a person because you love him or her, restricting movements or their choice to party, work till late,what to wear and when to reach home is an absolute No, No!

3. It's me or the Highway

Ego kills a relationship. How can we kill something sacred in its embryo? A moment of anger and words can pierce the heart or tear it into tiny pieces and once unleashed, it cannot be redeemed. A heart is no puzzle game that you can collect and put into a whole. I know it very well. I was immature and my acts damaged a beautiful friendship with an old crush and it took me ten years to say sorry. I often wonder, why do we hesitate so much to bend our back! Bending doesn't make us small or weak. It's a sign of maturity, love, and greatness. A relationship that matters is not defined by Ego and the age old adage, Me or the Highway.

4. Wear your heart on your sleeve

A relationship is not expressed in Head I win, Tail You lose. Such love equation fizzles with time and was never one in the first place. Open the heart and soul naked. Let love flow in equal measure. The idea is to let the person you love enter your heart freely, to touch your inner sense and sensuality. Grow together, accept your flaws and be each other's strength in good and bad times. You can always be a strong pillar of support to each other and don't play hide and seek when it comes to emotions. 

5. Pillow fight

Throw pillow on each other, slug it out and disagree on issues. Being in love or in a relationship doesn't mean you have to agree with each other on every single thing in life. Disagreements don't mean it's the hotbed for conflicts or to make things personal but it is a matter of exploring facets of your respective personalities that you are unaware of and it's another way to get to know each other better. It's a sign of a healthy relationship and learning.

6. Party like wild kids

You've been in a relationship for a long time or are married with kids, slugging your ass in the corporate world. Who says you cannot behave like kids? Party like wild animals, drink like a fish and have the most exotic-cum-spicy sex. Play the game of dating for the first time by pretending to be a stranger in a cafe or pub. Get your friends introduce both you over and again. That's the deal. Be like singles again, do your own things, meet solo friends, go on an adventure trek and don't make your relationship the world in itself that you shunt others. Then, go back to each in an unbarred and bold fashion.


Tender hearts, glittering sun and seamless love

Glittering sun.
Tender hearts.
Swaying to nature.
Calm lake.
Soothing morning.
Soft murmurs of the heart.
Plucking gentle roses.
Brimming smiles.
It's music to the soul.
Our surrounding.
Heaven on earth.
Speaking one language, to
birds, swans, and nature.
Emotions know no boundary.
Seamless love.
Solace moments.
Connect with the beauty of life.
Embracing the winds of change.
Close the eyes.
Feel the vibes.
Spread the love.



Fragrance of the Mind

Fragrance of the mind.
Seduces the soul.
Stroking the heart.
Caressing the senses.
A journey.
Lifetime memory.
Making every second matter.
Seeking solo companionship.
Loving every part of my existence.
It's me.
Self-love conquers all.
Companionship throughout the night.
Lonely nights!
Who says?
It's togetherness.
Discovering the self and beauty within.
Exquisite joy.
O! Seeker.
You are beautiful and unique.
Unwavering the secret!
Eyes glitter at the pot of gold.
Bare open the soul.
I am golden.
I am priceless.
Love thyself.

With love


Heart is not made of PINK

His voice choked with emotions. The thin and frail young man's mouth oozed blood, bore scratch and his body was bruised. He crawled and limped his way to the court. They were out to get him, The gang wouldn't rest till they settled scores with him. He wanted to be a savior when they dragged the girl at the abandoned and decrepit mill in Old Bombay. He stopped to pee behind the building and lit a cigarette when he heard a girl's cry of despair which they forcefully dragged to rape. 

The good samaritan that he was always taught to respect and protect a woman's honor. After all, he was born from the womb of a woman. How can he pretend that nothing happened? He is a common man and he couldn't beat those four ruffians who were trying to gang rape an innocent woman. He threw a stone on one of the assailants and hit him on the head. Stones were unfurled like a barricade of guns, The gang was distracted and ran for cover. In the flick of seconds, he ran towards the girl and shouted, "Just pull your clothes. We don't have time. Let's run."

They ran for their life and breathed profusely. They fell down while trying to cross the bridge, skin bruised while pushing away branches and thorns. The ruffians were within touching distance. The girl was finally to jump the metal roof and crossed the bridge but he fell down.  She turned around and stopped. He shouted at her, "Just run for your life. You can make it. Go, I tell you." She had no choice and in no time, sprinted like a mad woman on the busy street.

