Love is not enough

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Rajveer and Sunaina were childhood lovers and madly in love with each other. Rajveer worked as an assistant film director in Mumbai and Sunaina worked worked for a PR firm. They were in a live in relationship since both feel that with their career,they were not ready to take a plunge with marriage and kids.
One fine day, the film company spoke to Rajveer that they are downsize their staff and he had to look for work else where. Their last film didn't do well at the box office and with the recession hitting the film industry financers were less willing to invest in their major productions. He tried to looking for jobs with other producers but failed to get any break. Sunaina was willing to help him since they couldn't do without each other.Over time,Rajveer grew more frustrated since his girl friend was feeding him. He withdrew from everyone and eventually met some guys and gals. He came home late,drunked. They started fighting a lot in the house and it would raise an alarm among neighbours.Sunaina became so fed up that one fine day he asked him to leave the house since she was the one who earns and pay the bills,including the rent. Bas!This was the end of it. During the night,she started crying and trying to understand who cast an evil spell on their beautiful live and why things had to be so cruel.
Enter the new Managing Director, Piyush Shah and Sunaina was made the head of PR and they started meeting each other and she found a good listener in him.Once after the party, it was raining heavily and to avoid the heavy lash of rains,Sunaina invited Piyush to stay over. Something brought them together and they couldn't stop together on the moment. They kissed and made love to each other. Rajveer was to be forgotten,she reasoned with herself. she had to erase him from her mind. She wished him well in life. She knows it hurts.Two years later,Sunaina married Piyush.
The big question is:Is love enough for a couple to be with each other. In the start, everything seems so beautiful,flowers,chocolates,kissing and sex. And as in Turning 30,Gul Panaag rightly says,Just because I am sleeping with you that doesn't mean that we will marry.The point here is not that Sex and marriage or live-in are complements to each other. What I mean to say there are many factors which comes in play in a couple relationship. There are career clashes,the choice to have children or not,professional clashes and of course,the money factor. By professional clash I mean,in fields such as films,ad world or media, sometimes one or both of them will come home very late or is the other person willing to accept it.Very few will and I'm happy to be among the few. Or, when you spend the major part of your life with colleagues at work,there are obviously some spark and you might end up falling in love.Fatal attraction!Of course, we cannot provide a generalisation to the picture.
An important factor in a relation is money.The M-Thing,big bucks or simply moolah.No matter how much you love each other,the differences will crop and many times it comes in the form of the necessary evil. For how long,can one of the partner afford to give his or her better half the hard-earned money.It crops up especially when one of the partner is not working or is struggling to find a job.It requires a lot of understanding and patience. A wise couple should not let the moolah factor affect a relationship and both must pool money together to run the house.If one partner is footing the electricity,food bills,the shopping and rent stuffs must be managed by the other one.Or,as we used to do in college paying half for almost everything,including the rent.
Love itself is not enough for a relationship to work out. The couple should not think that everything is rosy with romance,sex and flowers.Especially when you guys stay together,better speak about the money factor and I would advice that try taking very less money from each other for personal uses such as going out,cigarettes or shopping.If you,it makes sense to give the money back and keep your relationship going. A relationship requires a lot of understanding and compromise on many things that matter such as career,friends and even sex. It's way beyond love and more than the L-factor, the U-understanding factor stands out.Indeed,Love is not enough.
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