Things to do before I die-part 1

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It happened during the monsoon in the last season. I was stuck at Borivali, the flood reaching the upper part of my body and I was reckoned to pray to God to save my life. Then, I felt a thunder and a tall, potent figure appeared from nowhere. I was scared like shit. I mumble to the figure, "Who are you? Will you take me home?"
He replied in a coarse voice,"It's too early son. Don't worry, you are not going to die. I am God. But, let me ask you something. If I tell you that you have only one week left what will you do?"
God made me realise that life can be taken at any time. The heavy rains might carry me, I may perish in the train blasts and meet with an accident. I realized that with one week to go, there are several things which I actually wished for but din't do.
I will quit my job and travel in a faraway place and stay far from the maddening crowd. I shall write a book. I shall also travel to different parts of the place. My list is actually long. Venice, Egypt, Kashmir, Rio carnival in Brazil, Paris, New York and click amazing photographs, picture the snow and print a travel book. I will learn photography and put it in book form.
Then, I shall pen a script and make a movie.Yeah, with my childhood hero, Amitabh Bachchan. It got to be an all out commercial movie and pay tribute to the acting legend. I will also enact a small role in the movie and fulfill my desire of becoming an actor.I will also walk the ramp and become the show stopper of the show. I will create an album. Since, I am a bathroom singer, I think this will do and fulfill my dreams. Since, I am already a film critic, I shall not tread on the achievable path..
I will tell my Mom how much I love her and despite our stupid fights, I will wish that I was born to her every time and be grateful what she and Dad has done for me. No matter how much I tried I was not able to tell her how much I love her. I was never able to tell Dad how much I love him. I did thank him but on his death bed. Then, I shall meet, phone or email all my crushes and ex-es whom I couldn't muster the courage to express my feelings for them. I will also genuinely tell them how beautiful they are as women and how I consider them to be an important part of my life. Then, I will go on a long journey. It can be in any part of the world and will seek true love and contentment.
I will also learn swimming something that I've never learned for fear of the water paralysis so that I can live my remaining days and die without fear.I will teach kids from the slum and fund the education of a girl child till she reaches 18. This has been one of my most important wish list and for some reason or another, I was never able to fulfill it. I will also watched my favorite team, Manchester United play at Old Trafford and watch India, of course play at Lords. Perhaps, I could blow my money and buy myself an apartment sea face at Bandra in one of the most expensive cities, Mumbai.
Me think the list is becoming more and more materialistic. Ok, I shall go on a long journey of life, soul searching and in quest of my identity. Who am I? I shall seek the answers and visit soulful places and meet enlightened beings, irrespective of religious faith. Till I don't find my answers on my state of being, I will be restless and continue my journey as a pilgrim. Is hall be alone on a desert in a far flung place and will embark on a quest to meet angels. I believe in angels and that they exist to protect us against all forms of unforeseen events.
Off with that, I will fly on a parachute and feel death, hanging on the balloon near the sky and the open air. I will also swim in the Artic Ocean. Once I am done, I shall leave a free life, released from the shackles of morality, religion and society. I will go on the peak of mountains and hills and yell down. When I get down from the parachute, I will yell and dance in front of people, I have done it. Have you? I am living my life. Come and join the crazy party. Let's go on moon. Hopefully, I will find my love partner and take her with me on the desert and on the spiritual quest. We shall make love and have beautiful sex zillion times. We shall see the world together. We shall visit the Himalayan, go to Tibet, visit Rishikesh, carry Ganpati on my shoulders for immersion.
My wish list is long and a single post is not and will not be sufficient. Things to do before I die. The more I think, more crazy ideas crops up. After I achieve some of my wishes before I die, you shall meet me on the terrace at Juhu sea face or the morgue at Lillavati hospital. I will die in style and will book a suite.At least, I will fulfill some of my wishes and not all. There are too much to be fulfill and regrets there shall be for not be able to achieve all. Perhaps in the after life.
Watch out for part 2. Let me think what is there all to fulfill and work it out.


