Z for Zonked out

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Blogging from A to Z April Challenge
The old man wore a tired look and was drained of energy, plodding his feet among dead in the town lying in debris. He was deprived of sleep for days. He braved the rain and courageously exerted his naked feet soaked in the dust which once stood tall in the city frequented by hordes of locals and tourists, alike. Thousands fled the city and running for their life but nothing deterred the 85-year-old man, searching for his wife, two daughters, son and daughter-in-law buried under the shard of cement.
The man looked like a moving cadaver with his reddish eyes and battered soul, climbed the hilly slope. After all, the earthquake has destroyed his entire existence revolving around his family and shed a tear or two on the state of his country which is in ruin. Undeterred, he refused to gulp a single drop of water and forcefully helped the army men to remove bricks to unearth bodies of innocent men and women on his way. He always believed in the goodness of life and humanity. It's not today when he lost everything that he will put his values at stake.
He continued his journey against the advice of volunteers, police and army to take a rest inside the camp. 'It's my fight. It's my cross that I will carry till death and I shall never abandon my destination till my last breath.' They were speechless and admired his courage.
He stumbled upon few dead bodies and felt dizzy before he zonked out on the ground. Few rescue workers saw him and called for the medical emergency group, who checked his pulses and administered an injection. They thought that the old man who zonked out will never make it up and that he must have died. Miraculously, he became conscious after eight hours and looked feeble. He made an excruciating effort to wake up and his eyes stumbled on the bodies lying on the ground. The old man recognized them. It was his near and dear ones. Tears welled his cheek. He was pained and relieved at the same time, couldn't comprehend what was happening to his frail body. They were his wife, two daughters, son and daughter-in-law who collapsed to death when his house crumbled. He couldn't recognize his own house. His voice choked with emotions,"It's my family." The volunteers helped him bend down while he ran his wobbly hand, caressing their faces. It was his last journey.
The old man lied by their side and was adamant despite the people tried to lift him, away from the scene. He closed his eyes, thinking, "At this age, I have to see all this. Perhaps, it's my destiny. Life can be very unpredictable."
It was matter of few minutes before he zonked out for ever and his soul left his body. The buried him along with his family members.

NOTE: On another day, I would have grown jubilant for surviving the challenge and making it on the last day. Unfortunately, I am not feeling happy writing this fiction tale where so many people in Nepal died in the devastating earthquake. It has destroyed humanity who lost friends and family. In a way, the post is dedicated to the people who lost their lives in Nepal. I pray for the country and the people who lost everything. Hope such tragedy never happens to anyone ever. Though the theme is romance short stories, I choose to finish it with Z for Zonked out, in respect to the people who are struck by the tragedy.

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Y for Yes! I am in Love

This post Y-Yes! I am in Love is written on Day 25 as part of 'Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015) for http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

There are always a second chance in life.  Don't ever shy away from falling in love again. This catch phrase didn't make sense to me one year back when we broke up and coming from the ex, it added salt to injury. I wouldn't believe it till I met Nikita at Juhu Chowpatty.
It started off in a casual manner, holding hands and walking by the sea waves that pulled our hair in different direction, cuddling and stealing kisses. It was fun, sneaking out during the night to go on long drives, whooshing past the cops at Bandra in the wee hours and dashing to sit on the rocks, watching the sea waves crash. We love sitting on the rocks, holding each other tight and enveloped in intimacy, stroking her breast and she caressing my face and lip. It was a beautiful feeling. We would smooch till the early morning and I would zoom, breaking traffic signal to drop her to the apartment at Lokhandwala at 6.am. She would climb over the balcony and change into her pyjama pretending to sleep.
We would spend our nights exchanging sms-es, phone calls waking up each other in the morning and in no time, we became dependent and whispering sweet nothings. Perhaps, it was the season to fall in love and no matter how hard we tried to ward it off, the virus has already broken our immunity in matters of the heart. We mutually decided to enjoy the moments and exceed the limit of intimacy, exploring zones no one would ever dare. But, love, no way!!! After all, Nikita was nursing a break-up that blew her top and I was yet to recover from my disappointment of an intense love that went awry.
"MBA! Walli," I teased her about her post-grad she is doing at S.P Jain Institute, reminding how those B-Schools only teach how to make money and indulging in white collar crime. Nikita retorted, "What about you? Theater student who does nothing except putting an act to fool idiots who spend time clapping hands."
We were sitting at Bandra station and I did an act that left both of us speechless. I grabbed her hand, "So, you don't love your natak wala, my baby," I bend and kissed her. She was flustered and avoided my gaze, "I don't know. It's weird. We promised not to fall in love but things have gone beyond our control.
It's happening to both of us. We can't stop it. Away from each other, we longed for each other's presence, touch and voice. I couldn't comprehend what was happening to us. I resisted the feeling in the start with tears, telling to the soul, "What's wrong with me? It cannot be happening in real. After all, I vowed not to fall in love and why this irresistible urge." The bells are tinkling in my heart and find myself humming mushy songs, smiling for no reason and being nice to everyone."
Finally, it happened. Yes! I am in love. I wrote poems for Nikita since the past day.
Today, she skipped her Finance lectures to sit with me at Marine Drive, S, holding my arms and resting her head on my shoulder, admiring the sea waves slapping us hard on our faces. "Is it the sign of love?", I ask.
She smiles,"Yes! I am in love, too. Let's fall in love since we can never know what's in store for us tomorrow." We embrace each other.


X for X-ray of love

This post is written on Day 24 as part of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015) on http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

