Ethics and hypocrisy

During our formative years in college, we were taught principles and ideals to stand for in life. We were young and ready to take the world as we learn to question pre-established norms for a better society. There was an idealism in life as we promise to stand what we believe in. We thought that we will not falter in the face of adversity and question corrupt practices, scheming thought and manipulations in the world. Alas! We were also taught that it is a tough world waiting for us and only time will tell whether we will withstand the test of time. At the end of college, we vow to make our alma-mater proud of us and always think of the teachings of our eminent teachers whom we hold in awe.
Enter the real and we are faced to the harsh realities of life. You name it, you get it....office politics, manipulations,lies, natak baazi and unreasonable mindsets, racism, fareb, corruption, casteism, racism and unfairness. There are thousands such things. I have always believed in treating people in a fair and correct manner. Several times, I maintained a silence at the face of injustice so as to avoid clash with people and avoid being at the receiving end of an unfair society. But, recently I decided to stand for something even if I am not involved. I am not going to sit as a silent spectator even if another person is treated in an unfair manner just because he or she belongs to a different caste, creed, gender and most importantly not my country. Such things gets to me.
C'mon gals and guys so what if someone does not belong to your country, does that mean that person should be discriminated? We are all human beings and are living in a global world. I mean, that's so shitty and which world you are living in. Prejudices against people is one thing that I cannot stand. Probably because I am an idealist and dream of a fair and just society where all men and women will be treated on a equal footing. The pace at which the world is moving is crazy and our way to attain our goals, we think that we can stumble on the rights of any human being.
I may not protest every time coz it makes no point changing people and often it's better not to fall prey to people's narrow mindset. I often say let it go. But, in another cases, I refuse to bow down to social injustice meted to other people. It's a question of principles and human values. Sometimes, I really wanna take on the world. But, I also understand that we are living in a hypocrite world: Going along with your principles would mean that society will not let you live peacefully and you will be driven to the wall. They will use each and every lies and cheap tactics to make you abide by the mainstream rules. It's difficult to live in this world when you believe in something and make your principles and ethics a part of your self. But, kill my principles and I cease to exist as a human being. It's like losing my individuality and a part of my identity as a human being.
Now, why do I chose to take a stand when someone else is treated in an unfair manner or discriminated against? It happens in all walks of life, be it an organization like the workplace or a club. I could chose to remain silent, do my job and go home. It's simple: I would not like to be treated in an unfair way. If I stand for something, I can say yes I adhered to values which I believe in. Or else, life will become so meaningless. Not to mention the gossips that people indulge in and I have a feeling that a person don't have anything to do in life. I mean to say that they have no purpose in life.
The same applies to corruption when a minister or high paid executive takes a bribe. That's crazy. I mean how much money do you want and will you bloody take the money in your coffin when you die. Theek hai, we all want to earn money so as to live a decent life, afford holidays once in a while and buy some luxury or our choice of brands as well as buy a car or a nice flat. But, siphoning off crores? Again, your life is becoming meaningless in the hunt for me. I solemnly ask, What is important hurting people by stealing or earning respect? Becoming a better human being, believing in humanity or becoming filthy rich?
There are questions raging in my head. Standing for ideologies, values or remaining a mute spectator at the face of things. I am quite honest to concede that sometimes I keep my mouth shut at the face of injustice or unfairness against someone else while in other circumstances I hit back. The moments I keep my mouth shut, should I protest and fight back. Answers sought!!!!!!


Dollops of romance

I saw her for the first time in the lobby and immediately jumped with joy.
We didn't took long to connect.
There was something about her. Her dignified grace, angelic smile and playfulness.
Her presence brings a rush of radiance, purity in my space.
Life is beautiful.
She is an angel.
The angel that brings life in my journey of life.
A woman of substance that comes once in a while and totally unexpected.
It's a sweet love.
The matters of love sometimes calls for silence.
We share so much in common.
Yet! The feelings may not be mutual.
After all,what is sweet love without some element of pains, dollops of romance and dreams.
It is a silent romance.
My romance.
It matters to me and only to me.
Be happy in love and romance.


