Lost days

It started off with a conversation with a college mate based in Nepal with whom I shared a hate relationship during that time and as we hit a mature note, we hit off to understand each other towards the end of college. I stayed in his Pune apartment, the time I was planning to leave for Pune. It's been nine years from now where we spoke about the memorable days that we sorely miss. It got me emotional and penned this poem that I shared on Facebook last week.

It was the best of times; I fucked up, blurted out rubbish and behaved stupidly;
Fell in love many times, the first crush plays in the head like Beatles song, And In the End, the Love We Take Is Equal To the Love We Make.
Carefree days and innocence,
friendship made and carved.
Getting stoned and drunk every Saturday,
we lived every moment of life;
The 'Fuck' word was our swan song and used in every mundane conversation.
Quibbles and fights with mates for we were immature.
Give me back those days;
I wanna blurt out nonsense, be stupid and immature again, fall for the wrong person;
Following the heart and indulging in ludicrous antics;
I wanna be this child again;
Oh! Memories;
How I wish to time travel, fuck up and be stupidly awesome.
Those days were bliss!!
Missing college life terribly.
Dedicated to all my college pals at Fergusson College and everyone who had the best of times in college, was stupid, and has now ceased to be.



Season to love

It's the season to love;
Formless beauty:
I go crazy at the sight of your hair hair fluttering with the wind;
Jumping with the hand up to reach out for the sky
on hearing your name:
Wanna grab the star,
and gentle put it in the palm on your hand for you are no less than one.
Feel like dancing in the rain and soaking from top to toe,
Dreaming about you;
You are an angel and everything about is so perfect.
Your magical face trigger happiness inside my heart.
Till we meet another day in paradise.
Exotic beauty and love you are.

With love


Kiss slowly and feel the love

Kiss slowly and make love like your last day on earth;
Breath and inhale deeply,
feeling the fresh air and energy in the atmosphere.
Exhale the toxins and empty the mind of negativity.
Stand and admire the night fall with compassion and love.
Admire the beautiful woman you had a crush on.
Feel her presence by breathing every second with passion.
Look at the gazing sky and feel it's sheer power reverberating in your soul.
Don't rush and walk at snail peace,
stroking the red rose with the finger.
Fix the sun and let it shine in your soul.



Revolutionary Pen: Murder of innocence

Revolutionary Pens is a Facebook initiative by Soumya Mohanty Vilekar  where artists are connected across the globe to spread the message of peace and love, guard against dying humanity. A civilized society cannot nurture hate and murder small children on caste or religious differences. We must stop the inhumaneness. Soumya wrote a beautiful poem on her blog
Today, we were horrified to watch on TV how two Dalit toddlers were burnt alive and it pains us to see babies ruthless killed because they belong to a different caste. Originally, I posted on the FB page and sharing with you:

How much hatred can we take!
Killing in the name of caste!
In an age of digital media and men & women travelling to the moon,
two innocent babies burnt alive.
It tears the heart.
Children in the flower bud and ruthlessly killed.
They are dream and hope of this country.
Not letting them bloom, we have become thorns.
It's a shame and painful,
murdering innocence.
Cannibals we are!
Don't they have a heart?
Angst and pained,
to see such tender lives departing in such a ruthless fashion.
And, we dare to call ourselves humans.
No! We are not.
A soul with a heart will not dare touch small children.
What we have become!
Let's send a strong message: Don't touch our children.
Rise, my country men and women.
Say no to caste and religious hatred.
Jai Hind


Move On

Perhaps, it's time for you get a life after break-up. You've survived too much on this relationship where you stopped living, ceasing to be your real self and and loss of individuality is taking a toll on your life. Face it: You have turned into an emotional wreck where you are hanging on memory and blaming yourself for everything that didn't work out. Still stuck to the past and losing yourself, it's time to Move On. Do better things in life because you are worth more than just a break up, no matter how much long you've been together. Be real. Both of you are no longer together. Go and embrace your world for he or she belong to the past. It is a tough call after spending such a long time with someone but are you are planning to meditate over your break up or abandon the world by sitting on the mountains.

1. Pent up emotions

There are several pent up emotions that you haven't told you partner when you were in a relationship or during the break up phase. You need to release the energy or else it can afflict you for a long time. No, I am not suggesting you do a Kareena or Shahid in Jab We Met, calling your ex and spewing dirty cuss words in Hindi. Write in a diary imagining you are speaking to your ex, close the door in house after making sure there is no one else and imagine both of you are face to face, tell them the truth on their face. Flush everything, discard the letters, whatsapp messages or G chat. Feel free and empty your cup.