Dear heart,

I lie on thy bed to wait for my X-Ray. Surprised! Have thy stopped beating in utter confusion? Yah! Yah! Stop cursing me. I am ranting on you and not on 'her' the heart-breaker. You get the drift, right, how emotions of the heart is fickle. It's an X-ray right, nursing the you. See! You are the victim. In fact, both of us are.
Together, we need to pick up the broken pieces lying in a comatose state. You see heart, it's a matter of life and death. I am the body and you are the heart. We cannot survive without each other. We are one. We've been breathless for days and nights. Let's bring our frequency level together and add zing to our oxygen which is lost. It's not just my break-up. Don't you come and say that the heart lies somewhere else and the breaking part is with me! She broke us into separate parts which are lying in some dark corner.
You see, the X-Ray of love and break up need to be assessed to weigh the casualty we suffered together. She has taken you, the heart and me, the soul and we are suffering from the pang of tiredness, disappointment and sleepless nights. 
You don't wanna pay heed to the heart and yet you are torn and worn. I need to survive on love. Why are you so stubborn, dear heart? It's not a threat but let me be ruthless to you: Should I replace you with a new heart which is alive and kicking? Now, stop crying. Will you? You are whining and so adamant. You are getting jealous, I know. It's the truth, we cannot survive without each other. First things first, let's pick up the broken thread and put them together. It's the best way out to make us one, not-so-perfect and flawless. It's tearing and I know, we may not always be the way we were. Both of us loved her and she placated us. She was ruthless but we will not be like her. Let her go and wish that a new heart that will love her the way she is.
The only way to treat our heart pain is to seek and find love, which we will. It's all about the attitude. Nah! We shall never forget her and the beautiful moments spent together. Why sink in her thoughts? She doesn't exist anymore for us. Let her be in her world. 
X-ray of love is simple, na. Doctors tell us it lies in our positive attitude and see we've started to dance. They will be shocked to see you heart, dancing and performing a jig to the sound of love and life. It took us years to get out of the shock and get up again. We shall be knocked again in love yet we will remain inseparable and get our mojo back. Who says two hearts are needed? You are the only one, heart and no one can replace you.
Heart! O! Heart! Let's hug and party. See, look at this girl. She is so beautiful with her long hair, looking darn sexy in blue jeans and white shirt flitting through books. Let's go and woo her. Jaldi (Fast)! Before an innocent heart takes her away. I think she is the one and we gonna win over her.

With Love


W for Waiting for her love

The post. W for Waiting for her love as part of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015) on http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

W for Waiting for her love

It was in 1947.  Sakina covered her head with the red scarf, walking past the green field to fill the earthen pot with water when she fell in love with the handsome Parminder. Dressed in white Kurta and Pagdi, Parminder rushed towards Sakina to take the water in the huge earthen pot and put on his head, relieving her of the burden. Soon, it became a routine for both of them and  was the perfect excuse to meet where Parminder would hold Sakina by her waist. It was the cold January when their love blossomed. For them, religion didn't matter for love is blind.
They sneaked during the wee hour in the morning and made love in the green field as Sakina untied her blouse and Parminder unlaced his Kurta. Their love was symbol of purity and flowered over the months. But, it was not meant to be.
It was August 1947 when Muhammad Ali Jinah wanted a separate country Pakistan for Muslims and Lord Louis Mountabatten declared the date for India to be partitioned into two countries. One was India and the other one would be called Pakistan. Parminder and Sakina were separated from each other, where the latter was forced the board the train to Pakistan. Parminder watched helplessly when he saw his beloved sitting inside the train by the window, chugging slowly and he run at frenetic pace, his hand holding on the moving train and was thrust on the track as the train whooshed past the railway track. He promised Sakina that he would soon come and take her back to India.
Sakina was pregnant and waited for him in her new country. Soon, it became days, nights, week, months and years. But, Parminder never came to Pakistan. She delivered a baby boy whom she called Parmi, after his father. Sakina was convinced that Parminder has left her in the lurch and married his new bride in the village of Punjab, forgetting the woman who loved him to death and his son. But, Sakina never stopped loving Parminder and would spent the whole day waiting at the railway station. Parmi soon grow up into a handsome young man, the xerox copy of his father. It's been 18 years since the lovelorn Sakina was waiting for her love at the railway station in Peshawar. Parmi was convinced that his mother has turned into a lunatic waiting for an inexistent man who never cared for both of them. He hated his father.
The young man was worried to see the state of his mother, growing from a young and beautiful woman who selflessly loved her son to turn into a disappointed, wrinkled face woman who aged faster. He searched for his father, traveled to India, walked miles in the village but nobody knew the where-about of Parminder. He came back to Pakistan defeated and inquired with railway authorities but nobody could check that someone called Parminder crossed the border.
When Parmi reached the railway station, he saw from far his mother's body freezing to death and lying by the side of the track. Sakina never grew tired during all the years waiting for the love of her life and finally abandoned her undying fight to wait for Parminder.
It was exactly one month after being separated from Sakina in September 1947 that Parminder took the train from Punjab to Pakistan. He was excited to be re-united with his love and see the birth of his new born son and while crossing the railways track,  Parminder was hit by a fast moving train that crushed him to death. In his last moment, Parminder feebly called her name, 'Sakina'.

The post is inspired by a real love story that someone narrated to me and took place in India and Pakistan. I changed the setting and injected my own interpretation to the story. Hope you like it. Never lose the faith in love.

With Love


V for Vilified

This post V for Vilified love is written on Day 22 as part of the Blogging from April A to Z April Challenge (2015). For more, check the link:

