Holding hands in old age

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We promised to each other that we will be forever together.
We shall hands in old age and walk through the busy streets of old age.
We shall be the reference for young lovers as they look us at us with envy.
Who told you that we broke the promise?
We were together.
Only difference is that you can't see it?
See it through my own eyes.
Remember,when I too you to the ballet?
We had wine and how you yelled throughout,laughed and kissed me.
Everybody clapped their hands and you smiled sheepishly.
Later you told me, I made a fool of myself and smiled.
We loved,fought and had loads of fun together.
Alas!All good things must reach an end.
It's time to let everything go.
I decide to let you go and you must do the same.
We lived our life, WE shall not stop living.
Not being with each other shall not be an excuse not to enjoy every second of our life.
There ain't broken promises. We promised to be with each other.
We held to our promises and you just need to feel it.
Till love does us apart.
What lied before us was then, what lies in front of us is a mystery that no one can explain.
We shall meet in a new reconstructed world.

This poem was inspired by a dialogue in Inception which I watched yesterday on DVD. A brilliant, intellectually stimulating flick.I'm still inspired. Watch out for a post on Inception.
Loads of love


Maximum city

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The city that never sleeps.
A city lingering on two extremes of life.
The fast,slow lanes of life.
The rich on one side of the skycrapers,
The poor living on the opposite side in the slums..the slumdogs of the city.
A city that moves too fast, a world in itself,yet a place to reckon on.
If you have it in you,you shall survive and conquer.
It's a world in itself, ruthless at times.
Mumbai,maximum city, the one that never dare to sleep.
The early morning rush,struggling to reach the jam packed local trains.
A city that truly soulful and once you get used to it, it becomes an addiction. 
The city which celebrates life.
The Queen's Necklace as one enjoy the scenery at night on Marine Drive.
Immensely beautiful and graceful, to say the least.
They say that if you work hard and armed with dedication,
it's the place to be and have success crowned upon you.
One become like a bride adorned with jewels.
I shall repeat it.
You want to make it big in Mumbai and you shall.
Loving the dream city.
The city where all dreams are fulfilled.

p.s:This ode is dedicated to Sneha who is moving her baggage to Mumbai. Make the best of it Sepo and may ur life be crowned with glory,success N Happiness in the city of dreams


Forbidden fruit-ur place or mine for a harmless fling

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Word of caution:
Have a faint,dogmatic moralist heart,refrain from reading it. Should you choose to do it,at your own perils.Cheers:)
A tale of smitten odalisques,Adamesque in pursuit of the forbidden fruit,behind the white sheet of the bed. Tomorrow,they shall not text each other for a coffee date.Adam poke,Eve poke back. It's no longer shameful,the one night stand. 
We live in a world where films have changed the equation in our life. Life is busy and ain't no time for a relationship coupled with the commitment angle. It's costly in terms of time,stress and expensive dinner and getways. We'll live to favour a night of shameless pleasure, a harmless fling coupled with both parties experiencing win-win. No one ending up losing in terms of emotional hurt,ill feelings and self harm inflicted.
Gone are the days when we would watch TV and a kissing scene appearing in a Hollywood flick would make us unease or our elders would chid us if we speak bout sex with siblings. The time..ah!The hell of time when sex was made sin or evil by the sanctity of moral guadians yelling on the roof,terming it as religious bigotry or non-conforming to social laws and mores. We have the power of condoms now.Remember, the taste of the forbidden fruit is sweeter and holier that we could have imagined.
It brings me to the real story. Yes,I am speaking about one night stand,casual sex and fling. Lemme get it straight. Outlook sex survey appeared on January 24 and columns by authors of the likes Meeankshi Reddy-Madhavan,Tishani Doshi,Hari Menon, Jerry Pinto and Nilanjana Roy propelled me to have my own column. Though denied on Outlook,I have blogspot and am the new kid on the block. New Kid says he's all game for a harmless fling. Historically, fling has always existed and since the times of Mahabharatha and in Islamic societies,interalia,Christian history. Indeed, it is not something novel or else we are not shaking the foundation of society. Picture it:You are single and you meet an attractive lady in a bar.You offer her a drink and the possibility of spending a night together as one of you pops up, your place or mine. It transcend the Mills N Boons culture. Sex has always and ever existed between mates,vanilla sex or strawberry flavoured condom,red sexy lips if it ever stand as an ode to love,sex and Dhoka.
Another tale of abrely chested male,females caucasian or Lolita-esque version of new redefined and refined lust sex.Boys and girls have moved beyond the masturbation part. Bluntly put:Sex is an energy as we were put in the world to breath fresh air,consume water in the stiff heat,our aderaline rushes.The mating game been started by animals and humans alike and make no mistake we are social animals and as dogs shameless search for pleasure beyond the moral crass so are we.Mating,indulging in physical pleasure is only but a natural process of the human brain,physical longing.
Till there are humans there shall be desires. Longing for the forbidden fruits,lusting on males and females bodies.Any takers?Many do it on social networking sites such as Hi 5,Orkut,Facebook and many more mushrooming in the web world.Nopes,I am not referring to those despo whose status claim,services for satisfaction..they are in for cheap thrills,your regualr dude or chick,you poke,I poke..you know the story by now.
Have a great,harmless fling with no strings attached..Mr Right or Miss Right is just round the corner..what is right or wrong is relative..dat my quote for the day.