F***, Monday hangover resurfaces

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Waking up on the first day of the week, I rave, oh!it's Monday and how about sharing the booty with everyone. Hmm! It is always painful to get out of the bed and no matter what time, I fix the alarm, I always wake up one hour late and the alarm keep screeching to an irritating level. It seems to tell, hey dude, for how long will you make me work for you. I'm not your godamn servant. As I wake up, I shut him down, telling fuck you alarm, I paid a bomb paying for this cellphone which you are an intrinsic part and m gonna rule you. Even if you wanna get laid, you shall seek my fucking permission.
The past week which elapsed yesterday saw me enjoying two consecutive off days, Saturday and Sunday which my nice boss gives me every alternative days. Spent my time reading, blogging and watching a nice DvD movie. As Monday creeps in, it makes me damn lazy to work in office as I suffer the Monday blues. It always happens when I enjoy 2 consecutive off days and sometimes I would prefer to work on Sunday so that I don't suffer the office hangover. Guess, the time I reach office, I shall attack whatever tasks is there to fight the Monday hangover. Such typical morning, I always wake up with Fuck it's Monday!!!!!
Courage boy!Atta boy!!!Courage! I have reasons to be courageous and take heart as on Wednesday I shall be at home and singing altogether a new song to my blogdosts. It reminds me of some interesting posts which shall find its way here. For example, I wanna post something on Things to do before You Die!!! Yesterday, I almost started the post but at the risk of sounding boring, I chucked it out. I need to work it and meet the Self and think of things I wanna do. Log in on Wednesday for a super-duper, interesting post on blogspot, dear blog dosts. I must confess I've seen something on a the blog of a very famous, prolific writer and shall adapt it here with my own likes and dislikes. Ahhh! which reminds me that I need to comment on da blog of friends as well as interesting blogs in the making.
I shall survive the day.
Happy Monday



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Light my heart!O thy Beauty!
When puts your lofty feet on the ground, you spray the perfume of lifein an otherwise polluted Mumbai.
Your are the epitome of beauty and good vibes.
Is that love?
I nurtured feelings of positivity, the love lorn of a disturbed lover.
Yet!It's not love or is it?
Love with detachment.
You seems to be an enigma.
Like the butterfly spreading its nectar on the crest of seawaves,
your light scatters gems and honey on the polluted smoke.
Nazreen! Your name is almost poetic and belongs to the Almighty.
There is divinity in your voice,
You presence is divine magic.
Are you an angel who shrivels the moistures in the atmosphere?
You are everything a man can ask for yet are within reach of the ordinary mortals.
You are so complex yet so beautiful.
You personify the beauty of life.
Till love and longer never remain the same,
You cannot be love for it kills the beauty of life.

This poem is inspired from this very beautiful girl I met in Barista, CST Mumbai. I was struck by her beauty. No, I wasn't in love with Nazreen but was awestruck by her beauty. Almost, statuesque in appeal. One could call it a crush and perhaps more that. I worshipped her beauty.
Cheers, Nazu
Happy Friday

Kasakai Mumbai-part 1

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Mumbai..my city my life. A fantasy yet so complex like life. Life is full of complexities, isn't it? A city that never ceased to amaze me, its fast life, its people and the surprised thrust forward. I fell in love with the place the second time and since then, I became a Mumbaikar. We share a love-hate-love relationship. me and my Mumbai. At one shot, it's the most amazing place on earth, then city life gets too much on me and the need to break away from maximum city. Then, I start missing the place. Why God made you that way, Dear Mumbai.
Alas!No matter how much we complain that we are the soft target of terror, the lack of proper infrastructure or water logging problem, we love the city. The fact that we are a Mumbaikar makes us gloom. Sitting at Marine Drive and admiring the stillness of water and thinking over the meaning of life. The silence makes us realize how alone we are in the world but suddenly the wave reminds one is not alone. The city has such a big heart that it embraces everyone. We realize how fortunate we are to be in the city that never sleeps.
It's a nice that moves at an unparalled speed that one may feel that he or she may never catch this fast train. Well, some call it the spirit of Mumbai. A world of 2 extremes, a world in itself. At one minute, you are in Mulund, next in Andheri and the flick of seconds at Churchgate. That's why we are called the fastest city in India. Our resilience is lauded. The way we stand on our feet 24 hours after a blash shook our city. Are we a myth or the city has moulded us to become like that. Very complex question to perhaps an even bigger complex answer. Sometimes, an answer is not a means to an end. Our lives is not governed by rules.
No matter how much a localite will crib about his Mumbai, he will not stand shit against his city. Do that at your own risk. Screw you!!That's Mumbai for you, the city that never sleep. We are so used to the hardship yet we smile.
As a Mumbaikar we are proud. We are proud of our huge buildings, BEST buses, local trains, yellow and black cabs, proud of our stars and cricketeers..proud that Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar and Dhirubhai Ambani are Mumbaikars..we won't trade them for anything or any other city. Mumbai is our love. We just love the city for its intricacies..We love Leopold, the maddening crowd, the slums--it makes us content deep inside that Dhairavi is the biggest slum in the city.
We love our Mumbai. I love my Mumbai.
It's a city that has a soul.
Ruthless yet beautiful.
Artrogant but complex.
This is my Mumbai.
The greatest drama on earth.
If only you were human.
Were you a woman, I will never wake up.
We would embrace each other and sleep.
Love you maximum city.


