English ya Hinglish

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Hiyaaaa,I've just finished reading a book review of The last Linga Franca:English until the return of Babel by Nicholas Ostler and Allen Lane. A review conducted by The Economist and it shows how the author predicts death of English and the review is quite sarcastic, English Anyone?
Now,Shakespeare must be languishing in his grave and would storm out with fury coz the author is predicting  the death of the language. They are retracing how foreign and regional languages such Turkish,Italian and so many  were propelled to the forefront with trade and communications.In short,the slow death of English as a form of communications. He also spoke of African language where natives would prefer their own to English.
Well,I so not agree with that. There is nothing wrong with native or regional languages as tools of communications.But, it is also an undeniable fact that English is used when we blog,networking on facebook,Twitter,Hi 5 or other networking sites.Moreover,when we sms each other,English is preferred.It is also a fact that in India a good chunk of low working class parents prefer to send their children in English medium school,given a choice since they are convinced that to make a career in the corporate world,English is the passport to climb up the social ladder and earn the moolah. In the Hindi film industry, the whole gamut of celebrities converse in English despite our films are made in Hindi.Just look at the fashion shows or chat shows like Koffee with Karan and so many.
Having said that,I am not against regional langauges such as Marathi,Punjapi,Bhojpuri,Tamil or our own Hindi which,I feel, is the most beautiful language in the world.The sheer pleasure of listening someone speaking in Shuddh(pure) Hindi is such a treat and appealing to one's own senses. Being cosmopolitan in nature and truly believing in bilingualism, I strongly believe that one should not stick to solely one language.Given a choice,I prefer Hindi over English and during my college days,we were conversing in Hindi with friends.
I have also observed that so many speak in English to show their superiority over others,in terms of class and when people speak in Hindi or Marathi,they snigger.Frankly,it sucks when you use language to show your superiority over others. As it is, I strongly believe that a language spoken is a means to communicate with people and it doesn't matter that our accent is different from the Brits or Yankees..read American.That doesn't mean they are better than us.As long as we speak and write with proper grammar,spelling and punctuations..well,you know the story!
The British left us with a good legacy,their own language when they left.But,according to statistics,India have more publications in the language of Shakespeare and more and more people,not just in big cities but also urban areas are turning to English.India hold the trump card for not only the survival of English but it's sweet victory.
Truly yours.
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