Let's Celebrate Monday with a smile

Hey, folks, it's Monday and by now, I am sure you've beaten the blues after the week end. It's a hard nut to wake up na, after partying, getting sloshed and sleeping during the weekend. Since you have already beaten Monday, there are reasons to cheer you up and I'm sure the weekend will unfold on a roller-coaster ride.
Enjoy the pics and your week worthwhile, and of course, Monday..coz it's not over yet.

Life is beautiful and smile to your problems. One smile will scare all the woes as they will run for their life. Our life is a challenge but a smile, courage and never give up in the face of adversity will make us stronger in the long run. Monday is the first day of the week and let's make it a memorable one.
Hope you are smiling and enjoying the beautiful pictures. Let's celebrate life and Monday that we dread.
With Love


100 Words on Saturday by WriteTribe: Truly Alive@30+

I am 30+, I tell her. It's scary.
"Why you think so? At some point or another, we are growing old."
I maintain a stoic silence and gulp the coffee drop. The hot capuccino makes me feel better about age and everything that matters.
 “It's scary, yaa. I'm out of work and broke? My college friends own businesses, act in movies, drive their own cars, have huge bank balances and invested in properties."
She tells, 'How does it matter? Writing is your passion and next job will come, yaa. As long as you are young at heart, You Are Truly Alive."
Concluding Notes:
I participated in Write Tribe Saturday 100 Words on the theme, 'Truly Alive' from my other blog, www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com which I already submitted. Since, I already submitted, I am posting this one without submitting and you can check out the various entries by fellow bloggers through this link.
<div align="center"><a href="http://writetribe.com" title="100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe"><img src="http://i853.photobucket.com/albums/ab92/CorinneCR/2d514474-672f-49c4-929e-6b3f8dc84559_zpsbca51962.jpg" alt="100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
 With Love


The Mysterious Muse

She walked in the cafe, wearing a colored skirt, showing her long and beautiful legs. She stopped near the unoccupied table and walked outside the cafe for walk looking at the sea. After a while, she turned her gaze and seated herself on the sofa.
He was reading a book and her shadow loomed large over him. He prodded, "I am not going to be distracted by your charm, O' beautiful creature" and continued reading his book. He lit a cigarette and his eyes focused on the book she held in the beautiful palm of her hands. He couldn't resist and asked her, "You into yoga." She smiled charmingly and asked, "What's your name?"
"Oh," she flirted. "It is such a beautiful and unique name."
"What's yours," he asked.
In the flick of seconds, his flirtatious nature hit the nail and floored with compliments, "I adore your name. It is so beautiful, charming and seductive."
She smiled. They spoke about yoga and the power of healing life as she told him that she works as an interior decorator and is based in Thailand where life is cheap. He shared with her that he is into journalism as they discussed about each other's profession with passion. Pia is a Punjabi from Delhi and has shifted base to Thailand where life is cheap.
He knew that he will not be able to continue reading, smitten by her charm, curves and elegance. How God creates such sizzling and sexy beauty. "Bye, Pia," he said as she repeated bye twice, a nice way to tell him off

It was a chance meeting, he pondered after a few days. There are some women who doesn't need to make an effort to be sexy and hot. Pia is a natural beauty and she carries herself with elegance without trying too hard. She is seductively effortless. After all, what's the harm in having a passionate and intimate, sexual relationship where our souls merged into each other as our bodies remain disconnected. There are few relationships like that where the minds wander and meet. So what, it was a chance meet and we lived for few moments of sinful surprises and soulful, guilty pleasures. She is my muse, a mystery to the heart, mind and body.

P.S: The story is partly fiction and real. Hope you like it:)