Mixed baggage of emotions, feeling your presence my friend

It's a very personal post.For a quite a few days, I am being transported in a trance-like situation and I am delving further into the outer world, free of the human bonding and attachment. Sometimes, I wonder that life is really too short and we should detach ourselves from the real world and emotions. Rather, we should embrace the cosmic world, non-physical and enter the 'energy' body. Let's face it: We are living a fake existence in this world full of hypocrisy and sliding into the non-real of the human bondage and attachment.
I have just realized our fake existence. I mean, I know we are all living a fake life as ordinary mortals. I made an experience 2 days back when I felt the presence of someone in my life. Whoever are reading this post has the right to think that I have gone mad or some shit like that or that I am fooling people around. On Wednesday, I was in a low ebb as I happened to check my orkut page and scrapes that dates back way to 2006. I happened to read the scrap I sent to Sudhu and he sent back to me.
Then, one find day when there was no Facebook and I was gung-ho on Orkut, I remember quite well that time. I just shifted to Mumbai from Pune. One fine Sunday, I was getting bored in my room at Churchgate and went to the cybercafe to check my orkut scraps. I ran through a scrap by another dear friend of mine Koko, telling me..Hi Vishal, by now you must have heard the bad news...Sudhu is no more. He was carried away by the waters at Khadakvasla dam. I was dumbfounded and shell shocked. I mean why on earth, I dint check my scrap earlier and why I was informed much later after he died.
Several questions raced into my mind: How come life is so unfair and someone we are closed to, chose to disappear? Why it happened? Sudhu was the one who gave me the Bachchan nickname and people still knows me as Bachchan in Pune. I njoy being called Bachchan as it reminds me of Sudhu's presence in our lives.
Yeah, I am missing him for days now and perhaps it's his way to tell me that he is around. There are days where one wonder, Dude, why was the need for you to go, why couldn't you wait for some more time. I've been in this mode for a week now and this time around, when I wake up, I don't want to do anything neither I am in a mood to speak to anybody. Life is a bitch. I often wonder about the futility of life. As ordinary mortals, we rush to work and make money. But, does it matter? Coz we can never know when our lives will be over. Personally, it is a very complex situation: At the end of the day, does our existence really carry any value whatsoever? We live in a hypocrite society and lead a very fake existence. We get swayed by big bucks, material stuffs and emotions like love and soo many things associated to it. In fact, what w are living is a mere illusion.
Days before, I was shedding tears thinking of Sudhu. But, before sleeping, I felt a presence, his presence. I have no words to qualify that, He must be laughing looking at me and wanna say, kya re Bachchan, mere ko yaad kar raha hai,,bas kya..I am very happy and looking after you.Yes, Sudhu, I know you are here and I know that whenever I go through a tough time, you will send your blessings. I just need to close my eyes and say a small prayer. You are here forever and ever: Sending your love. Dude, send some more love and vibrations.
We shared good vibes and that's why we became friends. The cosmic energy that we share is intact and I know that you have entered your energy body. You taught me so many things about life and existence. The need to be myself and stand out in the crowd. Sometimes, your absence gets too me and this week, I was trying to reason with myself. Deep down, I know that you are still very much present among us, sending love and sharing happiness. Whenever, I faces any problem, I think of you. You must be negotiating happiness with the Almighty and it will be sent just in time You must be saying: Dude, dekha maine vaada nibhaya.
I am missing you. I know that it's your way of telling, mere ko yaad kar, Hamesha, I have not gone anywhere man and I'm still very much present with you. Sudhu bhai, mine being quiet for the whole day and thinking of the good times we spent together, having daaru, chai aur cigarettes gives me an inner peace. I do get emotional at times, thinking that it's been six years now.I know six fucking years that you chose to enter the 'energy' world. You chose to continue your life in a world completely different from the world I am living. You shall continue to  travel and enjoy being with the angels, having a whisky, dude.
I know that we will meet again. When I enter the 'energy' world, you will be the first one to welcome me. Kya re Bachchan! aagaya tu..daaru piyega. Dude! We shall booze and have lotsa fun like we once used to have in the other world. Till then njoy and continue your journey. One more thing, send some love from time-to-time in my life. I know you are sitting here and smiling. Gosh! I am feeling your presence again. Now, I am feeling better. I know that the love is being sent. Say hi to Dad and bhaiya. Chalo then, bhau..miltey hai. Haan! Promise..well, you know what no need to spell it here..and ya you remember that chick on that evening....hahhah lol...

Thinking of the wonderful moments spent together over..
Sutta, Imperial Blue whisky, cigarette aur chai..
Feeling very emotional nowadays.
Thinking of you, dude.
Tis your way of saying you are visiting and saying Hi in your majestic style.
Like the Greek god, you conquered.
Those reading this might think that I am nuts.
Of course, I am not..
But, they won't understand..let it be..
Getting in the trance and back in the life.
Life is beautiful.
You led a beautiful life here, Sudhu bhai and there as well..Njoy it.
Send some love and magic.
Visit again..
Who said that you are not here?
I know that you are with us and will be forever.
You have reached the immortal existence.
You are superior to ordinary mortals like.
You are and always be with me.
There is  a smile on my face now.

