A story of Denims =Puraani Jeans

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We love our jeans and it's a piece wrapped round the waist,covering the arse which neva goes out of fashion.It makes its time and it goes straight into vintage collection.Me been jeans crazy for years coz it never goes out of fashion. My Levis boot cut has worn out,teared and is sporting the distressed look. At the risk of wearing it,I may sound like an out of place junkie,hippie..How much I love this weird look!!!! I shall never do away with my favourite denims.
I always face the scathing criticisms.Dude,how many pair of jeans do u buy? Here it is,the stuff which covers my fanny doesn't stop here. An extra pair of denims is not too much and it doesn't matter if I already own a dozen denims in my wardrobe.Jeans crazy. Yeah!I confess I am one.
Favourite denim:
Levis-always and ever coz it never runs out of style and comfort.It gives me this extra confidence.It's sexy zanny.

My prized collections
Me own a black Spykar, a green Pepe Jeans London which has grown too tight on me.It hurts that I can't wear it.It's lying somewhere but can't image getting rid of it.PJL is another awesome brand and the quality of clothing is smooth.Don't believe, then gently and affectionately touch with your hand.It feels like you are stroking or caressing the hair or hands of your babe. My newly acquired Lee Cooper.It's a cool one but nothin like Levis or my Pepe.I shall very soon own a new Levis or Flying Machine.I love experimenting with Denims and gotta Fly with my Machine.

My first Denim
I cannot recollect since as a child I was given a pair of jeans by Mom and Dad.At that time,I wasn't brand conscious like I'm now.It wasn't a branded one. I vividly remember a cool grey jeans which I've been wearing for years and Mom got it for 75 bucks in a fair. Would you believe that.I also had a wacky White jeans.My personal collection when I was in 10th standard. As I joined college,I chose branded jeans not just because of the name but a true blue original branded jeans stand for quality,comfort and last for a very long time.Levis is awesome and I vouch for that.

Favourite color
There is nothing like blue denims.It neva goes out of fashion and I'm a compulsive,obsessive buyer and the risk of making a hole in my pocket is palatable.It raise the stocks of one's sex appeal like old wine which taste better. So,is a pair of blue denims.

A story of denims,date,happiness,first kiss.The memories summed in Purani jeans which is always associated with a life long memory. A reason for celebrations,aha moments of life to be cherished forever and ever.Like old music which transport us into a trance of sorts so are our Purani Jeans.Lying somewhere in some soft corner of life coz it's been a part of our beautiful lives. So galzzz N Guyzzzz, ne story hidden with the history of your jeans vent it out here or a romance starting with your purani jeans.I wanna hear all.
Good Night.
Our Purani jeans and Denims rock:)

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