Things to do in 2012

There  is one brand new Nostradamus avatar who is out to predict the end of the world in end 2012. Not that I believe this fucked-up bullshit but for a second, let's imagine that it gonna happen for real. Guys and gals, the first 2 months in 2012 are gonna end very soon. So what's the plans for the year?
Let's start strong and make the year eventful. It's high time to renew the energy and boost our own's existence and and here are my ideas to stay strong this year.

Power inner circle
Friends represent the building blocks of our life and personality. As one wise mortal has beautifully put it, Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. For sure, I believe it's important to strengthen the bonds with existing friends who are a part of our lives. Missing a friend, call him or her and make a trip to spend some quality time with them and I'm sure there are lots to discover about each other and share. They are the mirror to empower us and ignite the desire to pursue our passion and creative urge.
Likewise, it's high time to chuck off those so-called friends who only ignites sorrow, negativity and slug in your life. Golden rule of 2012: Strictly exercise your discretion as whom you allow in your life.

Brand new look
It's high time to have  revamped and brand new look. Remember, we are a product and it's time to re-invent ourselves. We do sell our image. It's time for self-indulgence. I already started during my holidays and I indulged in cool shirts, jeans, trousers, tee and my funky red and black glasses. Time to change my hair stylist and sport a brand new look. An image make over shall see the light of the day in few days. Appearance does matter and who knows I might be lucky with the chicks..yeah, been single and would love to be in a relationship.

Vacation Plan
Just came from a vacation which was awesome, in particular in Goa. The purpose of our job is to give us happiness and at the year end, we all deserve some harmless fun.Common sense tells us that we must plan our vacations in advance and we should never compromise on vacations. I'm planning to start my savings and at the year end to generate at least 50,000 k. I gonna sacrifice stuffs and save at least 5,000 k every month. I'm planning for Dubai, Delhi, Jhammu N Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh and Gujurat this year.

Invest wise
Being young should not be an excuse to not save money. 2012 is high time to target some interesting investments. I'm planning to go for an insurance and there are so many companies who offer interesting packages. Who knows? We need some fillers for vacation, buying a home or getting the new Swift or Honda Jazz. Or, some unforeseen surgery?
Money is quite tricky and no matter how much we have is clearly not enough. Go for Gold. Investing in Gold is a good option and as the market for gold is booming in India. Jump on the train.

Other ideas
1. Follow a grooming course
There are many courses on grooming, personality and passion offered by acclaimed gurus like Robin Sharma

2. Follow your passion
I just got a brand new lap top and this time, I am starting with my script and my novel. I dunno how long it will take but I am climbing the small steps. Time to live one's dreams and rather than accepting society's dos and don't.

3. Be Positive about life
The best way to  enhance your self-confidence is to be positive and believe in yourself. I Can Do It Mantra and nothing shall stop me. Passion, Creativity and Dreamer.

4. Learn Driving
It applies to me. It's a shame that I don't know how to drive. Time to go on wheels, baby.

5. Go for some interesting course
It's no excuse that when you work, you can't study. Go for some external course and as you earn, you learn. I'm planning for a masters in Mass Comm and it's time for some mental masturbation. I don''t wanna rot and 2012 is well the time to pursue knowledge and in that way, you won't lose time.

6. Keeping fit
If you haven't toned up for the chiselled, sexy body, what are you waiting for? It keeps the mind fresh and the regular work out will only indulge you in the morning to flare up the passion. Okies, I'll be honest. I started and stopped. But, coming April, I gonna hit the gym.

Keep Rocking and make 2012 like cherry.