...and the city gets back on track

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This is Mumbai. Maximum city, the city that never sleeps. A blast from the past is passé and Mumbaikars know that it isn't certainly the last. The people faced several terrorists attacks in the past and we have become resilient to terror attacks now. Some proudly call it, The spirit of Mumbai while most are fed up with these strong words coined by the media to describe Mumbai and it's people. It's just that we have come to terms with everything that happens in the city, blast, waterlogging and Shiv Sena ka natak. We are used to it and are plain fed up of the old songs hummed by politicians. Great ideas and no implementation to make the city secure. It's not resilience but rather a habit. We must travel by local trains, board the BEST buses and taxis, go to Gateway of India, work in SoBo or Andheri, have a beer at Leopold, Cafe Mondegar or Sports Express bar. Mumbaikars like any other resident of any city in India know how to survive and they must get out of the appartment.
It is also true that when we leave our houses in the morning and travel by local trains, we don't know how we will come back home..as a dead corpse or a life. We are forever grateful that we are still alive. Like Abhishek Bachchan told Priyanka Chopra in Bluffmaster, Juhu ke terrace par ya Lilavati mein. It perfectly suits Mumbai and its people. It is the grim reality everyone has come to terms with.

Mumbaikars have lost hope on politicians, netas, Congress-NCP cat fighting in Maharashtra and it showed on the day of the blast where our intelligence services have blatantly failed. The police, hospitals and the government of the state was not working. Everytime on the day of blast, phone lines are jammed and makes it difficult for Mantralaya and police to communication. Beware! I am not saying this but our dear CM, Prithiviraj Chavan has admitted it. Then, we have Congress poster boy, Amul baby face, Rahul Baba Gandhi who showed his I am different attitude with his irresponsible and insensitive statements when the whole of Mumbai was in shock on the day of blast, "We were able to prevent 99 per cent of the attacks."Oh! really Amethi boy!!!
Mumbai and the whole of India needs a citizen movement and Anna Hazare's movement shouldn't stop here. We want every citizen of Mumbai to be an Anna Hazare. We are just so tired of seeing everyone, standing as a candle vigil at Marine Drive, station or the Gateway of India. Perhaps, what happened in Egypt should happen here. Not to throw away the government, of course! We need answers why only 150 cops out of 45,000 have safety jackets, what happened to the money to strengthen our sea water, community policing in slums, the huge budget devoted to strengthen the city and its infrastructures. This cannot continue like that. They must be able to answer us and we have every right to hold them accountable for their acts. We must be able to give a warning to terrorists and the world..This is Mumbai, do not mess up with us.
I was not born in Mumbai. The day I came to the city I made this my home like millions of Mumbaikars not born and brought up in the city. I am a proud Mumbaikar and made the city my home. For the time being, I am not in the city and planning to make my return soon. In times of need, like a true and ever lasting friend Mumbai embraced me and no terror attack can and will deter me to be in the right place and for the right reasons. I witnessed several attacks and with immense pride I say that we can got back on foot the next day. Our life, the jam-packed locals is on its way early morning and the last one reaches the station at 1.40 a.m. Travellers, college goers, working people are on their toes and no matter how much we crib about the attack and the fact that we have no choice, the next day is just another day in the life of a Mumbaikar. This makes our strength, not resilience. Habit makes the city move yet we are forever on the edge.