News traveled fast in the obscure village that superstar Ravi Kumar was shooting for his next film in the creepy bungalow, haunted by dead souls and ghosts. The bungalow, 'Bhoot Bangla', dreaded by locals who avoid walking past the dark gate since many of them felt a chill down their spine. Tales of young children disappearing and lost forever, humans freezing to death and lying inside the bungalow are famous in the village
It was no ordinary day when the dark blue BMW of Hindi film superstar Ravi Kumar drove in front of the gate and the locals forgot their fear to catch a glimpse of their hero. The car drove in front of the bungalow and at the sight of the drone-like crowd, Ravi Kumar didn't want to pass through the gate and signaled his driver to take the back entrance.
He got out of the car in a jiffy and jumped straight into his vanity van for the make up and got ready for the shot. The actor scampered inside the bungalow where the cameras zoomed, lights checked and decorations that give the scene the set up of a re-incarnation drama. The director handed Ravi Kumar the script to mouth his line and said, "Sir! Repetition! One, two, three. Ok sir. Shot ready."
"Ready," Ravi Kumar nodded.
Lights! Camera! Action! Take 1. Rolling camera
The camera rolled. Ravi Kumar hands perched in his pocket, wore an expression of disappointment and shouted in a dramatic manner, "Don't leave me and go. I waited for the day and can't live without you, Roshni."
"Cut," The director shouted and gently reminded Ravi Kumar,"Sir! Character's name is not Roshni but Sukanya. You ok, sir." Ravi Kumar felt dizzy. The director knew something was wrong and patted the superstar on his back, "Sir, things don't seem to be right. It's ok. We will do it again tomorrow."
Pack up! The director shouted and urged the crew to leave the set and move away. The superstar was standing alone in the bungalow amid the lights, camera and film equipment.
Ravi Kumar lit a cigarette, his back perched to the film crane when he heard the song, 'Jeet Lenge Baazi Hum Tum Khel Adhura Chute Na, Pyar Ka Bandhan Jaanam Ka Bandhan Chute Na' playing from a distance. It brought back images of Roshni in their small village where they grew up together. and fell in love. How their love was vilified by the uneducated village folks! He was still a struggler in what was called, 'Bombay' at that time when he came back to his village to meet Roshni and both sneaked near the paddy field and the lake. Ravi Kumar held her her hand, "I have come to take you with me to Bombay, Roshni."
Roshni turned around, "No! Ravi. Your dream matters the most. I will wait for the day when you will become the greatest superstar in the country. I can wait for you, my love and don't want you to be distracted.'"
He held Roshni hands, caressed her lip and they kissed passionately. A villager who walked past them saw the lovers kissing and raised a hue-and-cry that alerted the whole village. Ravi and Roshni were brought in front of the village Panchayat who told that the girl has brought disgrace not only to her family, caste but whole village and lost her honor. Ravi would be banned for defaming the village and Roshni would not be allowed to step out of the village for she is a sinner that would pollute the minds of the pure girls in the village.
The next day, before going back to 'Bombay', Ravi wanted to meet Roshni but she refused and told him to forget her. He was heart broken but knew deep inside that Roshni has sacrificed her love for his dreams. The phone rang and superstar Ravi Kumar was shaken up from the vision and told himself, "I must go and find Roshni."
He was getting ready to go back to the village when the director knocked and came inside the vanity van, "Sir, a new girl is here and we have taken her as the Assistant Director."
Superstar Ravi Kumar washed his face and turned around when he saw a tall girl, dressed in blue denim and colorful Kurta, sporting long black hair. He felt a jolt in his heart and jumped on his feet when he saw Roshni who was equally shocked to see her lover. They couldn't speak for a minute and hugged each other, Roshni recovered her voice and kissed him on his forehead and face, "I always knew I'd find you someday, Ravi. I told you that one day you will become a superstar."

They hugged each tightly, embracing and tasting the nectar on each other lips' passionately. "Roshni my love, today no villager will stop us and we will kiss like there is no tomorrow." They walked together, holding each other tight in front of the huge crowd which Ravi Kumar's security had a hard time, keeping away from the couple. They entered the BMW that whooshed away from 'Bhoot Bangla' as music played in the car, "Jeetenge Baazi Hum Tum Pyar ka Bandhan, Jaanam ka Bandhan Chute Na."

PS: Today's post is inspired by my love for films, film sets and romance set against the backdrop of this beautiful song from Shola aur Shabnam. The story is a small tribute to this beautiful song from the Dharmendra-starrer and of course, to our movies. I hope that I've done justice to the post.

Love. Keep the faith


U for Umbrella

This post is written on Day 21, Letetr U for Umbrella as part of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015). Please check the below link:


Rohan waited for Pia in the busy and crowded street bordering at the market, frequented by the huge crowd on Sunday afternoon. He felt his pulses racing and anxiety pang that made his heart beat at  thunderous pace. Suddenly, it started pouring heavily and black umbrellas altered the identity of the city, mushrooming in every nook-and-corner,
He felt some strange feeling at the sight of black umbrella, braced open to brave the thunder and heavy rain. An adrenaline rush sprang through his body and he suddenly felt dizzy. He was transported in a world of illusion where murderers are racing towards him, hitting with the black umbrellas, piercing his chest, vital organs and private part. What's happening to him?' he wondered. Rohan was determined to fight the black umbrellas who feasted on his body and sucking blood. The demons in the garb of the black umbrellas slowly ravaged the towering buildings, bring them down and mayhem struck the city.
He was powerless, wondering whether they would spare Pia. He must save her from the clutches of the black umbrellas who were ruthlessly attacking everyone in the city.
It was the biggest Black Umbrellas attack, the Times of India reported and the army was emasculated losing men and women in the battle that hijacked the city. Rohan has been lying for days on the mud, starving to death and the ruthless black umbrellas devoured his skin, body and soul. He collapsed and lost all his senses but the image of Pia remained stuck in his mind. 
Rohan woke up in the hospital and saw the blurred image of Pia, holding his hand. He freaked out and yelled, "It's the black umbrella. She is holding the black umbrella in her hand and will not spare me. Help! Help!, he yelled. "This woman is not going to spare my life. The city is destroyed. She is a terrorist who killed people with the black umbrella. I am lifeless and the black umbrella pierced through my genital, chest and skull," he cried in desperation
Pia was shocked and turned to the doctors who were clueless. They gave him an injection and tied his hands and legs, with the rope on the bed at Bombay Hospital. Rohan struggled, throwing invectives before collapsing. Pia leftt the hospital room in tears.
Few month later, Rohan was released from the hospital and taken to Pia's home. Illusion wrecked his life and he made vision of killing Pia, sexually assaulting her. He was fighting a lonely battle and was destroying his own soul. He had vision of slapping and assaulting his mother and sister. An inner voice stroke his soul, telling, 'Rohan, you are good soul. You are not a criminal. Take control of your life. It's just cluttering of thoughts rocking your life. Speak to someone.' He felt guilty of negative vibe destroying him and finally opened up to Pia. He was in tears, 'Pia! Take me to mental hospital. I am becoming mad and thoughts keep torturing me that I am assaulting you.' Pia held his hand, "Baby! You are a good human being and you cannot even kill a fly. I will never take you to the mental hospital. Together, we will win and I will make you triumph over negative thoughts. It's not you but unwanted thoughts. Tell yourself and the demons: Let the thoughts come in but you shall not possess my soul. I will not resist. I am sure together we will win my love," she tenderly kissed his forehead.
Pia held Rohan's hands, guiding him towards light and showing him the path with love, care and affection. She never lost patience with Rohan, taking good care of him during the low moments of life. Finally, their love triumphed and today Rohan is on his way to recovery. The unwanted thoughts often cross his mind but he firmly believes that he doesn't want to harm anyone and this too shall pass. He is no longer afraid of the 'Black Umbrella' or any 'umbrella.'