He couldn't move. They pounced and beat him to death."You are a saint. You saved her. Now, who will save you from us? Acting like hero and all! Do you hero giri now. See how life is pricey. We will torture you to death."

They kept him inside the dark and dilapidated building for days. The woman's life was saved and much against her parents' wishes, she boldly filed a case at the police station and called the media. This random guy saved her life. She is going take a stand and fight her way to save the guy's life. Her heart is not made of pink. Her favorite color is Pink but it has no gender. Pink is the color of humanity. She doggedly decided to fight for her ideals. The culprits will be brought to book.

The case was heard at the Bombay High Court. The prosecution lawyer hearing was heard and the judge decided to give another hour for the witness to reach court. The defense lawyer argued that she is cooking a story and conspiring to frame three innocent boys who belong to honorable families.

The kidnapped man gave the ruffians a slip and crawled his way in the rainy weather. He slipped and fell down several times, hit by bullets in the legs and finally made his way out, zigzagged on the busy street like a beggar to reach court. He collapsed on the table. The defense lawyer showed the video clip on the mobile. The three men were given life sentence.

A young man stood for a young girl at the cost of his life when probably most of them would feign ignorance owing to fear. A girl raised her voice against the system at the cost of being maligned as a prostitute.

A heart is not made of PINK. Two young people choose to make PINK the color of life, justice and ideology.

Pink-The film releases on Friday, September 16. It's a story that revolves around three Delhi-based girls who crosses path with a yesteryear lawyer played about Amitabh Bachchan. The ensemble cast comprises Taapsee Pannu, Angaad Bedi, Kirti Kulhari, Andrea Taring and Piyush Mishra. Produced by Shoojit Sircar, the film is directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury. Pink is not just a film but a thought, an idea about morality and the system. How far would you go to stand for something which is morally right? Pink answers your questions that perhaps warrant a change in mindset, questioning your beliefs and shaking the system.

The film has already garnered positive reviews among the film industry and critics has showered praise, terming it as the film to be watched this year. Wear PINK and watch the film. Releasing all over. The suspense is out today.



Second and Final: 'I am not your Boyfriend'

It's a surprise. Thanks for loving the Campus Romance: I am not your Boyfriend. Since many of us told me that I shouldn't have killed the female character in the story, here I come with a sequel, the final and last part. Hope you will enjoy it. This time, I take it to another level. Go and read.

'I am not your Boyfriend: Final and last

A gentle fur caressed his face and stroked his lip. Icy cold air wafted in the spur of the moment and touched his skin. ‘Ouch,’ it felt so cold. A chilled sensation ran and captured his body like a stream of electric current. He felt a gentle hand, cupped his face and caressed slowly. A sharp and invisible finger pressed his face. It felt so unreal. The gentle and feminine hand disappeared out of the blue.
Lips melted. Their mouths meshed in a passionately long smack, tongues swirled their way to heaven. It was bliss. Karan wondered, “Am I dreaming? Who is this invisible woman? She bit his ear and ran her fingers on his chest.

He stood naked. A svelte feminine shadow held his hand and they traversed the moon in a jet speed movement. Lightning struck. His vision was blurred. The soothing voice told him, “Don’t be afraid. It’s only, Me and you. Everything is so perfect. Let’s make love. I am standing naked in front of you. It’s not our bodies that stand light and uncovered but our souls. You will not see me now in flesh. We no longer belong to the physical world. Be with me.”

He was confused but gave himself to her. Karan felt her breast, naked body, and lip but couldn’t see her. The voice is familiar. Suddenly, mystic music gyrated loud. It was intriguing and mysterious. He felt helpless. Somehow, he felt light like a soul and his pain has mysteriously waned away. “Am I alright? Where has the blood gone when my head hit the floor?” he asked.

The last thing he vaguely remembered was Shraddha’s letter in the hospital became wet with his tears and everything suddenly went blank after that. He fainted and sloppily tripped on the white ceramic floor in the hospital, oozing blood.