Snippets of my life

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Describing the state of the mind right now.Nah!I'm not feeling,thinking or sensing anything right now. Not before or just after,the Now moment of life,no pain or glory is experienced within. Trust me on that,it is a pretty good feeling and a trance like state.I'm not high but in a state of consciousness fully aware of my mind.
Too much philosophy in the readable matter,isn't it?Yet,it's just a state of the mind. Absolutely harmless yet enriching in all aspects and my multi-faceted life.I'm feeling romantic and in an awesome mood. Catched up with Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji..Nice light hearted flick which scares off the demons of life-work,worries and tiredness.Frankly speaking,I dunno what I'm talking bout and how this post is finding its way here.Well,it is coz it had to be.
Hell!Wait there are news.I always end up doing the most stupid thing like rendering the switch off button on CPU inactive. I almost broke the button yesterday as my comp was frozen and pressed it so hard that it was entrenched in the gadget in a bid to switch off my PC. It was a state of utter frustration.Thankfully, Bryan my neighbour,who deals in PC repairing,fixed it for me in the morning.Well,that's life and Vishal for you!He always ends up fucking up things only to say,had I known,I woul'd ve never done that. Confession: Right now,I'm obsessed with the idea of living my teenage days and adolescence that I've bought Mills& Boons and Harlequin..crazy,yes it is.I wanna relive my childhood.Yes!For a guy to read those mushy mushy romance it's quite something and please don't get ideas..I'm straight and not a virgin for fuck sake. I know it's strange coz things are happening to me and I'm finding it weird.Identity crisis,oh!Yeah!The scare of growing old like I freaked out the other day by finding a single grey piece in my entire bundle of hair.
An attempt to sound serious on the blog..no,it never happens except once in a while..Can never do that here as whatever I say I fail to fulfill them.Better keep mum and let nature overides the self.Example...simple 1.was planning a short love story but never get to sit and write for blogspot...been trying to reduce smoking since one month..Ahem!Ahem!Ya..another piece of news..I'm planning to resume gym.I started way back in Nov 2009 but stopped after 2 months..Oh!God!Why I'm like that..But,idea is appealing to me again in a bid to keep fit and be active, if not super active.shall stick this time..yay!I still need a break from work and let's see I might concentrate on giving tuition to students and do some freelance work for the media.I'm waiting for the day where I shall cease attending work.Yay!Didn't acquired my new denims to replace the old-rugged piece.Shall buy it towards the month end or perhaps later.
Cheers and love
BTW I'm feeling romantic.


Happyyyy Valentine Day

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Everyday is a Valentine Day.
Every moment is a Valentine moment.
Love is our most precious gift conferred by the saint of love.
We surprise each other by chocolates,gifts,flowers,candle light dinner and a beautiful kiss.
Why not make every day a Valentine Day.
Happy Valentine Day.

