Second and Final: 'I am not your Boyfriend'

It's a surprise. Thanks for loving the Campus Romance: I am not your Boyfriend. Since many of us told me that I shouldn't have killed the female character in the story, here I come with a sequel, the final and last part. Hope you will enjoy it. This time, I take it to another level. Go and read.

'I am not your Boyfriend: Final and last

A gentle fur caressed his face and stroked his lip. Icy cold air wafted in the spur of the moment and touched his skin. ‘Ouch,’ it felt so cold. A chilled sensation ran and captured his body like a stream of electric current. He felt a gentle hand, cupped his face and caressed slowly. A sharp and invisible finger pressed his face. It felt so unreal. The gentle and feminine hand disappeared out of the blue.
Lips melted. Their mouths meshed in a passionately long smack, tongues swirled their way to heaven. It was bliss. Karan wondered, “Am I dreaming? Who is this invisible woman? She bit his ear and ran her fingers on his chest.

He stood naked. A svelte feminine shadow held his hand and they traversed the moon in a jet speed movement. Lightning struck. His vision was blurred. The soothing voice told him, “Don’t be afraid. It’s only, Me and you. Everything is so perfect. Let’s make love. I am standing naked in front of you. It’s not our bodies that stand light and uncovered but our souls. You will not see me now in flesh. We no longer belong to the physical world. Be with me.”

He was confused but gave himself to her. Karan felt her breast, naked body, and lip but couldn’t see her. The voice is familiar. Suddenly, mystic music gyrated loud. It was intriguing and mysterious. He felt helpless. Somehow, he felt light like a soul and his pain has mysteriously waned away. “Am I alright? Where has the blood gone when my head hit the floor?” he asked.

The last thing he vaguely remembered was Shraddha’s letter in the hospital became wet with his tears and everything suddenly went blank after that. He fainted and sloppily tripped on the white ceramic floor in the hospital, oozing blood.

“Shraddha,” a voice with the innocence of child curled inside his ears. “Love! You couldn’t bear this shock. I saved the girls from you. You would have troubled them too much by not loving them but only me. You must be aware that you are with me in this world, our world. You will realize that we are surrounded by love and not grief. We have left that world of turmoil behind.”
Shraddha’s words were not making sense to Karan. He felt that he was hallucinating. But, their souls are intertwined together and belonged to the universe that no ordinary mortal could reach out to. He was ushered in a garden filled with berries, white roses, and snowy flakes.

She took a human form and kissed Karan on his cheek, “It’s our garden. It’s made and filled with love which is free of attachment. It will not be the garden of hate or lust.  How the world crucified Adam and Eve...the apple of sin they called it. Love is no sin. Our love is pure. We shall consume the apple of love. No one will crucify us here. It’s just Me and You, soul and spirit. Love needs no flesh.”
The words struck Karan like a stroke of lightning. Slowly, the events unfurled in front of him, Shraddha dying in the hospital, the love letter and how he lost his life. He could feel the purity of his limitless love for Shraddha and was grateful to the universe which conspired to bring them together. They were united in death. Now, they belong to another world, faraway from ordinary mortals and humans. Their spirit became One. The garden of love is bliss. It is their abode where none shall trouble them and human jealousy, bondage and attachment know no place.

“Come with me,” Shraddha smiled. Her fingers pointed at the hospital bed where the bodies of Karan and Shraddha were lying next to each other. Their parents were crying. Karan wanted to say, “Don’t cry. Do not kill us. We are alive.” He smiled and held Shraddha in his arms.

They made love on the snowy bed, lying naked into each other’s arms. Shraddha’s breathed in and out, while Karan smiled and looked into her eyes. “Don’t ever say, I am Not Your Boyfriend for our love has no boundary. Don’t give it a name,” Shraddha playfully slapped his face.

Who says happy ending doesn’t happen in paradise? They bit the apple. No one crucified or stoned them to death. There was no one to judge. They shall love unconditionally, never doubting their feelings.
The end.
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