Train story

This post is written as part of Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2015) on Day 20 for letter T-Train story. Follow the link for more:


Day 1- 6 .am:

Rahul boarded the crowded local train at Vile Parle and wore a dazzled look with groggy eyes. He yawned and struggled to close his eyes, remembered the sleepless night at the airport when he accompanied Kajal to the station. They parted ways. A last attempt to coax her to stay in the city was mercilessly turned down. "No! Rahul. This relationship is suffocating me. You traveled with me all the way to the airport and it's pointless to mend things. It's over." she ruthlessly placated him. As the train whooshed away from the railway station, he struggled to stand among the horde of human sweat, his tiny body squeezed as he held on to the strap-hanger.
The motley crowd got down at Bandra station and he saw a tiny little girl, dusting off the unoccupied seat with her ragged skirt. The innocent child spoke in a tender and innocent voice, "Sit down, Seth (Sir). It's for you. You tired!" He sat down and offered her two rupees. She gave him an innocent smile, before moving her tiny feet faraway, sung loudly, hitting the decibel level and losing the voice to attempt a Himesh Reshamiya again, "Jhalak Diklaja." Rahul smiled to himself, sought happiness in the joy of the child to conceal his disappointment. The child disappeared among the crowd as the train reached Churchgate station.

Day 2-7 p.m:
A strange camaraderie developed between Rahul and the nameless girl in the train where they often crossed each other's path. She was always busy opening the palm of her hand to passengers, asking a rupee but always turned to greet Rahul sitting and flapping open the morning newspaper.Not one word transpired between them and Rahul slipped a ten-rupee note in her hand. He asked, what's your name.' She scratched her dusty and ragged hair shyly, 'I don't know. They never told me.' 'Friends'? Rahul asked. She perched her head t the train ceiling. 'Seth, you are nice and always gives bakshish. You are not like others. I like you. Can I call you, Bhaiya?' she hesitatingly asked.
Of course, you can, Rahul cheerfully patted her back.

It's been six months that Rahul saw his young friend, singing on the top of her voice inside the locals during the day. He longed to see his small sister and wondered on the fate of small children, homeless in maximum city and often starved of hunger. Every morning, he would carry banana and vada pav in his back pack, looking for her which she would willfully grabbed with a smile. He would run past Rahul's seat and waved to him. Small snippets of conversation where the child would tell Rahul how she longed to see him and she slept on the pavement for hours at Marine Drive. She avoided the gaze of the ruthless lady who slapped her if she dozed off because money will slip out of the hand. Rahul felt powerless, wondered how he cannot do anything for her. He cursed his destiny of being a student and promised to himself that one day he would free her from the clutches of the ruthless lady and get her admitted to a good school. He is amazed how a child, despite the hardships of life, braved every storm in life.
One day, Rahul wanted to surprise his young friend with a Mac Do meal, pastry and chocolate which he bought and carefully slide in his bag. It was noon when he boarded the train but the homeless child couldn't be spotted anywhere. He was almost on the verge of tears but unwilling to let go of the angelic child. He boarded several trains during the day undeterred but there was no sign of the child. During his train journeys, he looked around outside the window as the train whooshed past the city and railway station. But there was no sign of her. With time, the memory of the child faded away and Rahul graduated from college and joined a music label company.
One day, he walked out of the studio and took the bus to Colaba and got down near the municipal school. He walked past the hurly-burly children, dashing out of the school in grey uniform when he heard footsteps dashing past him. A tiny shadow grabbed his hand and shouted in excitement, "Rahul bhaiya."
Rahul couldn't believe his eyes. It was his young friend. Her hair neat combed and she stood with proud smile, wearing her school uniform. "My name is Komal. School wali Didi gave me this name. I like my school, I like my teachers but I missed you." Tears rolled down Rahul eyes and he hugged  Komal, "Where you suddenly disappeared," he asked.
She tells how one evening they were beaten on the street by one ruthless woman who was in charge of the street kids when one Didi came to their rescue, accompanied by the police. The gang was dismantled. From a being a homeless child, Komal now has a home and stays with Didi (sister) who is a banker. Komal calls her 'Sapna Didi' who was standing to the wall folded her arms and looked at them with compassion. She walks towards Rahul and Komal, shaking the hands of the former, "Komal told me everything about you. I am impressed. After all, the world is not such a bad place to live. Rahul tells, "Let's head straight to Mc Do. I owe it to Komal." They walked together, enjoying a sumptuous meal with Komal not leaving the sight of Rahul, telling him everything about her school life and friends. Komal suddenly felt sad,"I don't want anyone of you to leave me. You are my everything, Rahul Bhaiya and Sapna Didi. Why don't both of you get married so that all three of us can stay together?"
Rahul and Sapna became silent and blushed before hugging Komal. The three of them laughed together, holding each other's hands tight and hugged.


Letter S for Straight Talk

This post S for Straight Talk is written on Day 19 for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015) on http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

She: Don't beat around the bush with this touchy-touchy gestures. Last time, you invited me for coffee and you held my hand under some stupid pretense.
He: Sorry, yaar. I held your hand by mistake.
She: I am not dumb. I hate this cuddly cuddly thing. Say what you want!
HE: What are you talking about?
She: I prefer Straight Talk. Spell it out, what do you want? We hardly know each other and both of us are single.
He went blank and speechless.
She: Are you interested in me? If yes, go ahead and spell it out. I am game for a harmless fling and passionate smooch.
He was getting embarrassed, wondering how she read his mind. The cafe were teeming with young lovers and music blasting, piercing ears. He almost stammered, trying to pick himself up.
He: I mean...I like...I mean, I love you.
She: Hey dude! Chill! I am waiting.
He: Ok. I like you. I mean, I don't love you.
She: As if I love you. It's just that you faking it, trying to make me believe that you are in love with me. Guys will be guys. They can't even get things straight. I am not going to eat you raw, I mean I can.
She winked telling, it's a platonic relationship and there shouldn't be any hope.
She: Let's enjoy the moments together and make it sensual.
He: Is it a yes?
She: You haven't proposed properly.
He finally took a deep breath.
He: It's true that we've barely met. I wanna enjoy the moments of togetherness. I didn't want to look like a weirdo. You right. It's better that we have a straight talk and take it from there. You are hot and sexy. But, that's not the only reason that I am attracted to you. You have a beautiful heart and wanna make moments with you. I want to laugh and cry with you. I wanna kiss and make love to you. Let me get this straight now, you are the most beautiful woman I can see right now. I will make you the most special woman, princess!
She broke into a laugh and pinched his cheek, "Cho Chweet." She pretends to be in deep thinking mode and confused at his proposal, "Actually, let me think how you good you are as a lover. Nothing can be trusted nowadays.."
He started getting tensed when she yelled and laughed like a mad woman. "It's a yes. What do a guy do when a girl say yes to him. Should I teach you?" she teased.
She jumped straight into his arms, making the first step and pushed her lips towards his. They kissed passionately in public glare.


