Date with time

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Jai Ho!Happy Independence to all Indians across the globe.26 years at midnight India became a free country and we pledged to correct all anomalies so that each and every Indians can breathe free. Did we?We shall keep it for another day and I'm sure there are lots to talk on India as a nation.
Here we go as the nation had a date with time. So,we have ours. As humans, we all have the habit of postponing things giving flat excuses that we are not ready to get the plunge.But,one day we have to face the music. As truth hold it, we are often thrust to face it.Our date with time.Better face it rather than bearing the wrath of time.The opportunities just knock us down and if we fail to keep with our date,we may lament.Oh!Man!I had the opportunity to make it big.Why didn't i?Better fail than not doing it all.Very often, we become adept in letting go of the wonderful occasion.Date with time doesn't come often and if it does,it may not necessarily jibe in our favour.
We are smitten by this beautiful girl. We get the opportunity to ask her out but we end up fooling ourselves that this isn't the ripe time.Then,one fine day we see her walking hand in hand with her shining armour.It could have been us. Well,we didn't hit the bull's eye but the dude did.No point in cursing him.
The greatest authors,actors and everyone associated with creativity kept their date with time and entered the trance and were swayed by passion.They were not concerned by failure or rejection and took the train.Do we still want to wait by the station and 1.40 a.m is the last train.Lest, we keep on repeating it's not the proper time, we will end up sleeping at the railway station.Just hop on the train.The world offers us endless opportunities to make it happen.
Ours is a generation full of potential and there isn't anything that we can't do.All what we need is some confidence and slowly but surely walk towards our goals.We wanna become a film actor.No problem,let's work slowly towards it.Once we'll fail,twice we will fail,third time no problem but ultimately,we will nail it.End result glamour,moolah and all the perks associated.The time to enjoy the fruits of our success will come and we shall sit and reap our treat like tasting mint-choco ice cream.
Let's keep our date with time.
Good Morning

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