There is no city like Mumbai.
Every year there is a terror attack on us.
We have become immune to such violence.
Some call it the spirit of Mumbai some call it our resilience in the face of danger.
Yet, the next we move and thrust on our feet as if nothing happened.
No one bare talks about it.
We are so used to terror.
Waise, there is nothing new in it.
For we know we know that it is not the last terrorist attack.
As we hums, aaye dil hai mushkil hai jeena yahan,zara hatke zara hatke
Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan.
Love you, Mumbai my amchi Mumbai


Terror strikes again

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I am going to be strictly short with this post. Yes! Another terror attack strike Mumbai, the financial capital city and once again, South Mumbai has been the soft target. For sure, this ain't be the last coz we have never learned our lessons. God knows when we will learn our lessons.
I am boiling inside, hurt. my ego and pride is hurt. I am proud of my city coz it boosts my ego as a Mumbaikar. I don't know whether I should be proud or not of maximum city and the spirit of Mumbai. We are fantastic people and yet we are urged to show our resilience coz people look up to us, The spirit of Mumbai. I have several questions to ask and shall do it tomorrow.
Just sharing a piece of information. Please people spread the information coz we don't know who will need the help.
Mumbai Blasts: Emergency Numbers: 022-22621855, 022-22621983, 022-22625020, 022-22641449, 022-22620111

Mumbai serial blasts: Hospital helplines: KEM (022-24136051), Nair (022-23085379), Harkishandas (23855555 / 30095555), Saifee (22 6757 0111)

Please Spread this Msg all across the wall! u may never know someone might find it useful....Take Care Mumbai...


Review of Murder: Grippiing, fast paced thriller

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Hey folks, this apppeared on the Monday issue of The Independent Daily. My second stint as a film critic. Me watched Mahesh Bhatt's Murder on Friday and filed the story on Sunday. Three and a half stars. So far, the feedback has been good and looking to share my take on Murder 2 with all of you.

Movie Review: Murder 2
Gripping, racy and fast paced thriller
Three and a half stars
Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Jacqueline Fernandez, Sulagna Panigrahi, Sudhanshu Pandey, Prashant Narayanan and Yana Gupta.
Director: Mohit Suri
There are lots of expectations when a sequel is made and Mohit Suri’s Murder 2 scores over the prequel. The month of July is mint for cine buffs as we witnessed the releases of two equally lovable, exciting movies, Bbudah Hogaa Tera Baap and Delhi Belly.Murder 2 ensures that the party is not over yet.
Set in Goa, Murder is the story of a former corrupt cop, Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) who serves the mafia and flesh trade lords, Priya (Jacqueline Fernandez) who is in love with Arjun, Reshma (Sulagna Panigrahi) a college girl turning to prostitution to support her life and Dheeraj ( Prashant Narayen) a psychotic killer.
The film starts with the murder of a call girl. Arjun is entrusted with the task to find out the real killer. As the drama unfolds itself, it takes off at break necking speed, keeping the viewer glued to its seat. One is anxious to know who is behind the gruesome murders as several girls disappear. The sequence of events, one after the other is heart pounding and director Mohit Suri does a fine job in maintaining the suspense and in keeping the surprise element alive.
The main aspect which makes a film work both at the critical and the audience level is the script. The story penned by Shagufta Rafique is crisp, brings the different characters alive on the silver screen. Kudos to her for writing such a beautiful script and making it work at every level. Director Suri proves once again his talent in manning the different characters with grey shades. Both Rafique and Suri combine their talent to make Murder 2 one of the most edgy, fast paced thrillers ever told in the history of Hindi cinema.  Emraan Hashmi proves his credibility as an actor and shows that he has been consistently improving films after films. He gives a wonderful performance in Murder 2. Jacqueline Fernandez is fine and exudes her oomph factor. Sulagna Panigrahi gives a notable performance. Murder 2 also marks the big come back of the villain on screen, something which has been missing for years. Prashant Narayen as Dheeraj essays the role played by the powerful Ashutosh Rane in Sangharsh and stole the show. His performance is one of the most beautiful performance as he hums,’bheege hont tere’. One just need to sit and watch him perform. He is frightening, scary and sick.
On the flip side, the second half drags a bit as Arjun keeps looking for Reshma and one wonders whether she will be found. It takes away the interest so successfully build up by Mohit Suri in the first half. However, it gets back on track soon after that. Some scenes appear to be absolutely unnecessary and could have been easily chopped off at the editing table. Wish the director could do away with the scene of the influential eunuch entering the police station to release Dheeraj.
It is a fast paced thriller, carries good editing and brilliant close up shots on Emraan, Jacqueline, Prashant and Sulagana ensures that it carries repeat value. In Murder, Suri takes the bold scenes to an extreme level. A word of caution: do not bring your kids along as Murder 2 contains several bold, erotic and some violent scenes. On the whole, Bhatt’s Murder should not be missed for its powerful script, astounding performances and skillful direction. 


