Happyyyy Valentine Day

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Everyday is a Valentine Day.
Every moment is a Valentine moment.
Love is our most precious gift conferred by the saint of love.
We surprise each other by chocolates,gifts,flowers,candle light dinner and a beautiful kiss.
Why not make every day a Valentine Day.
Happy Valentine Day.

Today is a Valentine Day. Every lover will be together to celebrate the day of lovers. Flowers and gifts shall be out of stocks in major shops in the world.It's a special day as lovers rejoice and be with each other.Making love on this special day.Truly blessed are those who found true love!
Couples shall live for the day and enjoy the precious day. Whether it's candle light dinner,partying,love and romance is the only thing that holds in this crazy and competitive world where there is practically no time for love,romance and spending time with each other. I always says let's try and find time for each other,even if it is a plain 30 minutes coz life is too short.We can never know what can happen in the flick of the seconds.
If you are single and really like someone,pluck the courage and express your feelings to him or her. V-Day is the proper day to express love to your lady love or Prince charming. Do not lose time or else she'll be in the arms of someone else.If he or she says no,well better luck next time. At least, you won't regret that you haven't expressed your feelings of love.Hey,but when was love perfect and such bits of imperfections and fights makes love and romance the most beautiful thing in the world.
Rewinding college life.It's such a beautiful sight of lovers holding each other's hands,kissing,cuddling and flowers in their hands walking down the busy street.Yawn!The moral police were safely guarding our college yard,checking on whether we were celebrating V-Day. On V-Day,the hypocrites are always here to do what?Protect Indian culture from foreign invasion.Balls to them buy yeah, we would exercise caution since we didn't want to get into troubles with those idiots.
College V-Day was cool as everyone wishing everyone happy V-Day and coolly asking what's d plan tonight?There were singles like me who was looking for the moment to propose the cool chick on whom I had a crush or expressing,How I wish we were together!Or,friends in college-boys and gals giving flowers,attaching a red band on the hands of strangers to protest against moral police.
I was staying with two couples,ma frenz in the flat and how they would pester me to be with someone and at that time,I was a happy go-lucky guy,being in the company of frenz.How they would surprise.Adi told me that it's V-Day and he won't leave his girl friend in the room alone and if I can go buy a bottle of beer for them.Bah!When I came back,surprise in my room.No, they didn't brought a chick for me.The lights were off in the room,except a candle.A beautiful Valentine card,pizza,chocolates and the bottle of beer was for me.I love you guys and gals.A perfect Valentine indeed.It made my tiny heart happyyyy.
It's a day to celebrate love and to be the one you love. Spread the faith and keep the romance going.oops!How can I forget the beautiful forwards sent and received on cellphone. Only hitch is that V-Day has become too much commercial and s way to make money,flourish business.The feelings that matters.
Love is something to be felt within the hearts.
The Act of love and Romance should be self less.
Be yourself in the act of love.
Say it with flowers but feel it within.
May all of you find your special Valentine.
Happy Valentine Day.
With Love.
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