Dreams and the loose strings

Dreams are made of imagination.
It is a lot like love.
We dream to fall in love and we end up falling in love.
They are often the loose strings of the musical instruments.
The greatest dreamers are those crazy beings whose joy knows no boundaries.
Dreamers are the craziest lot who refuses to be bugged by society's standards.
We believe we can.
There can't be a better reason to dream.
We dream coz we dare to think, we dare to believe in ourselves and have the belief that we can turn our dreams into reality.
In our way, we may encounter many morons who will pull us down.
We just need to smile at them.
It's our way of telling them how idiotic and sore losers they are.
We dare to think differently.
That's why we will reach the top and they will not.
It's our attitude that matters not theirs.
Else, we would be in their places reflecting on the theory of impossible.
Dreamers are no unproven theorems, rather winners.
Dreams may take a hell' long time to turn into reality.
At the end of the day, dreams will always triumph.
We need to constantly challenging ourselves.
Practice this exercise to remind ourselves that we dared to dream.
Always dream big.
It's a lot like love.
Many great love stories are the by-products of dreams.
Keep the faith.

Good Morning.


Happy Valentine Day

Sitting alone in my room enjoying Valentine Day, while the world are enjoying the special day with the special someone.
Yet! I choose to be happy and enjoying every single moment of V-day.
As I say cheers to the day with my glass of red wine.
Valentine was fantabulous.
How I wish everyday was a Valentine Day.
Treating myself to V-Day.
Tomorrow will be a new day.
2013 will be a new V-Day as I shall kiss and cuddle that special someone.

That how I spent my valentine Day. First, I got a release from work at 8 p.m and was able to celebrate V-Day..with myself. I was happy and indulged myself with a glass of classy French red wine. Listened to some old romantic songs and that was my Valentine treat..to myself.
Why can't we celebrate V-day with oneself? I mean, why not? Fine, if there is nobody in your life, why crib. I believe that there is nothing wrong in being alone, without a partner. If something happens, that's great and if it doesn't there is no need to force a relationship and be unhappy.
I had forgotten how to live life but not anymore. I have decided to enjoy every moment of life since I won't get back the moment that just elapsed. Life is too beautiful to be wasted...u know why? Zindagi Na Milega Dobara.
Happy Valentine Day. Hope yours was awesome.
Spread love and make every day a Valentine celebration


Goa-second and final part

Front view of Our Lady Immaculate Conception Church
Arnav proudly showing his prized possession, the crab
Enjoying the view on Jan 2 at Vagator beach
Having a beer with captain Doshara