Happy Budday Modi-ji in times of Shuddh Desi Romance with Miss M

Narendra Damodhardas Modi is thy name! The new poster boy of Bharatiya Janata Party is beaming with joy as the Namo-isms swear that his new innings as the Prime Minister in waiting of India is the new Shuddh Desi Romance...oops! flavor of the season!
In the name of the election, Namo-isms is all over the place as he sits in the office toying with the different adjectives, Burqa of secularism, Puppy love and what not?! Wait! Namo-isms! Clamoring for Modi and the top coveted post of PM may well have broken quite a few Mighty Hearts, L K Advani-ji and Sushma Swaraj. Ultimately, Advani-ji and Sushma Swaraj-ji can take a chill pill in the name of Shuddh Desi Romance as they were cajoled nicely by uncle, Rajnath Singh nicely that our Shuddh, 'Narendra' version of Desi Romance with Indian politics doesn't lack the spark of unfulfilled desires like mango people. After all, he is a mango-la made in Gujarat, vibrant economy and God knows what!  Advani-ji and Sushma-ji nursing their respective heart breaks suddenly realized that there is no point doing Satyagraha, famous for minting less than Rs 70 crores at the box-office. See! Money speaks and our Narendra Damordhardas is like the non-stop chatter box and speaking tree. Forget all differences and ego as they traipse their way to do Grand Masti, all the way to Delhi. 
Just imagine BJP president Rajnath uncle telling Advani-ji: Waise bhi,  'Zyaada mat socho, bas settle ho jao (Don't think too much, just settle down)...PM or not..coz shaadi..oops PM na bani, ya glucose ho gaya, har chees ka ilaaj( Marriage or politics is like ICU or glucose that treat every ailment ICU). Apne dekha Shudd desi mein kya hota, Advani-ji! (Have you seen what happened in Shuddh Desi Romance!). Waise bhi (As it is) it's not your age to do such things, Advani-ji. One more thing Advani-ji, Saara hindustan settlement karane pe laga hai..saath saal se do padosi se settlement kara nahin paee bade chaudhary bante haain( The whole nation is behind getting settled, they couldn't settle two neighbours in 60 years, but still think of themselves as something great). So you see, Advani-ji, how long can we wait for your Satyagraha?!  We watched Prakash Jha's Satyagraha on screen once. It's enough and 2009 elections, you told us once more but yeh dil mange more (the heart asks for more). Modi-ji nahin chahiye hum logon ko, but kurshi (We don't want Modi but the chair). See, no offense, O' revered patriarch of the Sangh Parivar! It's not about you or our dear Sushma-ji but we need Kursi, uske baad Grand Masti.
If that was not enough with Sushma Swaraj and Advani-ji making a U-turn to vie for Modi's, the PM-in waiting's attention, struggling their way to the heart of Damodhardas! Woe betide them! Wait! There is more to the romance, Shuddh Desi Romance, 2.0. The likes of defense lawyers like M L Sharma and A P Singh, famous for their antics in the Delhi gang rape and the latest pogo channel ambassador, man in black and former BJP man, Ram Jethmalani will be happy dancing their way if I tell a woman has come to ensnare Modi like Menka. Well! Modi-ji is no Vishwamitra! Or is he? Dunno, whether Jagganath Rath Yatra can compensate to aspire to become Vishwamitra in the times of political polarization..well! Amish Tripathi and Secret of Nagas will know better. After all, controversy is thy name and the one who claimed that she is the first one wearing the bikini, smooching opens her arms to hug Modi-ji. Imagine, our own desi ‘item girl’, Malika Sherawat offering jalebi to Narendra Damodardas on his budday. Our Malika takes the pie and burns the heart of Advani, Sushma Swaraj and Rajnath Singh. Oops! Miss Malika got her moment for Modi's budday and Namo-isms must be seeing red..jealousy kills, I tell you!.Oops! Howzz about seeing Narendra Damodhar Modi and Miss Malika singing and gyrating to the tunes of  Bheegi Hont Tere or Tera Salafa? Welcome producer Firoz Nadiadwala will beam if Modi is signed with our Miss M to replace Feroz Khan in Welcome 2!  What a package, CM/PM in waiting replaces the late Feroz Khan and acts with Malika Sherawat where the latter and Modi can dance and sing happy birthday before 2014 elections. Just imagine 63-year-old Modi dancing with Malika M behind the trees, not without uttering, 'You don't need Cannes, Baby, to create publicity stunt. You have me! I am the most eligible bachelor, baby. One, Two, Three cha cha cha!
Have you heard that Balaji TV czar, Ekta Kapoor is planning a soap opera based on Rajneeti and Modi-ism? If she gets the idea, make sure you tell her that I am the creative brain behind so that she can selflessly drop some lakhs in my dead bank account. Now, Modi-ji don't you worry about analogies. Your latest admirer, Miss M, will suggest some niceties to vomit on our TV channels singing, 'Yeh Dil Mange More.' Happy wala budday, Sir-jee! Khem Cho!
Khushi Banto Modi-ji (Spread happiness)
With Love and Respect
Namaste and Happy Wala budday, Sir-ji
Please accept my Pranam


Five Things I Can't Leave the House Without

There are certain things without which I can't leave the house without and going out without these stuff signal the death knell for me. Just imagine myself stepping outside without my must have list means struggling to breath without oxygen and I will feel so out of this world.

