The cloak of everything

Blow into pieces,
curled shaped smoke,
weave a tale,
turn the page,
forget the fuck,
brush off as nightmare in the day,
unclutter the mind,
forget the love of yore,
wipe her off your mind,
just a speck of dust,
an enigma,
for they never stay for long,
gyrate to a new tune,
keep walking,
trudge the hills,
in search of nothing,
pull the cloak of everything.

Five a.m love

Hazy morning,
misty eyes, 
creamy layered cloud, 
blue dotted sky, 
ships mooring at bay, 
flapped wings, 
stroking at the cusp of dawn, 
sensual skins caressing,
dappled sunshine, 
five am love,
shedding clothes,
flesh staring naked at each other,
tears washed ashore, 
ignited beliefs.
love cannot fail,
hope and promises,
where the mind meets inlet waves.


Wind chime and the imaginary angel

 Your scent tugs at my heart,
 feeling a lump in the throat,
 you came like a speck of dust,
blowing curled smoke of illusion,
eyes rubbed,
losing myself to your sight,
an enigma,
gone with the wind,
drop of petal,
surrounding your identity,
throwing a twinge of disappointment,
midnight dream,
an imaginary angel,
who are you?
some call you the wind chime,
perfect clatter of sound tinkling inside the heart.


A creamy moment

Rosy lips,
taste like choco fudge,
dripping saliva,
enmeshed tongues,
curled like grasses knotted together,
ignite the flame,
Mouths scything into a tongue lashing affair,
scoop of ice cream,
sensation running deep, panting and unlocking,
locking again,
longing for the passionate kiss,
shall not be the final one!
light and breezy,
 intimately violent,
 the moment shall melt,
drench the mouth,
savor the delicious concoctment,
a creamy moment!

A flash of lightning

Lost souls to adventure,
Baring the heart open,
crevice unfurling,
flash of lighting,
holding stars in the palm,
a restless heart traveling places,
longing for love,
this silly emotion lost in translation!
ever wondered what we are bound to,
law of attraction,
deciphering the inner meaning of emotions,
laying open and uncensored,
in the barren land,
the faithful is questioned,
like our inner feelings,
why we become attracted to fellow passengers!
Aphrodisiac and orgy to the mind.

Furious sea at bay

Gentle wind soaring,
water flapping the face,
fluttering pages,
birds flocking above the mist,
story told,
a silent mind in ebullition,
reaching the elixir,
repression emotions,
cup of tea overflown,
itchy palm,
 scratching the skin,
every moment bearing the pain felt,
angst washed ashore by waves,
sea is a silent spectator,
witnessing the fury,
yet unmoved by the anger of violent tides and waves,
few can comprehend,
humans or ghouls, 
gentle or evil.

Mirage at cusp of darkness

Dry leaves,
drenched in a patch of mud,
deserted forest,
birds squeaking,
 legs lolling in quest of destination,
yearning for the lone wooden ship,
growing small and disappearing in distance,
 flowing in the still water,
silent glances of travelers,
dim hope,
leaving present memory behind,
vision of opening eyes to a new world,
wait is longer,
chased by batons and arms,
no dignity left perhaps,
moon losing its sheen,
eruption of darkness,
a mirage at cusp of darkness.


Deadly concoction called friendship

 tasting like a soul’s addiction,
deadly and lethal.
reaching an elixir’s journey,
victory and fun,
joy and sorrow,
unbridled passion,
breaking all imagined limits.
walking the rope of danger,
Yet not an ounce of fear in the flesh,
Where love and bonding conquer all,
Yet none conquered,
aha of joy,
wildest encounters never reach
its end,
moments of togetherness buried!
Happy Friendship Day