“Shraddha,” a voice with the innocence of child curled inside his ears. “Love! You couldn’t bear this shock. I saved the girls from you. You would have troubled them too much by not loving them but only me. You must be aware that you are with me in this world, our world. You will realize that we are surrounded by love and not grief. We have left that world of turmoil behind.”
Shraddha’s words were not making sense to Karan. He felt that he was hallucinating. But, their souls are intertwined together and belonged to the universe that no ordinary mortal could reach out to. He was ushered in a garden filled with berries, white roses, and snowy flakes.

She took a human form and kissed Karan on his cheek, “It’s our garden. It’s made and filled with love which is free of attachment. It will not be the garden of hate or lust.  How the world crucified Adam and Eve...the apple of sin they called it. Love is no sin. Our love is pure. We shall consume the apple of love. No one will crucify us here. It’s just Me and You, soul and spirit. Love needs no flesh.”
The words struck Karan like a stroke of lightning. Slowly, the events unfurled in front of him, Shraddha dying in the hospital, the love letter and how he lost his life. He could feel the purity of his limitless love for Shraddha and was grateful to the universe which conspired to bring them together. They were united in death. Now, they belong to another world, faraway from ordinary mortals and humans. Their spirit became One. The garden of love is bliss. It is their abode where none shall trouble them and human jealousy, bondage and attachment know no place.

“Come with me,” Shraddha smiled. Her fingers pointed at the hospital bed where the bodies of Karan and Shraddha were lying next to each other. Their parents were crying. Karan wanted to say, “Don’t cry. Do not kill us. We are alive.” He smiled and held Shraddha in his arms.

They made love on the snowy bed, lying naked into each other’s arms. Shraddha’s breathed in and out, while Karan smiled and looked into her eyes. “Don’t ever say, I am Not Your Boyfriend for our love has no boundary. Don’t give it a name,” Shraddha playfully slapped his face.

Who says happy ending doesn’t happen in paradise? They bit the apple. No one crucified or stoned them to death. There was no one to judge. They shall love unconditionally, never doubting their feelings.
The end.


Ganesha's revelry in jest

Image sourced from: https://www.facebook.com/Mumbai.Daily/photos/Lalbaug cha Raja
Trunk God,
My friend Ganesha.
Dance in his revelry.
Celebrating his visit,
as if we are pumping iron!
Blowing the conch.
The great arrival.
Bursting through the cloud,
winking at us from the skies.
It's Ganesh Chaturthi!
Singing in his praise.
Showering with flowers,
to garner his attention.
Bappa, our friend and soul mate.
Crowd going berserk,
making merry till the morning.
Loud music blasting.
Any reason is good enough to celebrate Bappa.
Mumbai comes to a standstill this Ganpati.
May wisdom and reason prevail this season.
Celebrating our unity.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.



Be the Light feather

Light feather. I feel like the lightning piercing through the sky and stars in nightfall. Surrounded by vibes and energy flow transported across the skies, magical hues unfurl. You get the drift, right!

September started with a good kick in the ass. It’s sensual. Pause. Sexy weather. Pause. I know the feeling. I trust the gut instinct. Happiness hovering above the head like the helicopter. You know kids prance in excitement when the plane fly above the sky as if they gonna touch it. Such raw orgasm of the mind!

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It’s the vibes, dearies. It takes the form of a beautiful woman, feminine in appeal yet she wields a certain aura and power. A friend. We used to hang out during the students days at Barista in SoBo (South Mumbai). Nopes, before you get ideas, there wasn’t and there is no sexual, physical or romantic attraction. The spark that flew in my direction is on a different planet. She always gave me the powerful vibes and energy that ushers in goodness, happiness and the extraordinary. It’s such a magical feeling. I can sense it.

We reconnected after eight years on Facebook. I swear. I know. It’s so fucking long. I came across her profile on Linkedin and somehow, she became a contact. I didn’t realize. It’s only after gleaning on profiles on my contacts that I was like, ‘Oh! That’s her!’ I am extremely proud of her. She is doing so well as a fashion designer having worked with the leading voices in the film and style industry.

I ping her on FB. I thought success would change her or she would be arrogant or something. Even if she doesn’t reply, that’s okay. After all, it’s been so long. We do move on in life to do our thousand things.

She replied after one and a half months. That was on the last day of August. We had this nice chat on FB messenger, harking to the past and the days at Barista. The creamy crowd during the halcyon days but it’s no longer same same, she says. We gotta catch up when I come back to India.