1. Handset
It doesn't matter if there is no credit on the phone or I am not making any call, the handset must find its way in the jeans pocket. I hate the feeling that the pockets of my pair of Levis is empty and for me, the handset is the oxygen of life where I gotta check time and do some time pass playing games, toggling with the features and settings as well as scrolling with messages, I also constantly check the time on handset since it's been ages I don't wear a wrist watch.

2. Wallet
I use a Pepe wallet which I got in Mumbai at Phoenix mall, Lower Parel way back in  the end of 2011 and since then, it's been my constant companion. I absolute love the wallet and it contains lil' bit of cash, credit and debit card. It's another thing that the credit card stand to be cancelled by the bank and I don't have a dime in my debit card. But, doing without my favorite wallet is like going without food and water. I don't wanna gape for breath and so the wallet always remain the pocket of my jeans.

3. Spectacles
Yeah, I can see without wearing my funky colored glasses coated in red and black. I absolutely love my glasses but it's less about making a fashion statement but more of being functional for the eyes. I don't remember last when I survived without my glasses. Okie! I am a geek. That's it! Happy?!

4. Books and Magazines
I am a self-confessed book worm and make no bones about it. You will always find  book and few magazines in my bag which I read during my bus journey. It is actually an efficient way to beat the traffic that gnaw on my nerves and it has a soothing effect on my happy state of being. I just need to be happy and once I get into the bus, I worry less about paying the fare but rather, start reading.

5. Backpack
The backpack bag gotta be on me, doesn't matter where I am going, be it meeting somebody, watching movies or the time I was working. I am the boy that carries the backpack that give shelter to my diary and books. Speaking about the diary, it got to be in the bag since I need to jot something every now and then in the diary, whether appointments or to do bucket list for the day.
Hopeth you have fun reading my list. Babes and dudes! What's yours?
Happy Saturday


Book Review: Suroor of the Soul truly soulful experience

Are you ready for a soulful and fulfilling journey in life? If your answer is yes, Soumya Vilekar and co-author  Shaheen S Dhanji has the answer for you in their latest offering for the soul, Suroor of the Soul-Seeking the Divine. Calling Suroor of the Soul, a collection of poems would be too simplistic term and an understatement but it is rather a human journey right from birth and the process where the soul grows in life to ultimately seek happiness in this journey called life.

Suroor of the Soul is divided into four parts and delves into the birth of the soul, fragrance of roses through the words of the talented Shaheen S Dhanji, travails of the soul and, ultimately, seeking the union with the divine. The first part of the book deals with the birth of the soul and the conflict in the mind at the sight of the new world. It evolves at a myopic stage like the baby in the realm of the stark existence. As the soul evolves to find its way to grow as a separate entity,it deals with attachment, friendship, destiny, human life and peace. The journey has just began and Soumya Vilekar takes us to a unique discovery of human life in the big bad world through innocence of the eyes and our aesthetic senses.
In the second part of the book, we are introduced to co-author, Shaheen S Dhanji, an accomplished person in her own way, who beautifully finds a place in our heart through music, fragrance and mirror image of the self. She effectively delves into one of the most complex emotions, love and beautifully equate submission to the divine power. One is held spellbound by the powerful words intelligently chosen by Shaheen S Dhanji.
Author Soumya Vilekar
Author Soumya Vilekar
The third part of the book seek answers from the Divine and Religion as to how the soul goes through the travails of worship and delve into its quest to become the perfect being. The poem, God and Religion, has struck a chord with my existence and makes a humble plea on the celebration of differences. The poem is a recitation on the various journeys taken to accomplish spirituality, no matter what names we choose to call our Gods, Allah, Krishna, Jesus, Guru Nanak. It is something which is very close to my heart since I believe humans should not quarrel over the creator of life.
The final part of the book guides us from the sub-conscious to super consciousness of the mind and soul. It is the point of salvation where the soul strives to attain Moksha (liberation) in human life. The soul strives for perfection to attain God where it submit itself to the creator of human life. Suroor of the Soul invokes God as the supreme being and romanticize the notion of God as the lover. There is no conflict in the mind and the heart as the believer submits itself to the medium of belief  and loses the ego.
The book, Suroor of the Soul has shocked my senses through its elegance and beautifully crafted words that transcend human life and existence. It is a book that comes straight from the heart and invokes spiritual freedom that goes beyond the realm. After I reached the last prose, I couldn't react. Suroor of the Soul is the guide for human happiness where the authors delve deep into the combined human thoughts and complexities of a life.  Suroor of the Soul is not a book but a spiritual journey for the quest of unlimited happiness. The best thing about Suroor of the Soul is that it never preaches but rather is a conversation of minds in conflict with each other. The solution lies in the pristine reflections shared by two great human and humble minds, Soumya Vilekar and Shaheen S Dhanji. Soumya can be contacted on her blog, Soumyav. wordpress.com and on facebook age, https://www.facebook.com/SurooroftheSoul. Shaheen S dhanji's website shaheensultandhanji.weebly.com. You can also order your copy on http://www.amazon.com/dp/1484914759/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_VKBlsb0W2TJY5SHF.
Happy Reading and enjoy the journey of the soul.