January 2:
Woke up earlier than usual,more precisely at 7.30 a.m. I ordered a cup of tea and started to wash some of my clothes. I went down at the lobby to inquire about places to visit downstairs and the hotel manager advised me to book Paulo Travel and have a dekho of Goa. The nice guy called the bus and it reached Bello Horozonte, the hotel where I'm staying. Not a bad deal as it cost me 200 bucks.
The guide in the bus was a weird character enter Sanjay....the phenomenon of the day..most welcome to Goa..ladies and gentlemen..I advise you to note down my number....but,my phone is not working since it fell down in the morning. Kahan, kahan se aate hai log,guide bane..This sicko was irritating throughout the whole journey in Goa.
We started at the Aguada lake which houses the famous jail and the bungalow owned by diamond merchant Jimmy Kardeka where the Sanjay Dutt-Govinda's starrer Haseena Maan Jayegi was shot. We had a damned fun boat ride where the guy driving the boat showed us several landmarks. We were urged to wear the lifeboat jacket since the law is very strict in Goa about security. It was a pretty exciting journey and at times, it sounded pretty scary. There were some Gujerati families who threw a coin in the lake so as to protect us from any untoward incident. The main attraction of the lake ride are the dolphins whose heads we can barely see. Everybody were pointing at the Dolphins but I barely managed to see them. One had to pay attention to catch a glimpse of Dolphins and finally I managed to see a few of them. It was an amazing ride and that too for 200 bucks. From the boat ride, one can also see the huge Goa jail and I actually pity those prisoners who can't even catch  a glimpse of the beautiful lake despite being surrounded by it.
A few kilometres before one reaches the Aguada lake, one can see the huge mansion of Vijay Mallya. Next stop: Aguada fort where Dil Chahta hai was shot. One can see the fort where Amir, Akshaye an
and Saif were sitting. What an amazing sight!
The only irritating factor was the dumb guy who had to say something during the journey. We had good fun at his expense, me together with a young dude whom was sitting next to me, Arnav. A young lad who must be around 12 and we became friends. We actually made so much fun of this idiot.
Anjuna beach was a beautiful beach and the perhaps the less crowded in Goa. Me and my young friend, together with his parents loved the beach. There were beautiful chicks there. A clean beach where I could have spend the rest of my life there. Whenever, I get the moolah, Goa would be a safe investment bet. Unfortunately,we had hardly 30 minutes at Anjuna and we headed towards Vagator. I mean it's nice. To gone down at the beach, one has to climb steep steps, up and down and which can be pretty tiring. Would love to do it,but we had such fixed bus timing. Aunty (Arnav's mom) clicked some pics of me and his son together. I must say, both uncle and aunty are very sweet beings. It's a wow! Meeting such wonderful people during the trip s what make a journey so beautiful and meaningful.
At around 2 p.m, we reached Calangute beach which I didn't like at all. This place was so damn crowded with people and walking to the beach was like overcoming a bundle of human mass. Shoes in hands, we walked in the waters and facing the waves. I made the mistake of wearing my Flying Machine jeans which was soaked, despite rolling it up till my knees. But, it was worth the fun. Life is beautiful and one should enjoy every single moment. Arnab picked a bottle of water lying on the beach and wanted to catch a crab which he did. Despite his parents trying to cajole him to let the poor thing go, he stick to it. Damn fun! The bus left Calangute beach which was the last stop for us and in about one hour we reached Miramar. I bid farewell to uncle, aunty and Arnav, promising to keep in touch. Good time spent with fellow travellers and which will remain forever etched in my memory.

January 3
This is my third night in Goa and fourth day. I was supposed to meet a buddy, Kaku but for some reason or another, we couldn't. I took the local bus and went to click some pictures in the city. I dropped at Ferry stop and watched the beautiful casino ship. Must say at night it gives an amazing view but it's the day,nothing like the sight at night. I asked for direction and went towards Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church. It is a huge church and one has to climb the stairs to reach there. Sadly, the church was closed in the morning and it will only open in the afternoon. Bad luck!!!! Well, what does one make of it? Destiny....destiny...
After clicking some snaps, I met some college kids who are from Pune and who like me are on a visit. There was Geetesh, a CA student and his pals. They invited me to join them on bike and we were actually thinking of places to visit in Pune. So, we set on bike and after asking some  people about the locations, we decided to hunt for the science centre. We made rounds,lost  our way and asked some locals. Finally, we reached Goa science centre at Miramar. It sounded so much like a school outing.
 After exploring the surrounding where we clicked some pictures with the statues of elephants, sharks we stepped inside. Now, this one so much fun and one can see various displays of life and nature-it's amazing how our earth, electricity, waves are generated. It was educational but in good fun. How, we human beings take life for granted.Then,there is the display of our average Dukhiram and Sukhram..Go closer, its Sukhiram and move away it's Dukhiram. I particularly loved the dark room where you perform a singing or dancing act and the camera on the outside view captures your shadow. I realized that life is soo beautiful and we gotta live to the fullest.
Realizing that time was moving, I bid farewell to the guys since I got to take the bus back to Pune. I headed to Miramar beach and took a quick lunch before reaching my hotel, Bello Horizonte. Had a quick shower, did the packing and at around 5.30 headed towards Panjim in the local bus. That was my last trip in the crowded bus and stood throughout the journey.
On my way, I bought a fenny bottle and cashewnuts which are Goa specialties and at 8 p.m, I boarded the Paulo Travel sleeper coach and bid my farewell to Goa. I promised to visit again. Taa-taa Goa. The next morning I woke up in Pune at 4.30 in Pune. I didn't really slept in the bus since it was a sleeper coach which I shared with a stranger.
Visiting Goa is a must.