2. Friends

Nopes! I am not saying that you sulk and sit to watch friends on DvD or You Tube, with alcohol bottle by your side. Hit it off with your gang of friends, party hard and flirt with that handsome dude or hot chick at the pub or disc. Make the most of the time lost with friends when you were in a relationship. Good friends are the ones who always stand with us through thick and thin. They are the best ones who support us to move on through madness and thrill. Renew your bond of friendship for it makes lasting memories.

3. Write a book
Yes! You need to move away from the emotions that's holding you in the head and refusing to see life in a refreshing manner. There are many things one can do in the newly found single status. Write a book, a room com, anthology or a collection of poems. Writing is a good therapy after the break up, trust me. Even if it means writing on your past relationship, do it. Who knows you may rake up the moolah! Let the characters speak and take your revenge. 

4. Productive activities
You wanted to do yoga, aerobic or pursue Reiki but that relationship was stopping. Now, that you are no longer in a relationship, indulge yourself and take care of your mental and physical. ME time can be a luxury that you can afford, Do meditation, go on a travel spree, spa things up and do things that your heart tells you. Spice your life with love offered by nature and you can well do without your ex-flame. Read good books, listen to awesome music and renew bonds with your loved ones. Just bulge your ass and conquer the world.

5. Meet new people
There is no such thing than meeting new people that gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. People come uninvited in our lives at the right time and teaches us sense of wisdom that makes us love and embrace life like anything. Never shy away from meeting new friends and indulge in soulful conversation over coffee. I made super awesome people in coffee shops and striking conversation that made me have a super duper outlook about life. Makes no mistake: It's a superb therapy to move on to better things in life.

6. Shopping
I always find shopping to be very therapeutic and makes the soul super happy. Indulge in the designer bag, branded watch, funky shoes, books, DvDs, jeans, tee and jewelery. Its a list for both dudes and babes. Be yourself and go on a shopping spree. Go mad and take your time, selecting stuffs that will make you jazzy.

7. Just Dance
Dancing can be very soulful, fulfilling and a source of happiness. Hit the disco, get drunk and dance till your drop to the latest chart busters in the wee hours of the morning. Dance with the gang or alone, how does it matter? Bare your soul out and be crazy, stomping on the dance floor. The world doesn't matter and it's only you. Put loud music in your flat and dance as if there is no tomorrow. After all, who needs someone when you can dance your way to heaven.

8. Never say no to love
Love always deserves a second chance. Meet new men and women, hit it off and a break up is no reason to shy away from falling in love or date for the heck of it. Don't get stuck in a relation that is buried in the past and who knows the next guy or gal may just be the one waiting for love. In love, we believe.


Maun Modi, Ghar Waapsi of the Cow, to be declared national animal

The talkative Prime Minister sports two faces nowadays, one selling India abroad, 'Make in India' and the other bland avatar is donning a character like in our movies, 'Maun Modi.' He would have made a perfect anti-dote to Nana Patekar in Khamoshi. Yet, they pride themselves in sniggering at the liberal-cum-educated Indians as sickular.
The country is in tatters and we are hell bent in not only putting into jeopardy our hard earned freedom but destroy our social and secular fabric, where educated men and women have poured their everything into. Our freedom is being taken for granted. It is worrisome. It's a tragedy how many educated Indians are not challenging the threat to our social fabric and the trampling of civil liberties, respect for people of different faiths, read minorities and assault on the work of creative artists.  
We live in a country where we revere the cow. It works for believers of a certain religion, the 'Gow-Mata' and for many of us belonging to this faith, like me, I refuse to make Gow-Mata an idol and icon of worship. I'll prefer to treat the cow with dignity and do my bit so that they don't eat plastic scattered on the streets, for instance. Then, who is listening?
Image credit: Google India
The cow, a peaceful and beautiful animal whom we choose to revere as Maa (Mother) has now become a brand and the new superstar, the the face of India. The humble and loving animal is being hijacked to further political agenda and a propaganda tool to spurn hatred and kill in the name of religion. Why I am not surprised that proponents of Hindutva will force the cow to convert in this whole agenda of 'Ghar Waapsi.' Since it is the 'Gowmata' for some, it can legitimately become a Hindu. Why not? Ask the Bhakts about it. They will tell you how the poor cow was converted against its will and they are only rendering social service in bringing it back to its root. At the point, the Maun Modi Government and his ilk, Rashtra Sewak Sangh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad military brigade are going, we shouldn't be surprised to witness the cow be declared the national animal of India where every Hindu must have one and worship in their Puja Ghar (prayer room). It's Ghar Waapsi, you see.
The cow will come to the rescue of Hindu Girls seen with Muslim boys who will obviously be beaten to death, See! Those Muslim lads are using a ploy to trap Hindu girls and what about the latter being married to the cow. It's Swach Bharat Abhiyan. After all, our PM, Maun Modi's pet show of selling India abroad and doling largesse, dollars to fund projects and inviting investors to put their money in India. A curious case of double identity. How about selling some cows to phoren land?!
We are living in dangerous times in the face of religious chauvinism and terrorism, preaching with force and violence on single religious identity. It is a perfect recipe for disaster when we are stomping on the rights of minorities, forcing them to adopt a lateral religious identity of 'Bhakt'. It will result in a loss of identity and such assault in a secular society like our means playing with fire. Just imagine the chaos that will create with backlash and people resorting to violence to protect themselves. It's like giving serum to extremists to further their agenda, be it Hindutva or Taliban. At best, the Indian Government and its acolytes is pushing the agenda of 'Hindu Talibanism.'