You don't like me, go and take a chill pill coz I didn't came into the world to make you happy. That's quite a statement! It's all about ME, ME and ME and time to tell you SEVEN things about ME.

1. Emotional 'fool'
I have been brandished as an emotional 'fool' who think with the heart. That's the way I am and nothing on earth can change this personal trait. I am happy being ME. When it comes to family and friends, I am very emotional and go out of my way to reach out to not just people who are close to me but also plain strangers.

2. Make my own rules
I am a person who refuse to get bogged down by society by what is right or wrong, moral or immoral and I set my own rules to lead my life. Not one to be influenced by society's hard core established rules, I live my life in my own way. Call me a rebel or whatever adjective, I am happy being ME.

3. Passion is thy word
I have always been a passionate person and pour myself completely in things I love doing. I have often invested myself completely in projects at the cost of my sleep and life. I believe that there is no point in doing things half baked, either you do it or you don't.

4. I am an idealist
I have always been an idealist about life and this is one thing I won't trade for anything in life. Often, I am told that I gotta be smart and practical. But I ask at what cost? My ethical beliefs, the cry for justice and what is right will never be compromised. I will always take a stand and fight for justice even if it is for people I hardly know.

5. Think and dare to be Different
I know, I am a weirdo coz I dare to think differently. Why should I just follow the crowd just for the heck of it or for that matter, if the whole world is thinking in a certainly way, I should follow suit? I am sorry to say that I don't fit the crowd. What the point of following or doing what the whole world is doing? Let's dare to be different and weirdo in a positive manner and pave the way for self-growth.

6. Dreamer
I dream a lot about things I wanna be in life. I often dream of being a celebrity and film actor who is signing autographs and waving to fans. I am a dreamer who think of achieving big things i life like penning a best seller books, making a movie or giving interview to the media. Life is all about dreaming, isn't it? How boring life would be without dreams to be fulfilled, hopes and aspirations to be nurtured in life?

7. Eternal romantic
I am an eternal romantic who swear by rom-com novels and films, write and love poetry about love, romance and sex. What else? I believe in holding the hands of someone special, stealing a kiss in a public place and behave like kids or teens. It is my idea about love and romance. I am dying to write a rom-com and have already started working on my book. I adore love stories and believe in proposing someone by bending on my knees with flower in my hand and kissing her hand. I believe in a pure shuddh desi love. Not bad for a guys, na?! I am smiling.

Hope you enjoy the seven facets about me.
Romantically and Lovingly yours


Seven Things to do before I Die

The Write Tribe Festival of Words ended on a high notes yesterday where more than 50 entries, including mine were received. The response has been overwhelming where I got the chance to interact and learn from amazingly talented and superb bloggers. You will find more on writetribe.com.
I feel that seven days is not enough to write on the theme, SEVEN, and continuing my awesome SEVEN-er on this blog since I submitted my entries on the other blog www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com
Here, I scribble on Seven Things To Do Before I Die

1. Write a novel

If are a book worm like I am, it is quite natural that you will aspire for the next journey, Writing a book. I am dying to write a book and I have already started working on a rom-com based in Mumbai. Dunno, how long it will take before my book goes in print or become an e-version. I also wanna write a small book of poems and at least, I wanna become a published author before I become history.