R for Roses

This post is written on Day 18 for letter R, Roses as part of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015) on http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

I take a deep breath, gently stroking the beautiful roses neatly arranged on the shop bordering the pavement. I take a deep breath as the perfume run down my nostril. Beautiful red roses. It echoes love and romance. I sink my hand inside my pocket. Not a rupee. No rose for a poor man. It's just 5 bucks and can't find the money to buy the red rose. She is sitting inside the coffee shop, busy on the phone and an angelic smile adding spark on her face. It;s my last chance and she would be gone forever.
I want to buy a single piece of the red rose, neatly arranged on the table in the shop on the pavement. "Bhaiya," I ask. "How much you sell in a day?", trying to distract his attention. I want to steal one rose and dash across the cafe.
He snugs me and replies rudely, "Why do you ask? You've been standing here for the past one hour, holding the roses and bringing them close to your nose. You are distracting my customers. Please go away. I am a poor man. I have a wretched life, gotta feed three children and the new born baby. Roses are the reason for my living."
I make an effort to sympathize with the old man, dressed in trousers and crumpled white shirt. I cursed myself, 'I was conspiring to rob the poor man of his living.' I was about to commit a big sin. I uttered a timid sorry and walk down the road.
I stand like a homeless in front of the cafe, gaze fixed on the beautiful girl playing with her hair and head decked on her cellphone. It's the last chance and not happening. I move away and lit the only fag remaining inside the back pocket. Forget it! I tell myself and plodded my tiring feet, away from the bustling road when I felt a tiny, scrawny hand on my shirt. "Bhaiya! she calls,! I turned around to see a little girl, tired and breathing profusely as she put two red rose in my hand. I bend on my feet and gently ask, "Is it for me?" What's your age?"
She smiles and her tired eyes filled with optimism tells, "It's my Baba's shop. He sells flowers. I saw you holding our red roses and eyeing madam sitting in the cafe. Sorry, Baba was rude to you. We are poor people and Baba is very tired. You see he is angry. But, I sneaked the roses for you."
"Friends," she asked.
Tears rolled down my cheek. I hugged my young friend for her kindness. "I need to run towards the shop or else Baba will look for us. We must go to the hospital to see Mom and our baby."
I saw my little friend running on her tiny, naked feet. "Oye!" someone calls for me. The girl inside the cafe tells, "Thanks for the rose and the card saying 'Friends," she smiles. She shook my hand. I tell her about my little friend. In the evening, we take a walk to the flower shop and gently place one rose which we bought with a note, "Stay blessed. Congratulations for the baby." My young friend smiles to me and waves cheerfully every time I see her. Once I brought chocolates for her which she grabbed with both hands, "Thank you, sweet Bhaiya."


Q for Queen of Hearts

This post Q for Queen of Hearts' is written as part of 'Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2015)' on Day 17. Find below link for more: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

They were madly in love with each other. Like any love lorn adolescents, they were hell bent to rebel against their parents to make their love triumph. Both were 18-year-old lovers who met and fall in love over coffee in college, holding hands and kissing inside the dark theaters. She was his 'Queen of Heart'. Till, the day they decided to take the plunge and face their parents.
Romi faced her conservative parents who confined her in locked room for days and threatened to take her out from college. She refused to take food and water till her parents agreed to the match. They were adamant that she is too young to get married. She persisted, "I love him and decided to marry him. We could have eloped but we didn't want to break the trust of our parents." It was a long six months fight, Romi and Dharmendra had with their parents, often taking ugly turns and shouting at each other." Finally, the parents relented not without telling their children, "Both of you are fighting with us to get married despite that you haven't made your career or earning to be independent. If something goes wrong in your marriage, don't blame us since we are not willing to take this responsibility."
Dharmendra and Romi married at the age of 19. They were facing tough times and grew tired of seeking financial help from their parents who willfully helped their children. After some time crack started to develop in their marital life with occasional tiff and turning their backs on each other. It was time to take a decision on their future. One day, Dharmendra came home and joined his young wife inside the kitchen, "Romi, my love. We need to talk. We fought with our parents to get married but things are not really falling in place."
Romi was shocked when Dharmendra called for discussion. "I know, yaar. Perhaps, we should have waited for a little longer to get married. Dharmendra listened to his wife's arguments and told her that he has arrived at a decision. It is something that Romi feared and couldn't bear to be separated from her husband. She could hear the words told by their parents still ringing in hear ears.
Dharmendra said, "It's the best thing for us. It will be painful in the start but towards the end, we will sail through. Romi, I have decided to drop from college to work so that I can support your education."
At first, Romi protested vehemently and reasoned with her husband that it's no solution to jeopardize his career but the latter already made up his mind. Today, Romi is a doctor and after she completing her MBBS, Dharmendra took up business management and pursued MBA, supported by his wife's comfortable salary.
Romi and Dharmendra have two children and every Sunday, they make up time by treating them for ice-cream before driving to the beach. They sit on the grass, admiring the kids prancing around. Romi bends her head on Dharmendra's chest, "It's an incredible ten-year journey. When we fought our parents, they didn't believe we would have made it.
Dharmendra gently held her hand, "I always trusted my love. You were my lucky charm and. after all, you are the Queen of Hearts."


Pen love

This post P for Pen Love is written on Day 16 as part of Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2015). Click here to know more:

