Days of innocence

Hey pals,
wassup! Just watched Bubble Gum, a cool flick about the tribulations of being 14...woh Bachpan ke din..woh stupid fights, first cush albeit falling in love..woh bachpana..first cigarette..first time you fall for the chick and wanna her to see you. At that age, there is no proposal..no date at CCD or Barrista. That was the age where der was no cellphone, net as in Facebook or Orkut..You like her or you add her. Today, they have it so easy na? SMS, FB, Twitter..The cute days of our lives.
At one point, you just stand on the bus stop, waiting to catch a glimpse of her..you wanna talk to her but you are scared..dil dhadak raha tha..ab bhi dhadhak rahai hai..this innocence..I mean this part of love or crush hasn't changed at all. kahan gaye woh din?! Just a thought.
The first cigarette that you puffed..chupke chupke..fearing that gossip-walli aunty that you hated so much will spell it off to mom. Hiding from Mom and Dad and running away from home to meet your frienz and when you get late, you try to sneak in the house. If you are caught, you are screwed. I would always get beaten by mom and was shit scared of her. Padhai karo you idiot, your xams are coming..ab parents ko kaun samhjaega ke jab ishq hogaye padhai se kaam nahin chalta hai, bey. Parents were so booring...oops pardon..serious about our studies. The time one tries to be a good boy for a day just to get the mouth watering ice cream or chocolate..Rishwat dena khood papa ne sikhaya...get good marks, you will get a watch nahin to a stick will land on your bum. Mastikhor, we all were and today, in the humdrum of job, we seems to have the lost the child in us. We have become soo serious that we have forgotten how to live life and jump wid joy...Hey, I'm a cool dude, are you?
O' childhood days, O' childhood days why don't you wanna come back again? I'm so tired being an adult these days? Life is such a lost cause playing an adult..On top of that, I'm terribly missing my college days..like hell..The time when there is no worry in life...no tension of job, salary and responsibilities..will these magic days in college comeback? bunking lectures, relationship shits and crazy stuffs we've done..sitting with mates and deciding which girls are hot and cute on campus...Life was such an ice cream kinda situation and lil' did we realized that it gonna melt..and it did..and I'm happy dat we enjoyed the ice cream before it melted out. Nothing like college days. And to imagine many of the pals are married and shouldering responsibilities..The saturday booze, gandia party and movies in the early morning.
Time to sign off now..I know, I know, it's a kinda of shitty post but, but..neways.
Happy Sunday.
Let's take a vow...not to lose the child within.

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