It's not without reason that writers are returning the Sahitya Akademi Awards to protest against the violence perpetrated against minorities. The Dadri killing is a grim reminder of what can unfold if intellectuals don't come together to protest against this violence of killing and hatred. In any secular democracy, each and every community must have the fundamental right to evolve through their religious identity and compressing everyone under Hindutva or making ridiculous statements that Muslims will not allowed in Garba means politics of alienation. We are sitting on fire that will burn the country. It's not the India that I recognize, a country we feel proud of for its secular fabric and freedom of expression.
The wound of the Babri Masjid hasn't healed yet nor Godhra killing where innocent people were ruthlessly killed and innocent women cum children raped. It's not unfortunate but black days in the history of India. We are treading dangerously. Where has our tolerance gone? A revised one nation theory. It's not our vision of Plural India, our forefathers fought for. It's jingoist politics, extreme and terrorism by Hindu outfits. This brand of hate politics where intellectuals opposing the Hindutva brand of jingoism are being targeted and termed 'Sickular' doesn't augur well for the nation. We are banning everything, from cow slaughter to turning down the performance of singer Ghulam Ali and protesting against the book launch of Kasuri's book. The famous black ink!!!
Prime Minister Modi's silence is stuff conspiracy is made of and it's hurting not only the BJP Government but India's image. A false impression of what India is not about. Voices of intellectuals and educated must be heard. They need to protest and they owe it to the next generation. We cannot afford to be a country filled with hatred, prejudice and religious intolerance with this vision of India as a nation of Hindus, where Muslims and Christians are not only living in constant fear but prevented to practice their religious beliefs. No country can afford to do that. It's not about Digital India or Smart Phones and no Swach Bharat can happen unless we respect and let difficult religions blooming together. In diversity we take pride. Let's say no this brand of religious extremism and state politics of silence.


Bachchan Mania: Jahan hum khade hai line wohi shuru hota hai

The traffic is coming to a stand still. Maximum City has suddenly stopped in its track and hearts are beating faster. Cars and buses are honking at Juhu. A phenomena has already rose and hit the city this October 11. A tall shadow has emerged as tears of joy flowing and the roads are turning into sea everywhere. It's the Big B's birthday, Amitabh Bachchan, Don ke jaise banna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai. There was Amitabh Bachchan, there is Amitabh Bachchan and there will always be Amitabh Bachchan, Kal bhi Bachchan aur Aaj bhi Bachchan.

Today, the man turns 73, the forever young and evergreen who rules our hearts for more than four decades of acting and entertainment. He remains an inspiration to me always. Whenever, I am in the dumps, I try to think how Amit Sir would tackle this situation in life for it's his approach that turned things in his favor despite the challenges he faced and lows in his career.
The connect he has with the audience and his fans, is not only phenomenal but mesmerizing and there are very few like him who would do several retakes till he gets the scene right. I mean, it's a lesson than we should learn in terms of dedication, never lose hope and fight till the end. The kind of commitment he shows towards his work and how he bounced back post the Coolie accident when he was in the coma and rose like the Phoenix after his company, ABCL failed, to overturn his fortune deserves respect. Simply admirable and indomitable spirit.

Bachchan Sir is an inspiration to many of us and is a grim reminder that nothing is permanent in life whether it's pain or sorrow. The kind of patience he has displayed in his entire career is a great lesson that I keep learning and how despite achieving so much in life, he has always remained grounded and rooted. It's something that many of us should learn from him and I personally admire how he has managed his career with the never-say-die-attitude. 
Sometimes back, I was going through a tough phase in life and Gayu, a good friend of mine who knows how much I admire Bachchan Sir, told me just imagine that my life is a film and that I am acting in it, I am Amitabh Bachchan and that he is sitting watching me. Once he is done watching me, he gives tips on how I could have bettered the act and change my perception about things.
Trust me, it was bang on and spot on action that brought a change in our attitudes to life. There are zillion fans of AB in India and many of us who aspire to be like him and be him. I cannot be him. There is only one Amitabh Bachchan who played an important part in shaping my life, whether it's watching his movies, overcoming his struggles and be successful in life. The very thought of thinking about the words he spoke and listening to him feels like magic. I tell myself, I gonna nail it. Just imagine that the man was in the dumps and people wrote him off, he overturned the situation to make KBC a household name and brought the world on its knees. This is power to me.
Now, you know why the man keeps inspiring me to be better at what I do and to overcome the rough weather. His baritone voice is like a magic wand and one gets the feeling that life will get better. What we need is patience, perseverance and hard work. Once I read in an interview how he said that his life is an everyday battle. How true! Or, reciting the verses of his illustrious father, Dr Harishnvansrai Bachchan verses, whether it's Madhushala or how pain or joy is momentary. It's one of my favorite quote: Mann ko ho toh achcha hai..no ho toh zyaada achcha hai!! Kyun ki phir wo ishwar ke mann ko hota hai aur iswar aap ko hamesha achcha chahega!!! (If things are moving against your wish then it's the almighty wishing good for you.), Jab tak Jeewab hai Sangharsh hai (Till there is life, there is struggle).