2. Act or direct a movie

We are all film buffs, aren't we? I am passionate about movies and keen to learn the ropes of film-making, editing and direction, of course. It is a fact in Mumbai that everyone associated with films be it the AD, Production controller, make up artists or spot boys, they all want to make a film. It's been my dream to be an actor or director and since film-making is my passion, I would die to act in a movie and become a director. Who knows I may act in a movie directed by me someday? I wanna become an actor and director before I die. In the meantime, I am also thinking of making a short film to derive some satisfaction.

3. Walk the Ramp
Yeah! I am a fashion freak and dream of walking the ramp some day. Why not become the show stopper for the likes of Manish Malhotra, Masaba Gupta, Vikram Phadnis or Natasha? Well! That's too much, I guess! lolz I just wanna walk the ramp one day and rock the scene. We all love clothes and I adore shopping for attires that makes me comfortable in my skin.

4. Head a fashion or film magazine and/or a newspaper
I have worked as a sub-editor and journalist for three years. Thus, I nurture the dream of heading a fashion/life style publication or newspaper in this life time and this is something quite do-able I feel. Being part of journalism is my oyster and I have learned so much on the floor and it's but quite natural to showcase my competence and know-how by passing my message and philosophy. If any Tom, Dick and Harry can head a newspaper just by showcasing my experience can, why not me? There are some amazing editors but there are also some..well u know under the name of 40 years of experiencing making the whole thing a sensation. 

5. Get a job that hopping around the world
I wanna do a job where I can hope from one glorious side of the world to another. Being  globe trotter and global citizen, this would be a dream job where I can keep travelling the world on official and professional assignments.

6. Interviewing Big B

It is true that I have taken a break from journalism but I really wanna interview the big daddy of the film industry and one of the biggest actors in the world, Amitabh Bachchan. Just imagine speaking to the Big B over a cuppa of tea on movies, his struggle, glorious comeback, Kaun Banega Crorepathi and Cinema. Cool na! That will be the best day of my life. I am confident that it will happen in this lifetime.

7. Start an NGO for the girl child

This project is very dear to me and I want to start a Non Government Organisation to home and uplift the girl child through education. I have sponsored the education of a girl child in Mumbai and it feel sad to see young girls begging in every nook-and-corner of India where they are vulnerable to sexual violence or other forms of violence. One day I will start my own NGO and empower young and vulnerable girls who can be seen begging at traffic signals and working as rag-pickers. This project is very dear to me.


Seven Places I am dying to visit in my life time

Hi folks,

I am participating on writetribe.com festival of words, seven days challenge which is getting over on Saturday. It is an exciting writing festival with the theme, Seven and I feel one week is very less, considering what one can write and the ideas are flowing like Monsoon. Hence, I am writing on the theme, Seven, on this blog but, I am not participating in the competition from the blog since I am already doing so on the other blog, www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com. Here's the personal challenge on this space.

Today, I write on the Seven places I am dying to visit and the global citizen that I am is sure to embrace these places as my own. I have gaped for breath on watching the seven wonders of the world on TV, photographs and the internet.

1. Kashmir

I believe that if ever there is paradise on earth, it is Kashmir in India. It saddens me to see the state of Jammu & Kashmir being torn in war where innocent people are dying. I would love to enjoy the beauty of life in Dal Lake, Hazratbal shrine, Nishat Bagh and Shankararcharya temple and, of course, Ladakh. I am dying to pay my respect to Vaishnodevi temple in Jhamu and Tawi river.

2 Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey is a dream for me to come true and I have watched the sheer beauty of Istanbul which boast of a rich culture. I would love to visit Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. I am dying to watch the snow and hold snow balls in the palm of my hand. Why not sit and write a short novel in one of the coffee houses in Turkey? Wishful thinking.

3. Egypt
It pains me to see so much violence in a historically rich country like Egypt. I have always dreamed of visiting the land of Pharaohs and click amazing pictures of The Great Sphinx and Giza Pyramid Complex. Egypt has witnessed the greatest civilization on earth and I admire the beautiful Nile River. How I wish the violence will be laid to rest in Egypt!

4. New York

I am always fascinated by great cities and in no time, I made cities like Mumbai and Delhi my home. Can the iconic New York be left behind? Travelling and living in New York has been on my mind forever and hanging around at Times Square and Statue of Liberty are dream spots. I have a strange connection with iconic cities and call for me, New York. I am just a call away and we shall unite like lovers.

