Maximum city

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The city that never sleeps.
A city lingering on two extremes of life.
The fast,slow lanes of life.
The rich on one side of the skycrapers,
The poor living on the opposite side in the slums..the slumdogs of the city.
A city that moves too fast, a world in itself,yet a place to reckon on.
If you have it in you,you shall survive and conquer.
It's a world in itself, ruthless at times.
Mumbai,maximum city, the one that never dare to sleep.
The early morning rush,struggling to reach the jam packed local trains.
A city that truly soulful and once you get used to it, it becomes an addiction. 
The city which celebrates life.
The Queen's Necklace as one enjoy the scenery at night on Marine Drive.
Immensely beautiful and graceful, to say the least.
They say that if you work hard and armed with dedication,
it's the place to be and have success crowned upon you.
One become like a bride adorned with jewels.
I shall repeat it.
You want to make it big in Mumbai and you shall.
Loving the dream city.
The city where all dreams are fulfilled.

p.s:This ode is dedicated to Sneha who is moving her baggage to Mumbai. Make the best of it Sepo and may ur life be crowned with glory,success N Happiness in the city of dreams
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