The Mysterious Muse

She walked in the cafe, wearing a colored skirt, showing her long and beautiful legs. She stopped near the unoccupied table and walked outside the cafe for walk looking at the sea. After a while, she turned her gaze and seated herself on the sofa.
He was reading a book and her shadow loomed large over him. He prodded, "I am not going to be distracted by your charm, O' beautiful creature" and continued reading his book. He lit a cigarette and his eyes focused on the book she held in the beautiful palm of her hands. He couldn't resist and asked her, "You into yoga." She smiled charmingly and asked, "What's your name?"
"Oh," she flirted. "It is such a beautiful and unique name."
"What's yours," he asked.
In the flick of seconds, his flirtatious nature hit the nail and floored with compliments, "I adore your name. It is so beautiful, charming and seductive."
She smiled. They spoke about yoga and the power of healing life as she told him that she works as an interior decorator and is based in Thailand where life is cheap. He shared with her that he is into journalism as they discussed about each other's profession with passion. Pia is a Punjabi from Delhi and has shifted base to Thailand where life is cheap.
He knew that he will not be able to continue reading, smitten by her charm, curves and elegance. How God creates such sizzling and sexy beauty. "Bye, Pia," he said as she repeated bye twice, a nice way to tell him off

It was a chance meeting, he pondered after a few days. There are some women who doesn't need to make an effort to be sexy and hot. Pia is a natural beauty and she carries herself with elegance without trying too hard. She is seductively effortless. After all, what's the harm in having a passionate and intimate, sexual relationship where our souls merged into each other as our bodies remain disconnected. There are few relationships like that where the minds wander and meet. So what, it was a chance meet and we lived for few moments of sinful surprises and soulful, guilty pleasures. She is my muse, a mystery to the heart, mind and body.

P.S: The story is partly fiction and real. Hope you like it:)

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