Friendship is what matters

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Don't they say that if you make one friend in a year your blessed for. I can safely say that I'm more blessed since I don't have just one such friend but a few of them. I know that I can count and rely on them at any time. They are my support system and strength and I know that till they are here, I can do any thing, surmount any form of unsurmountable and uphill task. They give me such confidence.
One such friend called me on Tuesday night after I reached home from office. The last time we spoke was six months back when I called him in Pune. Sometimes, few words suffice to describe how much you are loved and you hold a special place in your friend's heart. This is, I believe is the biggest achievement, that people hold you in their hearts.
He enquired about my life and told me how proud everyone is in Pune that I am working as a sub editor. He was like, we often speak about you in Pune and we miss you a lot. If you want anything, let me know. It gave me such a high, not before he said,long time I haven't heard your voice. Thanx bro, I'm happy that you did called and heard my voice. You don't know how much it means to me, Kok's. 
My friends have always been an intrinsic part of my life and they will always be. Friendship is to be treasured and groomed throughout the years. Blessed are the friendship who grow over the years and not only stand the test of time but conquer it as well.
Happy Monday


Review of BHTP: The Bachchan magic stays forever

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Hey folks, I watched Buddha Hogaa Tere Baap and my first reaction was, Amitabh Bachchan is not called the one man industry, the Baap of Acting and Entertainment for nothing. Make no mistake, the sole purpose of Puri Jagganadh film is entertainment all the way and a moving tribute to Bachchan's persona, charisma and acting abilities. Bachchan is the best and no one comes close to him.
Buddha Hoga..is about Amitabh Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan. It is a tribute to his movies of 70s and 80s when he emerged on the silver screen, it was an experience to die for. I salute his indomitable spirit, passion and zeal for his craft and not only you feel he is Bbuddha in the film. He gives the young actors a run for their money and they don't comes an inch to him as far as acting, style and entertainment is concerned.
With BHTB, the fast lanes of 70s, 80s and 90s is revisited by the man who gave hits after hits at the box office. He roared like a tiger, bash the villains, romances his lady loves and shines in his emotional scenes with Hema Malini. Bachchan communicates with his eyes and he doesn't need to utter a single word in the movie. The Bachchan mania continues. Hema Malini is too beautiful an perfect while Sonu Sood, Sonal Chauhan, Prakash Raj and Makrand Deshpande does a good job. Raveena Tandon is okay.
Music directors Vishal-Shekhar gave a soul foul music and pays tribute to Bachchan in his medley of songs. The best part is the direction of Puri Jagannadh who keeps the audience glued to their seats as the Bachchan mania is revisited. A fitting tribute to Big B as his magic emerges stronger. BHTP is a film which will remain with u for ever. To be watched over and over.


BBudah Hoga Tera Baap all over the place

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Bachchan fans..the wait is finally over..Bbudah Hoga Tera Baap released today all over..Brace yourselves and get set to book your tickets at cinema theatre next to you. I have grown up on Amitabh Bachchan films and frankly, I can wait to watch my childhood hero, Amitabh Bachchan, I'm already getting jitters.
I always wanted to see Amitabh Bachchan in the successful part he played in the 70s and 80s, be it Sholay, Zanjeer, Deewar or Agneepath. Finally, the wait is over as Bachchan set the stage ablaze with a performance which I believe will be remembered for a very long time. A treat to all his fans the world over. Bachchan comes to rock your city. AB is a legend, an institution of acting and words fail to describe the persona, the legend. 
What is admirable is the way he performed all the stunts at the age of 69. A Star who can wreck havoc, brought the nation to a stall. Once Vikram Bhatt said, AB is a national treasure. This time director Puri Jagganadh pays homage to a one man industry,a man who took the nation by storm and who continues to do through his sheer power of acting, dedication to his work and humility. He is Amitabh Bachchan, after all? Is there anything that should shock us about him? He's got the power and everything his touches turns into gold. Amitabh Bachchan, the man with the midas touch. An Amitabh Bachchan movie is an education and I think Bbudah perfectly gives tribute to his career which spans over more than 3 decades and brings the angry young man image to the forefront.
As a child, I remember how Dad would take me to watch Bachchan bashing the villains as I watched with awe and inspiration. In our family, watching Bachchan on screen was no less than an outing. I look forward to Bbudah Hogah Tera Baap and I'm sure that it will rock and shook the nation. It's gonna be a super duper hit.
Amitabh Bachchan rocks