Straight from the heart

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This post comes straight from the heart. There is no concept behind the mind as so many post have nor do I have any clear picture running madly on the nature of the post. Frustrated!bah!I am for having less time on my platter to pick up stuffs,materials to read and I am unable to watch DvD's.Tired like shit from work.
But truly blessed I am.Yesterday,wrapped up work at 10.40 p.m and in a flick of 5 minutes, the transport left me and spent three and a half hours in office waiting for the next transport. I slept in the reception room. But,as I was travellling during the night, I feel a felt a gush of fresh air,opportunities running down my spine. Someone from the farther world was telling me,dude no worries better things are coming your way.It was an aha moment in life and sometimes one feel the blessings. Came home a lil bit earlier and met 2 friends online.Who?My college mates. Vandana was a class mate and she's now settled and married in London.It feels good to connect with classmates and as I look back,it felt like yesterday only. Time is a real bitch and it never had the decency to tell that it had reached and so many stuffs can happen in life nor does it tell that it left us.
Mobzz another mate of mine in college with whom I had the best of times in College.Damn cool dude and been telling me to come back to Pune.I will,I promised.Life is moving and we are beckoned to to come to terms with it.I've been a bitch as well.Everyday been saying that I will write to my Philosophy teacher but time been failing me. Sorry Sir.I shall try my best this week.I'm frustrated and I'm intellectually,physically,emotionally drained,not necessarily in that order.Im loking forward to a big break from work and there is a need to spend time with myself. At least,dat d mental state right now.My Mama came to visit us from London and I couldn't met him since I had to report to work.Wow!The word report to work sound so-ooo-soo huge and complex a word to use. Hopefully,things hould tirn out to be better.It's just a matter of time.Arrg!Time yet again!No time for a harmless fling,casual encounter with a beautiful lady.Time!Indeed!By the way who invented the buzz word time???I wanna fire the guy or gal right now.
Things can get bigger and better. True!Very true! i've started writing in a diary bout stuffs I wanna do in life and the approach to make things sound right. Dream list and how to make it happen.The trick is list 1000 of your dreams and be completely wild,like dating Deepika padukone or britney Spears or perhaps becoming a billionaure,owning a space craft.What those souls who were there before us did and how.Then,eliminate the less imporatant ones if you fail to write why you have the passion and how to proceed.Concentrate on better stuffs.I've yet to do this part.i shall soon reach out to it .
Unleash the passion or shall I say and let not be wary of people.Go and embrace the world and I shall embrace ma bed in a few minutes.Time to catch up with sleep.
Adios Amigos.
Comments gals and guys needed here.Who's gonna be the first one coz a surprise shall be waiting for u.
Good nite.Young minds rulzzzzzzzz
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