5. Paris
Paris is famous for love and romance. I personally feel that Paris, like its women, is very sexy and wild. I wanna see the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris, Palace of Versailles and Notre Dame de Paris. I love cities that has a soul that run its hair town and dream of kissing my French girl friend on the romantic streets in Paris. Truly Paris! L'amour, moi et je t'aime Paris (Love, me and I love Paris).

6. Brazil

That's something to hope, lust and wish for, Brazil. Brazil boast one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Rio de Janiero and of course, is the land of one of my favorite author, Paulo Coelho. I have read that the Amazon is unique in appeal with its colonial baroque architecture coated with golden interiors. It's a dream to watch the Carnaval and hoping I can reach Brazil next year for world cup, an opportunity to steal moments of pleasure.

7. Dubai

Okay! I know this one will earn me brownie points since Emirati Dubai may not be one of the greatest or most beautiful places on earth to visit. But, I am obsessed in staying or visiting Dubai for the grandeur of the Burj Khalifa, Jumeira Beach, Autodrome and Emirates Tower. A tale of living life king size. Of course, dancing in the desert is something to do in this life time.


The Shining Guide: Happy Teachers' Day

You held my lil finger and patiently showed me the array of rainbows as I stood in sheer delight;

We stood together on the edge of the cliff, I held your hands fearing I may fall down;

You gently placed your hands on my head, reminding me that you are here for me;

You are the father and mother figures in school and college as I always looked up to you,

bugging you with my troubles;

You patiently listened to me and showed compassion and love;

I feel so loved and blessed, sitting in your company.

As you walked in college dressed in your Kurta Pyjamas and Saree,


I stood in amazement as I looked up to you all as my heroes;

Some are you are friends, some are spiritual fathers and mothers;

How I wish we could go back in time!

Today, I think of the memorable life learning lessons you taught me in class.

You made me who I am today.

How I relish the lesson of life.

Thank you, teachers.

I cannot tell what you have given to me.

Happy Teachers' Day

With Love


It's September! Yaaay

Hurray! It's September and hold your breath, first day of the month and I have reasons to feel optimistic with a dash of hope. Wishing for new job, new movies to watch and lotsa blogging my way. Check my new blog and I have signed for the Writetribe festival for seven days. You will find me on www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com
First day of September falls on Sunday and what I am up-to?

1. Entertainment quotient
The day is spent watching an interview of Priyanka Chopra on NDTV. Lazing on the couch and enjoying the day, reading newspapers, watching news and what else? Jhalak Dikla Jaa where the fun-loving Salman Khan will provide entertainment quotient plus Comedy Show with Kapil. I have some newspapers lying by my side and, of course, Amish's Oath of Vyaputras.

2. Blogging
Blogging, blogging and blogging. Right? That's what I am doing right now and super excited to be part of write tribe seven days challenge of September writing festival. I am yet to start and already getting goosebumps coz some people have already submitted their entries. I just can't live without blogging and all that matters.

3. Three o'clock lunch
I am in hurry to take my lunch since I wake up quite late and gulp cuppa coffees and tea. The breakfast time starts at noon and basically lunch will make its way at 3 p.m. Mom made Pulao yesterday night and it shall occupy the stomach for lunch in a while. At one glance, a happy Sunday and as they say, soul curry for the soul.

4. Chat and pep talk
I just finished a brain storming session with a friend over one of my brutally honest friend on angle taken and which she disagrees with. I agree with her since as a woman, she has her issues with the post and the identity of a woman. She is someone whose inputs I look forward to and it was an awesome brain-storming session. Chatted with few other friends, one in Dubai whose book will be released soon and another friend whose ping I am eagerly waiting for. Love my chat session with old chums and it make my Sunday totally fab.

5. I am lucky
I trust my soul for sending signals to the heart. On the first day of the seventh month of the first Sunday, I am feeling so happy. There are reasons enough to believe that it's gonna be an awesome month for me where dollops of magic will take place and can't wait for my luck to surprise me. Feeling awesome, right now!

So, people what are you waiting for?! Give a loud shout to the month of September and enjoy the sea breeze, last dash of monsoon, wind and all that matters in life.

With Love N Happy and awesome Sunday/ September