She: Do you think we will ever meet in life? It's been three years that we are pen friends. I wonder whether the term 'Pen love' exist!
He: It's a beautiful relationship we have....
SHE: I agree...two souls connecting with each other. The pen is a mighty sword yet a faithful lover. Just imagine we have never seen each other.
HE: How long my letters takes to reach you?
SHE: I dunno! How does it matter? As long as our souls cross the seas and oceans to reach each other. 
HE: Don't you think that we should meet this year? It's been three years.
SHE: Patience, my love. Everything will fall in place. One thing I want to be frank, stop sending me super expensive gifts and save the money for rainy days. I am a simple girl who comes from a super rich family who never miss an occasion to show how much money they have. I travel by expensive cars but hate it. I love the freedom of riding a bike, admiring the scenery, dancing in the rain and playing with street children. I am dying to move away from my show-off family in Lahore, free from inquisitive relatives who swears by the perfume of wealth. How I hate it!
SHE: Next year, I am moving to US for my Masters in performing arts and am so excited and glad that I won't come back home to have my marriage fixed with an idiot.
HE: So, you plan to forget me? 
SHE: You mad!! How can I? I love you. We should not raise doubts. I am sure you can try and plan it out to meet me in US next year. 
HE: Do you think they will agree to our love? I am a Hindu in India and you are a Muslim Pakistani.
SHE: Why are you so much bothered in breaking your neck to convince them? They will never-both my parents and yours-agree. For them, religion and ego is everything. They don't know the power of love. Hatred will beget hatred. It's our lives and we didn't seek their permission to fall in love. 
SHE: Listen! Let's set a date to speak to each other on phone. Let's make it special.
HE: Your birthday, on June 1?
SHE: Nah! boring. Birthdays are cliche.
HE: Wait, August 14, your Independence Day or on August 15, my Independence day.
SHE: It's not a neutral date. It's too heavy patriotism, love and then war, my country better than yours...bla bla! How I hate this whole India vs Pakistan thing.
Let's close our eyes and think for 30 seconds. Both He and She zeroed on June 14 that they said at the same time. It was the morning when HE waited for her call at the PCO in the small village in Punjab, at his Dad's shop. It was 7 a.m. He waited with bated breath. The phone rang and he said, 'Hello', voice stammered and choked with emotions. "Hi," she almost shouted loud enough for him to hear. I love you,"
He heard the most beautiful voice of love, the tone verged between emotions of crying and unlimited happiness. He shouted back, "I love you, too. Nothing can separate our pure and true love." Their love became their only prayer since that day where they stopped believing in Gods they were taught to worship.
They have two children, a boy and a girl, well settled in New York. Yes! Their parents has accepted their love and met on neutral terrain, often sharing a drink or two over the heated India-Pakistan cricket match. Politics, religion and terrorism are never discussed on the dining table.


O for One Night Stand

This post is written on Day 15 for Letter O 'One Night Stand' as part of 'Blogging from A to Z April (2015) challenge, http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

The bomb blew the train apart and hordes of human bodies sprang in the air like sauce pans from one end to another, bodies shred into pieces and jumbled on each other. He lay half conscious on the floor until his eyes met her crushed body. He moved with excruciating pain, holding her hand tight as she clutched to him. They couldn't believe that fate would bring them together in this fashion after ages.
Dressed in blue denims, he walked at Juhu beach past midnight, smoking a cigarette when a car slowed past him. The lady, in her late 30s, wearing black glasses, pulled down the tinted window pane to ask, "Are you coming?"
He appears undisturbed, "I am sorry. Do I know you?"
She spoke in a flirty tone, "There is no harm in knowing each other. Get inside the car. It's just for one night and I'll pay you Rs 10,000."
He protested, "Hey listen! I am not a Gigolo."
She says with a nonchalant shrug, "Who told you I am a boring Bhabhi? Trust me. You'll make a cool 20k just for one night in a five-star hotel you could only dream of."
The money was tempting and he got inside the car as they drove in the silent night, past the sky-crapers, smell flowing from the slums and faraway from the siren of the local trains and honking of black-and-yellow cabs in the city.
He lay on the bed, timid and shy, unsure why he agreed to give her company in the middle of the night. She undressed herself, sensually run her finger on his naked torso. Quite reluctantly, he caressed her, from thigh, moving upwards to her boobs and kissing passionately. She moaned after the act was done, scratching his bare back. He opened the window, giving an aerial view of the Bandra sea to lit a cigarette. He asks, "Why do you do all this?" 
She walks behind him, caressing his back, "You are an innocent kid. How I wish I could fall in love with you and not just for the night. Well, you mean the sex. Don't all of us wish for shit  loads of sex in life."
Sad shade showed on her attractive face, "My husband is a business man who is on foreign trips most of the time. I know he has affairs everywhere, paying for women. To be honest, I enjoy the sex, paid or free but it's also my way to get at him. Hope you will understand some day. You are an innocent boy. Do something worthwhile with the money."
Blood seeped from their bodies, torn by the blast. They lied together on the floor as smoke blew from the train that has been set on fire by terrorists. Little do the masters of death realized that they united two souls, destined to be bound by death.


N for Not in love when I thought I was

Today is Day 14 and Letter N for Not in Love when I thought I was. This post is written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ for Blogging from A to Z April (2015) Challenge.

We sat together in class. I would love how she ran her fingers down her curly tresses, turns around and coyly smile to me, laugh at every small thing and stupid jokes that we would make. I was amazed how she would drag me to the tapdi to enjoy cutting chai, vada pav and befriend the street urchins, buying them lunch. 
Playful! She remained like a child and would call me in the middle of the night to tell how she is craving for ice cream. "Come and pick me, na. I'm dying for ice cream and before you say anything. I've already sneaked out of the hostel and waiting for you downstairs."
Babe!! You crazy, I scolded her. I rushed to meet her, worried that she must be standing alone at midnight and zoomed in front of the girls' hostel as we drove to Pune station. She started to sing loudly, her arms stretched in the air, "mouth watering ice cream, enjoy life before it melts. It's midnight, I feel like feeling in love with the stars. I am pillion riding with the kindest man on earth. Today, I find him hot.
"Shut up," I said. "Stop buttering me, I know what you saying no true, I am not hot."
"I feel like loving you and showering affection just for the day," she bites my ears and caressed me with her hands. I felt a tingling sensation and adrenaline rush, controlled my senses to maintain balance on the bike. It's a beautiful feeling to be emotionally overpowered by her simplicity and childlike innocence.
I felt drawn to her every single moment of life and  started to lose control over my senses. I am falling in love with her, I told myself. At least, what I thought! Emotions can play trick to the heart and an attractive persona close to the soul attracts like magnet. I thought she were the one on hearing the bells ringing in the heart.
She turned me into a poet, weaved poems for my muse and seeing the world with perfection. After all, it's the season of love and longing for her joie-de-vivre persona. My life at college started and revolved around her. Nights were spent, speaking for long hours on phone and waking up each other in the morning.
Like all beautiful things, it had to come to an end. It was the time for her to shift base and after discussing, analyzing things what is best for us, our lips swirled passionately for the last time and mouth saliva played a storm the day we parted. We hugged like long-lost lovers. Gradually, our phone calls separated by distance withered before we finally moved on in life. Not in Love when I thought I was! I saw her relationship status on Facebook, engaged and finally I moved on when I proposed to the girl at the bus stop. It was another beautiful relationship but I shall cherish the moments I spent with the girl who had the most amazing child like innocence. Love can be a tricky word.