Today is a Valentine Day. Every lover will be together to celebrate the day of lovers. Flowers and gifts shall be out of stocks in major shops in the world.It's a special day as lovers rejoice and be with each other.Making love on this special day.Truly blessed are those who found true love!
Couples shall live for the day and enjoy the precious day. Whether it's candle light dinner,partying,love and romance is the only thing that holds in this crazy and competitive world where there is practically no time for love,romance and spending time with each other. I always says let's try and find time for each other,even if it is a plain 30 minutes coz life is too short.We can never know what can happen in the flick of the seconds.
If you are single and really like someone,pluck the courage and express your feelings to him or her. V-Day is the proper day to express love to your lady love or Prince charming. Do not lose time or else she'll be in the arms of someone else.If he or she says no,well better luck next time. At least, you won't regret that you haven't expressed your feelings of love.Hey,but when was love perfect and such bits of imperfections and fights makes love and romance the most beautiful thing in the world.
Rewinding college life.It's such a beautiful sight of lovers holding each other's hands,kissing,cuddling and flowers in their hands walking down the busy street.Yawn!The moral police were safely guarding our college yard,checking on whether we were celebrating V-Day. On V-Day,the hypocrites are always here to do what?Protect Indian culture from foreign invasion.Balls to them buy yeah, we would exercise caution since we didn't want to get into troubles with those idiots.
College V-Day was cool as everyone wishing everyone happy V-Day and coolly asking what's d plan tonight?There were singles like me who was looking for the moment to propose the cool chick on whom I had a crush or expressing,How I wish we were together!Or,friends in college-boys and gals giving flowers,attaching a red band on the hands of strangers to protest against moral police.
I was staying with two couples,ma frenz in the flat and how they would pester me to be with someone and at that time,I was a happy go-lucky guy,being in the company of frenz.How they would surprise.Adi told me that it's V-Day and he won't leave his girl friend in the room alone and if I can go buy a bottle of beer for them.Bah!When I came back,surprise in my room.No, they didn't brought a chick for me.The lights were off in the room,except a candle.A beautiful Valentine card,pizza,chocolates and the bottle of beer was for me.I love you guys and gals.A perfect Valentine indeed.It made my tiny heart happyyyy.
It's a day to celebrate love and to be the one you love. Spread the faith and keep the romance going.oops!How can I forget the beautiful forwards sent and received on cellphone. Only hitch is that V-Day has become too much commercial and s way to make money,flourish business.The feelings that matters.
Love is something to be felt within the hearts.
The Act of love and Romance should be self less.
Be yourself in the act of love.
Say it with flowers but feel it within.
May all of you find your special Valentine.
Happy Valentine Day.
With Love.


Complexities of life

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We are born different as human entities yet we reach a common point in life. Circumstances brings us together and a small,mundane conversation propels us to understand the true meaning of life. We are considered lucky since we were saved the pain of going through the pains and struggles felt by the less fortunate in life. As goes the saying, we become what we are.
As I left from office, I had a conversation with the driver who spoke to me about his life.The struggles he faced and told me that he worked in the market place,with a saber in his hand,peeling coconut from 5 in the morning till 8 o'clock. He had wrinkles on his hands.For a man who didn't reached the basic level of education it was his university, a great mecca of life.The man is proud and rightly so. He worked as a driver in many companies,affording the luxury of 3 hour sleep in a day. Then,I realized that no matter how much we complain about life,there is somewhere someone who is struggling to make ends meet. We are somehow enjoying a good life relative to many. The pain we feel is very less to what the unfortunate lot feel.
He has a son and wish to give him the best of education,compensating to the deprivation he was subjected to as a child. Born in a poor family,his parents could not afford to give him a decent life.he told me ,I don't want to make my son go through the the things I'm going through in life. I struggle to buy him milk,still I do so because I don't want him to suffer from malnutrition.
We may not have many things in common,yet we can make an effort to understand the other person. We end up looking at them with prejudice,perhaps because of the language they use and crass manner.But, do we blame them?Let's blame their environment for the time being. We reach a point of appreciation when a father struggles to make both ends meet. I came to realise one man's frustration and the lamentation of not being given the chance to have access to education.He was just one common man and there are millions like him in the world.
We have the tendency of blaming our situation, kicking at ourselves for not getting the life we desire.We deserve better,we often say. But,but in this world many people are there in all walks of life who are living a painful life. Let's make an effort to enjoy every minute of life,feel the power of the moment where our life can be improved and chances of getting better are ten fold. It's a world of immense possibilities and chance the dreams.Better not lose our time in lamenting on the hard life.Life isn't hard, our perception and thinking are. We can change things.YES WE CAN and get rid of NO WE CAN'T.
Good Morning.