It couldn't better than that the Big B himself repeating his father's words that spread like magic and ushering positive vibes in my life. I get a magical feeling, listening to such powerful words. Friend, Philosopher, Guide, Inspiration, that's the role Shri Amitabh Bachchan plays in my life. My hero, my inspiration. Happy wala budday, Sir. Agneepath, Agneepath, Agneepath, na thakega na thamega kabhie, tu na mudega kabhie,, Kar Sharpath Kar Shapath, Agneepath.


How I spent the remaining few days at work

I can breathe, I can dance, I can party!! I wanna pen the lyrics of this song that echoes the state of mind and celebrate life. As many of you are aware and if you have read my Facebook feed, I resigned last Monday and Thursday was my last date in office, informing them to cut one month salary for not giving notice.
What led to my resignation as Special Correspondent of a publication is quite a story that I intend to write as a novella some other day and yeah, it's been quite a story. Unfortunately, I didn't part on the best of note and let's keep that for another day. How I spent my last few days or hours as a journalist shall interest you in  a way and thankfully, it's been good-the last few hours or days of assignment-in terms of coverage, networking and dinner.
Image credit: Google/https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Day One: Monday

-Covered a non-sensical event on Monday where the Minister's speech was boring and between bad speech, irrelevant grammar and bad pronunciation where he was eating his words, I prayed for coffee break. Met a former colleague who is now serving at an NGO and we discussed how the profession is facing the brunt of recession with people preferring to read news online.

- Had a discussion with the CEO on my resignation that enraged me and choose not to reply to his stupid antics. He took it personally and I let his ego speak for it's pointless to argue with fools.

Day Two: Tuesday

-Reached office as a good boy and get set to work on the last assignments for the week. I enjoyed reading a survey released by HSBC on the on the best place to live in the world for expats. I had too much fun reading and working on the document. I love doing such stuffs.

Day Three: Wednesday:

-Informed office that I shall be working from home, finalizing few pages for the magazine and sending to the 'editor' in office. 

-Attended my last official event for the financial results of a leading hotel group, boasting of huge profit. I love such meet for networking purpose where one gets the opportunity to brush shoulders with leaders and exchanging visiting cards. It really helps one in career and I need to send my CV to few people I met. It was good meeting new people and having snippet of conversation. Networking works big time when you are thinking of the next career move and it helps big time more than sending thousands job applications.  

Day Four: Thursday

-Here it goes. It's the last day at work and after wrapping up things, writing the last story and helping in the production of the magazine in terms of fitting stories on the software, working the headlines, it was time to clear the table. Thankfully, there was not much stuffs to discard as they have just shifted office. It was time to say bye to everyone and wishing best.

-I tagged along with a colleague for a cocktail and dinner event where I enjoyed amazing Malaysian cuisine. It's exquisite, yummy and mouth watering. The sweets melted in the mouth and watching the chef making peculiar way of breaking the egg on his wrist, mixing it with mutton and cheese in the wheat dough to give shape to the stuffed roti prata is unique. Adding to that, lovely and simple Malay Biryani made the heart happy. I was full to the hilt.

-Met a friend who was catching up at the hotel with colleagues over drink and he dropped me home. It saved me the ordeal of waiting for office transport which is quite an uphill task.

It's was 14 months of doing good work, writing and doing the running around to adhere to deadline in the newspaper industry. I doff my hat in pride that I have maintained the highest decorum of professionalism and learning so much on the format of writing in magazine, read feature stories, which is a far cry from newspaper format. I am on a short break and will try something completely new, a kinda transition job.

Post script: 
Sitting at home and doing nothing. It's been four days of awesomeness and reading stuffs. I met my cousin sister who came down from UK and she left yesterday. Quite a few writing stuffs to do and catching up with movies and, of course, writing in the diary where I intend to jot the list of my small, medium and long term career goals on where I wanna see myself. Time for self-introspection.