Seven Places I am dying to visit in my life time

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I am participating on writetribe.com festival of words, seven days challenge which is getting over on Saturday. It is an exciting writing festival with the theme, Seven and I feel one week is very less, considering what one can write and the ideas are flowing like Monsoon. Hence, I am writing on the theme, Seven, on this blog but, I am not participating in the competition from the blog since I am already doing so on the other blog, www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com. Here's the personal challenge on this space.

Today, I write on the Seven places I am dying to visit and the global citizen that I am is sure to embrace these places as my own. I have gaped for breath on watching the seven wonders of the world on TV, photographs and the internet.

1. Kashmir

I believe that if ever there is paradise on earth, it is Kashmir in India. It saddens me to see the state of Jammu & Kashmir being torn in war where innocent people are dying. I would love to enjoy the beauty of life in Dal Lake, Hazratbal shrine, Nishat Bagh and Shankararcharya temple and, of course, Ladakh. I am dying to pay my respect to Vaishnodevi temple in Jhamu and Tawi river.

2 Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey is a dream for me to come true and I have watched the sheer beauty of Istanbul which boast of a rich culture. I would love to visit Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. I am dying to watch the snow and hold snow balls in the palm of my hand. Why not sit and write a short novel in one of the coffee houses in Turkey? Wishful thinking.

3. Egypt
It pains me to see so much violence in a historically rich country like Egypt. I have always dreamed of visiting the land of Pharaohs and click amazing pictures of The Great Sphinx and Giza Pyramid Complex. Egypt has witnessed the greatest civilization on earth and I admire the beautiful Nile River. How I wish the violence will be laid to rest in Egypt!

4. New York

I am always fascinated by great cities and in no time, I made cities like Mumbai and Delhi my home. Can the iconic New York be left behind? Travelling and living in New York has been on my mind forever and hanging around at Times Square and Statue of Liberty are dream spots. I have a strange connection with iconic cities and call for me, New York. I am just a call away and we shall unite like lovers.

5. Paris
Paris is famous for love and romance. I personally feel that Paris, like its women, is very sexy and wild. I wanna see the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Disneyland Paris, Palace of Versailles and Notre Dame de Paris. I love cities that has a soul that run its hair town and dream of kissing my French girl friend on the romantic streets in Paris. Truly Paris! L'amour, moi et je t'aime Paris (Love, me and I love Paris).

6. Brazil

That's something to hope, lust and wish for, Brazil. Brazil boast one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Rio de Janiero and of course, is the land of one of my favorite author, Paulo Coelho. I have read that the Amazon is unique in appeal with its colonial baroque architecture coated with golden interiors. It's a dream to watch the Carnaval and hoping I can reach Brazil next year for world cup, an opportunity to steal moments of pleasure.

7. Dubai

Okay! I know this one will earn me brownie points since Emirati Dubai may not be one of the greatest or most beautiful places on earth to visit. But, I am obsessed in staying or visiting Dubai for the grandeur of the Burj Khalifa, Jumeira Beach, Autodrome and Emirates Tower. A tale of living life king size. Of course, dancing in the desert is something to do in this life time.
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