Love as always, Sudhu bhai


Boys and emotions

Okie..dokie..we've earned enough wrath from the fairer sex..coz we are emotionless..we are not caring. In fact, more sustained effort must be made to show them our love. We can't even say I love You, to our moms..Yes! I admit I can't do it. I mean, I just can't. But, does that make us heartless, ruthless?!
Boys are boys. At the risk of sounding a typical MCP, which I am obviously not one, we normally don't say I love you to mom nor do we indulge in hell lotsa conversation with her. Neither, do we write long letters to mom nor do we spend a long time on conversation with her. Girls mostly do that coz they have a lot to tell their mothers. We may call only if we have some burden to unleash or in dire need of money. But, that doesn't mean we don't love our mothers.
We make our mom happy by scoring first class in distinction and get through the merit list at our examinations. I remember the time when I got through the merit list for my master's degree at Mumbai list and that too through my bachelor degree results at Fergusson College. I called mom and she shouted with joy on the phone. We may not be physically present with my mom but, if I am working in some other city or world and doing well, it's my way of telling her how much I love her. I make my parents through small gestures and never show off loads of affection. That's my way or if you like, the boyz ways of making mama and Pop proud.
We operate more or less in the same way with our girlfriends or spouses. We may not say I love you several times but by giving you a surprise gift, red roses or chocolates, it's our way of saying how much we care for you. Same happens for a female friend with whom we share good vibes. Personally, I don't need to tell you that as a friend, I care a  lot for you and that you are a sweet friend. It is through my small and random acts of kindness that you should get the feel. Occasionally, I may surprise you with a goodie or chocolate. That's my way of showing that I care for you and anytime, I am here for you. I have always believed in friendship and don't look for give and take in any relationship. Call at 4 a.m, I will be here for you. That's my way. I don't expect you to give me anything in return. I don't need that nor do I believe. It's sad that many people look for benefits in human relations or friendships. Such relationships never survive and never existed. Dosti kiya toh nibhana padega. When something doesn't happen, we do feel bad. But, it's just that.
It's a myth that boys don't cry and that when their love and dear ones suffer, they don't feel the pinch. bhenchod! Pura bakwas hai. It's just that we don't show our affections and that we cry in silence. We don't like others to see tears in our eyes and it's very true that when we go through a rough patch, we pretend to be happy. It's just that we are designed in such a way.
Speaking of myself, I'm a phenemenon and damn weirdo. Guess, I do things differently and I've earned things like, stop running for friends like that or they will take you for granted. Well, let them take for granted, I don't fucking care. In a nutshell, I am completely unpredictable and emotional by nature..whoa did I just said that? You see, I may not show my emotions but do things in such a way to make you feel special. Guess, they don't make man like me anymore..lol..belief in the adage, give and give...I just don't publicly show my emotions coz I have never believed in that. I prefer to do things in my own way and if there is need to go out of my way to make someone feel special or happy, I shall do so. Well, that's me.


Days of innocence

Hey pals,
wassup! Just watched Bubble Gum, a cool flick about the tribulations of being 14...woh Bachpan ke din..woh stupid fights, first cush albeit falling in love..woh bachpana..first cigarette..first time you fall for the chick and wanna her to see you. At that age, there is no proposal..no date at CCD or Barrista. That was the age where der was no cellphone, net as in Facebook or Orkut..You like her or you add her. Today, they have it so easy na? SMS, FB, Twitter..The cute days of our lives.
At one point, you just stand on the bus stop, waiting to catch a glimpse of her..you wanna talk to her but you are scared..dil dhadak raha tha..ab bhi dhadhak rahai hai..this innocence..I mean this part of love or crush hasn't changed at all. kahan gaye woh din?! Just a thought.
The first cigarette that you puffed..chupke chupke..fearing that gossip-walli aunty that you hated so much will spell it off to mom. Hiding from Mom and Dad and running away from home to meet your frienz and when you get late, you try to sneak in the house. If you are caught, you are screwed. I would always get beaten by mom and was shit scared of her. Padhai karo you idiot, your xams are coming..ab parents ko kaun samhjaega ke jab ishq hogaye padhai se kaam nahin chalta hai, bey. Parents were so booring...oops pardon..serious about our studies. The time one tries to be a good boy for a day just to get the mouth watering ice cream or chocolate..Rishwat dena khood papa ne sikhaya...get good marks, you will get a watch nahin to a stick will land on your bum. Mastikhor, we all were and today, in the humdrum of job, we seems to have the lost the child in us. We have become soo serious that we have forgotten how to live life and jump wid joy...Hey, I'm a cool dude, are you?
O' childhood days, O' childhood days why don't you wanna come back again? I'm so tired being an adult these days? Life is such a lost cause playing an adult..On top of that, I'm terribly missing my college days..like hell..The time when there is no worry in life...no tension of job, salary and responsibilities..will these magic days in college comeback? bunking lectures, relationship shits and crazy stuffs we've done..sitting with mates and deciding which girls are hot and cute on campus...Life was such an ice cream kinda situation and lil' did we realized that it gonna melt..and it did..and I'm happy dat we enjoyed the ice cream before it melted out. Nothing like college days. And to imagine many of the pals are married and shouldering responsibilities..The saturday booze, gandia party and movies in the early morning.
Time to sign off now..I know, I know, it's a kinda of shitty post but, but..neways.
Happy Sunday.
Let's take a vow...not to lose the child within.