M for Marriage Proposal

Today is Day 13 and letter M for Marriage Proposal for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2015). You can check out for more on: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

Mom scolded me, "At least see the girl. There is no harm in meeting in it and who knows, it may be your match." I pretend to ignore her rant. We've been fighting since the past few days when the pandit brought the proposal home about the girl from Delhi and I am using every trick in the book to avoid meeting this nameless girl. 
"Mom. She is not from Mumbai!"
"Fine," Mom says. "Remain a bachelor for the whole of your life. No sane girl would like to marry an ageing guy." Mom's words pierced through my heart and it left me wondering whether I am getting older by the day as I am nearing in my 30s. Why does marriage scares me so much, I ask. I am pondering why parents keep threatening us with dire consequences of dying a bachelor. After all, my freedom matters. I don't want to jump in the fire of hell. Stay strong, I tell myself.
During the evening, I tell Mom that I am going to Goa for few days and I saw her fuming. "What about the girl?"
I stand near the door and innocently says, "What girl? Oh! She can wait."
Mom is sarcastic, "Of course, you are Lord Krishna."
I scamper down the stairs and hail a rickshaw, "Andheri station."
It was past midnight when I boarded the local train to CST and, made my Goa tickets in a hurry. I call some pals,"See you guys in Goa by tomorrow afternoon, I hope."
I can hear cuss words at the other end of the phone, cursing me for  calling out of the blue and informing them in the middle of the night that I will be in Goa the next day. I reach Goa in the afternoon and took a bus to Anjuna Beach. Standing atop, I watch the sea waves and breeze which gives me a sense of peace, cut off from the reality of my life. The perks of being a writer of rom-com. I've been racking my brain to weave characters and make my novel see the light of the day. I lit a cigarette. I walked down the beach when I saw her, looking at the sea breeze. I wink at her. She is furious. "Amrita," I say.
She gave me a threatening look, "Stop doing that."
I caress her body, run my finger on flat belly. She is sexy in the green bikini. She slaps me on my hand, "You know what? You are crazy. I wonder why I am doing all these things and sacrificing my life, sister and parents for your novel."
I held her close to me and kiss her. "Babe!Relax. Let the novel come out. It's about us."
"Shut up, Karan. You are taking undue advantage of the fact that I love you and can never say no. How nicely you planned everything to create characters. I think I am just a character in your life."
I pacify her, "Babe, I love you."
She ignores me. She is right. I took six months to convince her to get her parents meet the priest and convince them about her younger sister marriage to a good family. I knew how the game would unfurl. It was my doing, I know. The priest came with the proposal of Amrita's sister marriage Mom. The fight with Mom was a well-planned strategy which I noted in my diary, giving me shades of an innocent boy. I would reject the proposal after a few days. I have already got the grip for my best-selling novel."
During the evening, I propose Amrita and slid the emerald ring in her finger. I made love to her that night. I introduced her as my would be wife to my friends in Goa. We went back home and told Mom about her. She finally agreed to our marriage after I coaxed Mom and made up things that the proposal brought by the Pandit is not working and there is already someone in the life of the girl. 
Six months later, my novel, "Marriage Proposal in Goa" came out and climbed the charts among the top ten best selling rom-coms. I am engaged to Amrita. Sometimes, I think there is a streak of evil among creative writers who hack plans for their own benefit. But, I am no saint but only human who has selfish motive to achieve ends, unknown to the world and fans. 


Live (In) Love

This post, Letter L is written on Day 12 as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ for Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2015).

Zoya stares at the sky and didn't bulge for a second at Juhu beach. I ask, "What are you looking at at?" She tells, "Shh. Don't break the silence of the beautiful night. Just look at the stars. Ask for something precious." She closed her eyes, ran the moist palm of her hand on our faces. My skin feels the cold sensation running through her palm. 
She looks at me, her face fresh like the morning dew, "What did you ask for? No! Wait, don't tell me."
I tell, "I asked for the most beautiful thing in the world." Deep inside my heart, I prayed for her love and togetherness that shall never separate us till death. She gives me the coy expression that made me feel in love with her and I can feel the divinity within her.
We walked together, our feet soaked in the white sand, "You know. Whatever you ask from the stars become true, they say. I believe in the legend."
I concentrate on her words, the innocent thoughts that she conveys brings warmth to my existence. Zoya is the reason for my happiness and always brings out the best in me, re-affirming my faith in humanity. She changed me as a person and makes me better every single day. Some call it fate but for me it's pure love.
She is the angel that came uninvited to bring perfection that was missing in my life.
"Love is the most beautiful feeling on earth. I started living. I live (d) (In) Love.
She smiles radiantly, "What are you thinking about?"
"You," I say truthfully.
"Aha," she grins and her words tells me that she is amused.
"Vishal. You know what matters is living every moment and finding love in every small thing. What lies behind us and what lie before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
I protested, "But, you sent me the forward this morning."
She patiently said, "Allah! It is just a gentle reminder of times that may slip in front of us. Live (In) Love."
This moment was so beautiful. I didn't want it to slip from our hands and how I wished I could capture the emotions forever. Love is timeless. Everything is so perfect.

I woke up next to Zoya to realize she has disappeared. I regained my senses, "She is not here with me.  She was right: Live (In) Love." The painful break-up that me go through an an emotional turmoil and couldn't understand that love is not about possessing someone but feeling the emotions running through my senses. She made me understand the day we parted how we matter to each other and there shall not be a day when our feeling would not reach out to each other. After all, who can tear apart souls and hearts who are bound together. Now, I have begun to understand the power of selfless love. It's truly, Live (In) Love.

Post script: It's an extract from the novel I've been trying to write for more than three years. It's a true love story coupled with hues of imagination. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

With Love


Kiss of life and love

This post is written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015). Today is Letter K for Kiss on Day 11.

