You don't like me, go and take a chill pill coz I didn't came into the world to make you happy. That's quite a statement! It's all about ME, ME and ME and time to tell you SEVEN things about ME.

1. Emotional 'fool'
I have been brandished as an emotional 'fool' who think with the heart. That's the way I am and nothing on earth can change this personal trait. I am happy being ME. When it comes to family and friends, I am very emotional and go out of my way to reach out to not just people who are close to me but also plain strangers.

2. Make my own rules
I am a person who refuse to get bogged down by society by what is right or wrong, moral or immoral and I set my own rules to lead my life. Not one to be influenced by society's hard core established rules, I live my life in my own way. Call me a rebel or whatever adjective, I am happy being ME.

3. Passion is thy word
I have always been a passionate person and pour myself completely in things I love doing. I have often invested myself completely in projects at the cost of my sleep and life. I believe that there is no point in doing things half baked, either you do it or you don't.

4. I am an idealist
I have always been an idealist about life and this is one thing I won't trade for anything in life. Often, I am told that I gotta be smart and practical. But I ask at what cost? My ethical beliefs, the cry for justice and what is right will never be compromised. I will always take a stand and fight for justice even if it is for people I hardly know.

5. Think and dare to be Different
I know, I am a weirdo coz I dare to think differently. Why should I just follow the crowd just for the heck of it or for that matter, if the whole world is thinking in a certainly way, I should follow suit? I am sorry to say that I don't fit the crowd. What the point of following or doing what the whole world is doing? Let's dare to be different and weirdo in a positive manner and pave the way for self-growth.

6. Dreamer
I dream a lot about things I wanna be in life. I often dream of being a celebrity and film actor who is signing autographs and waving to fans. I am a dreamer who think of achieving big things i life like penning a best seller books, making a movie or giving interview to the media. Life is all about dreaming, isn't it? How boring life would be without dreams to be fulfilled, hopes and aspirations to be nurtured in life?

7. Eternal romantic
I am an eternal romantic who swear by rom-com novels and films, write and love poetry about love, romance and sex. What else? I believe in holding the hands of someone special, stealing a kiss in a public place and behave like kids or teens. It is my idea about love and romance. I am dying to write a rom-com and have already started working on my book. I adore love stories and believe in proposing someone by bending on my knees with flower in my hand and kissing her hand. I believe in a pure shuddh desi love. Not bad for a guys, na?! I am smiling.

Hope you enjoy the seven facets about me.
Romantically and Lovingly yours
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