Goa (Part 1)

On top, decorations at the wedding; (Below) Me at Palolem beach on new year
Goa:  31st December/ 1st January, 2010
Reached Goa at around 10 on new year eve. Well, it's the last day of 2011 and the midnight clock seems to be tickling on the heat in Goa. On the way, the bus broke down several times and finally reaching Goa exudes a sense of relief. After undergoing a series of travails and untoward circumstances, the passengers alighted at Panjim station and we could breathe for reaching at least.
First time in Goa and that too on 31st December. Well, what does it hold as one arrives at the bus station at Panjim? It was damn humid and I was sweating like hell. It's quite a departure from the cold prevailing in Pune. One can see bikers waiting to ferry passengers to various parts of Goa. Time to find a hotel to stay in Goa. I am accosted by one of the touts who told me that today I won't seal a room for less than 4,000 bucks. No way, I am going shed out such a huge amount. It's new year. So what? Time to light a cigarette and think of possibilities in Goa.It reminds me that a dear friend of mine, Dass babu gave me a phone number for staying arrangement. I called Khan saab who owns the place. He told me that the room will cost 2000 bucks but since I'm a friend of captain Doshara, another wonderful guy which I gonna meet there, he'll charge me 500 bucks less. Bingo! He told me that to get there it will take me some 2 hours which it did.
I inquire as to how to reach Canacona, Palolem beach which is 70 km away from Panaji and to get there, one need to change two buses.First, one need to go to Margao bus station and I traveled for more than one hour. I dozed off in the bus since I traveled for 14 hours from Pune to Goa. Actually, it took me more than one hour to reach Margao. From there, you need to take a bus to Canacona. Mind you, boss. Traveling in the local bus is like getting caught in the war zone. It is a minibus which keep on taking passengers from every point and getting out of the bus is such a tough task. Finally, I reached Canacona in another 90 minutes, all tired. Now, the main task is to reach Palolem.The resort Ojas residency is situated near a masjid. I finally got a motorbike who ferries passengers from one point to another. He charged 30 bucks which is fair enough.
I met captain Doshera who was cooking food in the kitchen. Bang on! He instantly recognized me and we had some nice Indian food which he prepared. Before that, we had tea. I realized that I forgot to bring a pair of short for the journey and went for a walk near the beach and got one for 200 bucks. I slept for a while. After I woke up, I had some beer and was chatting with captain and Khan saab. The latter who is a native of Mumbai was telling us how he had grown, watching movie stars and they would come for shooting near his locality. Later, we went for a walk at Palolem beach during the night. It was dark and the short cut way that we took were full of impediments. As you go down the alley inhabited by trees, heavy stones you have to exercise caution or else you may injure yourself heavily. Finally we reached the spot, guided by the tiny light on the cellphone.
The atmosphere on the beach is lively with foreign tourists having a big party on the beach. One can see the shacks, restaurants populated by customers coupled with blazing music. New Year has truly arrived. The amazing fireworks is simply something to die for. Palolem is soo peaceful that you may just crash on the beach. On our way back, Captain visited one of his acquaintance, a doctor from Pune who owns a resort at Palolem beach. He invited us for a drink or two. We met an elderly Rajasthani couple. The guy is a businessman and the wife hails from Nagpur, our own Maharashtra. Must say, we had a stimulating conversation on the economic progress made by Sri Lanka, shares on the stock exchange, Indo-Pak conflict and corruption. Certainly. 31st December was worth. 
Nah! I dint stay awake till midnight coz I was so fucking tired. I dozed off in the room happy not be sloshed. Yeah! For the first time in my life I wasn't drunked. I was on a different trip altogether. I didn't go to Goa for sex, getting sloshed or partying heavily. I wanted peace and hence my choice of staying at Palolem Period.