The lady gives me such powerful vibes. I admire her confidence, aura, and presence that leave anyone speechless. I call her a Goddess. We finished our chat at 9 pm or something. I was expecting some news regarding my fees. I checked the office mail past midnight. Got the good news at 9.30 p.m. I believe it’s interlinked. It’s all about spreading positive energy and kindness. It’s a circle of happiness.

There were minor hiccups during the day. Finally, I got my fees for the month today. The first thing I do is fork out a bomb for this Levi’s jeans with 50 percent discount at the outlet and getting some grocery. I sip an amazing coffee. It’s not a question of money but how awesome it makes you feel inside getting your favourite brand. I believe in treating the self. We owe it to the soul.

It’s giving me the superb feeling as the winds flew, gently caressing the face and the cold cupping like a heavenly kiss on the cheek. Spreading the flow of energy in abundance to reach everyone. It’s a chain of happiness. I know my good times 


Fiction: I am not your boyfriend

I read the message from my best friend and couldn't believe my eyes. It's beyond human comprehension to understand girls. Not human but man's defying logic. Oh! Women! I tell. One day they will not speak but the next, they will sulk for ignoring their calls. I don't think I can ever understand Shraddha. This girl is driving me nuts. Ok! I was always crazy about her. Love sucks. Never fall in love with your best friend.

It was one summer afternoon when we met in college during our induction. I was plain bored since there were only the two of us  in class and when I heard her name, I was like oooh! Shradha, cool name. Hot chick. Actually, she might be fake, unlike her name. I tore a paper into pieces and threw it on her hair plait . We became friends. She still doesn't know about the prank. I dunno what fun or thrill I was getting by doing that. She was too hot to handle.

She disappeared from classes to resurface in the classroom like some celebrity gracing some event. One day she popped in front of me and asked for notes. After all, who has the gall to refuse a hot chick? I dashed to the small shop to make the xerox. I asked her for coffee. She agreed.

"You don't need to do all that. Going all the way to make the xerox for me. I can do it," Shraddha said.

I pretended to be cool like the dudes who are serenaded by girls. "Come on, I am not your boyfriend," I winked. We laughed together. We became the best of friends. There was no day that could pass without speaking to each other. I took pride walking to college with her and we sat together, often hang out at coffee shops or watching movies together. The guys were jealous of me. After me, she was the trophy girl. I was falling for her. I was suddenly happy and gloom for no reason. You know the feeling, right? Falling in love for your best friend. There is always the risk that she might run away from you. I woke her up in the morning so that we don't run late for lectures.

One day, I called her frantically and she was so upset that I was behaving that way when she couldn't pick up the phone. "Get a life, dude," she fumed. Shraddha would avoid my calls and messages. I went mad and losing sleep. I cannot understand that woman.

One day, she called, "Hi, we need to meet now only. What's wrong with you? Not picking up the phone." We met at the same Barista on FC Road where we would  often hang out together .

Shraddha took a sip of coffee, "It's getting delicate and complicated, dude. I was avoiding your calls because you are falling in love with me and I don't want it to happen. When I am gone, you will be in pain."

I protested. "Shut up, you idiot. I know you too well. Goodbyes are always painful. Love cannot happen between us. It's better we part away but I know we will treasure memories spent together. You are my most important friend. But, we may meet again tomorrow. But, promise me that you will not cry and will start dating someone if you have truly loved me."

I promised to her. We hugged. I was pissed with her for behaving that way. After all, Shraddha doesn't have a heart. The next day, I received a call from Shraddha's number and a female voice asked me to come to the hospital.

She was lying like a dream with an angelic smile on her face. The glitter never faded away. Shraddha was adorned in a red sari, bangles and red lipstick on her like the most beautiful bride on earth. She was gone. A lady in her 50s touched my shoulder, "Beta! I am Shraddha's Mom. She died of cancer and left this letter for you." The lady broke into tears.

"Dear Karan,

When you read this letter, I'd be gone in heaven. You promised to me that you will not cry. Whenever I think of you and me together, my pain disappears and I smile every time. I loved you till my last breath. I made so many plans that we would make beautiful babies. I guess, it was not meant to be. Respect our love. Promise that you will not cry and tear yourself.  Crying means that you have removed me from my life. I will watch over you and distract you when you kiss the next girl you will date. Be a gentleman. Yes, don't tear paper and throw on her hair. Girls don't like it.