Perish in the flames of lust

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We shall perish in the flames of desire.
Born in the city of lust,
Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.
Hell!It was passed to us.
Innocent as we were,we mistook it for a sweet fruit.
We ate the fruit of lust.
It thrust us in Eden garden as we longed for lust.
O!Yore!We shall perish some day in the flames.
We call it by numerous names.
Spiritual fathers call it an energy.
We call it a necessary evil.
Evil always perish.
We shall be.
The scared hour shall come.
Our souls will be liberated from the shackles of lust.
We shall become free again.
Free from the forbidden fruit.
It shall no longer remain sweet.
Lest,the time hasn't come.
We shall lust, ran after desires which eludes faraway from us.
We shall suffer form the wrath of the Gods.
Remember we choose to consume the forbidden fruit.
The lethal poison has integrated our body.
A life time won't suffice to remove evils.
We are enjoying the lust,carnal desires as if there is no tomorrow.
Little can we do to overcome the tide.
Yet, The Time shall come.
Believe me!O generations of Adamesque and Eve...
We shall burn in the flames.
It will rip our souls.


Droplets of rains

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I sit down,sipping the coffee and wishing for the rains.
Nah!It's not Monsoon time.
Gotta wait for few more months as the first showers splash on the windows,the branches shaking itself.
The first monsoon as I remember this girl,beautifully drapped in her salwar.
She ran down the stairs and  pulled her arms,embracing the rains.
She willfully offered herself to the God of rains, drenched.
We all patiently wait for the rains to come.
We drench ourselves as the rains falls on our hair and our faces,down to our lips.
From our upper lip,we taste of the water as if it is droplets of wine.
As the rain water fall heavily,shaking our existence,we dance to its tunes,playing street football,falling down.
Crazy stuffs that we Indians love to do.
We love our monsoon.
It's unique to our character and carve our identity as a nation.
As we sit on the Drive,Monsoon is another excuse to steal a kiss and get cozy.
The most romantic time of the year,Monsoon time.
Come fast as we impatiently long for your presence.
Shower us your blessings.
Spread Love N Cheers


English ya Hinglish

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Hiyaaaa,I've just finished reading a book review of The last Linga Franca:English until the return of Babel by Nicholas Ostler and Allen Lane. A review conducted by The Economist and it shows how the author predicts death of English and the review is quite sarcastic, English Anyone?
Now,Shakespeare must be languishing in his grave and would storm out with fury coz the author is predicting  the death of the language. They are retracing how foreign and regional languages such Turkish,Italian and so many  were propelled to the forefront with trade and communications.In short,the slow death of English as a form of communications. He also spoke of African language where natives would prefer their own to English.
Well,I so not agree with that. There is nothing wrong with native or regional languages as tools of communications.But, it is also an undeniable fact that English is used when we blog,networking on facebook,Twitter,Hi 5 or other networking sites.Moreover,when we sms each other,English is preferred.It is also a fact that in India a good chunk of low working class parents prefer to send their children in English medium school,given a choice since they are convinced that to make a career in the corporate world,English is the passport to climb up the social ladder and earn the moolah. In the Hindi film industry, the whole gamut of celebrities converse in English despite our films are made in Hindi.Just look at the fashion shows or chat shows like Koffee with Karan and so many.
Having said that,I am not against regional langauges such as Marathi,Punjapi,Bhojpuri,Tamil or our own Hindi which,I feel, is the most beautiful language in the world.The sheer pleasure of listening someone speaking in Shuddh(pure) Hindi is such a treat and appealing to one's own senses. Being cosmopolitan in nature and truly believing in bilingualism, I strongly believe that one should not stick to solely one language.Given a choice,I prefer Hindi over English and during my college days,we were conversing in Hindi with friends.
I have also observed that so many speak in English to show their superiority over others,in terms of class and when people speak in Hindi or Marathi,they snigger.Frankly,it sucks when you use language to show your superiority over others. As it is, I strongly believe that a language spoken is a means to communicate with people and it doesn't matter that our accent is different from the Brits or Yankees..read American.That doesn't mean they are better than us.As long as we speak and write with proper grammar,spelling and punctuations..well,you know the story!
The British left us with a good legacy,their own language when they left.But,according to statistics,India have more publications in the language of Shakespeare and more and more people,not just in big cities but also urban areas are turning to English.India hold the trump card for not only the survival of English but it's sweet victory.
Truly yours.