Woke up on 1st January 2012 in Goa and attended the phone messages and wished back pals and mates. I took a walk in the village surrounded the beach. I just love the simple life of locals in the southern part of Goa. I shot the small rural life on my modest camera and the huts are a sheer delight to one's eyes. Trust me on that. Went for a walk at around 9 a.m at Palolem beach and yet again, my modest camera was at work. It is a beautiful day and I wasn't gonna miss it for anything on earth. I realized that life is beautiful. Decide to experience the other part of the city and in the afternoon I set off to Panaji.
I boarded the jam-packed local bus towards Margao but unfortunately the bus broke down in the middle of the road. The passengers got down in the country side surrounded by coconut trees on both sides of the road. We could easily have gone for a picnic. Unfortunately, the second bus took a very long time to come. I was going with the flow and not once, I got pissed off. Surprisingly, there was no anger in me on the first day of the year despite waiting for two hours. Finally, the bus and managed to get a seat, not before waiting for fellow travelers to get down. Got a message from Miss M. whose best friend was getting married, Hey try n come for d wedding receptn if u ca..starts from ..Penha de franca hall, brittona....Its the wedding of the best friend which I soo wanted to attend since I've never attended a catholic wedding. I was wondering whether I'll reach the venue in time and that too in a new city where I'm one day old.
Finally, reached Madgaon rushed ticketing window to buy the bus ticket to Panjim where there was a huge queue. I was wondering here it goes for another hour travel to Panjim. Thankfully, reached Panjim station in some 40 minutes and boarded a bike who drove me to Miramar to check in a hotel. God was on my side. I checked in a single room at Belo Horozonte for 1000 bucks which is not bad since its 1st January. After ordering a cuppa chai, I took a shower and arranged for a car who will take me to the venue which is not very far. The car charged me 600 bucks which is quite expensive. But, I didn't care since I was living life in Goa. Zindagi Na Milega Dobara....Live life to the fullest.
As I travelled in the car, I saw the ferry stop, casinos which are sheer delight to travelers.Hmm! Lucky Goans! The city is well connected with state of art road infrastructural facilities. In one glance, Goa is a well-planned city coupled with beautiful churches, Forts and wonderful beaches. One must be in Goa every two years at least. It's a holiday completely worth. It's such a wonderful break.
I reached the wedding reception as a bib bulayi baraati..oops is it so???? I wasn't invited by the groom and came from the girl's side. I was welcomed by Miss M who was by the way looking very pretty in her dress and her stole,of course...lol. I was introduced to some uncle and aunties at the venue who are very nice people by the way. 
The bride beautifully dressed in the traditional christian attire by the side of the groom in his black suit. As the guests stood to greet them, they performed a dance for the guests. This is one of the most beautiful part of the wedding which I guess is part of the christian wedding.The hall was nicely decorated with the wedding cake, balloons and the design laid on the wedding card was re-created on the roof of the hall. It's a beautiful heart and atop was two lil birdies pecking. Wow! How a nice card design was transformed into such a beautiful object.
The best was yet to come!!! There was band who performed at the wedding and the compere was amazing as the guests were treated to beautiful Goan music and dance. I feel ashamed of not knowing the basic dance movements. But, then there was a saviour in the name of Ryan who propelled me to dance and since there were no awkwardness and we gyrated to the dance numbers. Yeah, I danced to my favourite chartbuster of 2011, Chamak Challo..voila! Met some damn cool guys in the party,. And, the girls were very pretty as well. The food was amazing and for some reason or another, I went for veg..that too me..a complete Ghas Phoos (Non veggie obsessed). Yeah, I didn't take the slightest drop of alcohol. 2012, the year of change dunno!!
As the party drew to an end, called the hotel driver who for some reason or another, didn't want to come and pick me up. One of the dudes gave me a lift to the hotel. It was an amazing new year at Goa.Life is beautiful.

I took three days to put this post. Watch out for the second part in Goa