Holding the stranger women close to him and gently care holding her waist, he eyes her features as she moves the glass of whisky an inch closer to his lip. He took a sip and stroke her lip with his finger, slowly cupping his face towards her nose, touching her face with his hand. She smiles seductively while slightly moving away from him on the dance floor. She was a seductress. He held her hand and drew her towards him. She pushed her mouth on his, indulging in a long passionate kiss.
It was the kiss of love. He was drawn to her sheer power and her lip would drive him crazy, the energy displayed by her affectionate kiss rendered him powerless. He thought it was the magic of love yet the first smooch saw him slipping every time, they indulged into intimacy. They get sunk into the language of kiss, exploring each other's mouth and gaping for breath. After all, the relation resumed to long kisses in the open air, rave parties and the room, far from the glares of people. They shunted people away from their lives and made the kiss their oyster.
Kiss can be poisonous. It was their last kiss as they bade farewell to the world. Lying on the floor, the kissed their way to passionate intimacy and he was oblivious to the toxic substance she held on her lip, as they kissed during the wee hours of the night. Like the Neelkanth, their throat burned and turned blue. They held each other tight, lips sealed and breathed their last.
It was the most passionate kiss. She knew deep inside that she ain't never let him go and sneaked inside the kitchen, smeared the substance of death before walking back to sit on his lap. She gave him the most memorable kiss that sealed their lives into eternity.  It was the kiss of life and love.



J for Jealousy

This post J for Jealousy is written on Day 10 as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015).

Things are getting out of control in my life and I am getting suffocated in this relationship with Ankita who has been bugging me for days. As we step inside college canteen, a classmate say a cheerful hi before leaving her mobile number. "Hey! Gotta run to class. You've become a rare specie. Gimme a call sometimes, soon," she waves good bye.
We settle at one of the unoccupied table and orders two cups of tea. Ankita looks at me, "So, who is that girl? Planning to call her..huh!"
"Babe", I protest. "She is an old class mate and we've been together since 12th."
"Oh! I see, so Mr Congeniality needs to catch up with the hot bitch. Dude, you are such a prick," she fumes.
I am getting irritated at her paranoid behavior of constantly checking my phone, flitting pages of my diary. I prefer not to react to her.
She tries to pacify me, "Say something, na."
"What there to say?" I am pissed at her weird behavior. I hate it when there is a trust gap in a  relationship. 
After few days, I hear from class mates that she's been asking questions about my whereabouts, whom do I go to meet after lecture and why I head to the cafe every now and then.
During the night, she calls me and start fighting with me. "I've been trying to call you several times and it seems that you are having lovey-dovey conversation with your old classmate."
I shout on the phone, "Listen! If you cannot trust me, there is little I can do and better call it quits."
She changes the tone and pretend to joke, "Hey! Chill. You got so angry. I was just kidding."
I ignore her frantic phone calls and messages. After days, I call her, "You know why I was ignoring your calls. I've heard you having an affair with this handsome neighbor of yours.
She starts crying on the phone, "How could you even think like that when the person I care the most is you? That's sad and so cheap."
I start laughing. "Exactly, Madam. You have to understand that trust matters in a relationship. It serves no purpose in doubting each other. It was my way to make you realize that both of us have a life beyond being together and romance. We have a right to have our own set of friends and that doesn't mean we are cheating each other. Space matters."
She was at a loss of words and was speechless. "Sorry baby, I got a bit jealous."


I for Internet Girl Friend

This post on Day 9 for Letter I-Internet girl friend is written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ for Blogging from A to Z challenge 2015 (April).

It's been days, nights and years. I can't wait for her to ping me where the conversations would go till late and finish in the early morning. It's endless and infinity. if there is a Mathematics could define us. I ping her.

ME: You know what! You are my internet girl friend.

SHE: Huh! hahahha! What is that?

I try to rack my brain to come up with an explanation.

ME: Boy and girl who has a relationship on the internet. See! We spend our time on the night for very long hours,  every single day and when I can't see you, I long for your ping. The only relationship that binds us,no luv shuv or intimacy.

She: Arre! Bhagwan! Log yeh dekhenge to kya sochenge (What will people say if they see this?) You know what we are blackening our faces now. Wah!!! What a name Internet Girl Friend!

She would ping with, 'Whattya doing' and I will narrate the story of my life from A to Z during the day, as if singing the name of God or reciting some mantra. The conversation sometimes drag during the day to finish till the early morning. You see, she is the savior by sitting online with me, keeping me company post midnight in office when I have to wait some two hours for our office transport to pack me home. Idea! Yes Idea! I ask.

ME: Hey!!! Womaniya! Will you marry me?

She is aghast and finds me hilarious, "What you crazy? Haha!!"

ME: It's my wish, meri marzi. You cannot decide for yourself. I make a deal, let's marry and we live life on our own terms. There is no load and you allowed to date whoever you are. You lead your life and I lead mine.

SHE: Dream on. I've already made a deal with another friend. You came too late. He is gay and I'll marry him.

ME: Who are you to decide. I have said, You'll marry me only.

SHE: Just shut up. Will you?

ME: I can't, internet girl friend.

She tells how amazed it is when I come with such theories. Internet girl friend, it's so sidey and cliche, she chuckles. I coax her that it's a novel idea that nobody came up with her. See, it's original, I send a smiley. In fact, I should date my G-Talk who gave me such crazy idea. I must be an author, I tell her and weave a book, 'Internet Girl Friend' to rake the moolah.
Love on the net but minus the perks of dating but longing the thrill to see each other and indulging the harmless flirting. A tale of attraction, witnessed by the thing called internet who saw through friendships that buried our deep dark secrets.
We are no boy friend and girl friend but the net makes you the internet girl friend, I start troubling her.

SHE: Listen! I gotta go sleep now and cya.

ME: Arre! Wait na, Internet Girl Friend.
SHE: Taa-taa
ME: Aree.

I start typing but the internet girl friend has long disappeared, discarding my companionship during the night. 


H for Hatred

This post as written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ April Blogging Challenge and today is Letter H on Day 8.

He sat on the floor in his cell, caught in his own thought when he was distracted by a female shadow entering inside the dark and dingy room. It was her, dressed in a white short skirt and smiling wickedly at him.

He: Why do you hate me so much?
She: I trapped you, arrogant bastard.  Look at yourself: It was just yesterday that you had a huge business empire and it has crumbled, landing you in jail.

He looked at the roof and start wondering how she joined his company as a secretary and earned his trust. It slipped his mind how she gained access to all the documents, indulging in money embezzlement and fraud on his name. She had a motive and he wanted to know why.

He: Why?
She: Mister, You have many 'whys'. I nurtured the dream of becoming the Singhania Bahu, your wife and it's was a well-calculated plan to join your company. I spent sleepless nights researching on your family tree, how you made so much money, starting from scratch and your gold medal at Harvard.

She laughs: Remember me on the day of the interview, the shy Sonia. Spot the difference now. I am the same Sonia. I tried to flirt with you every time but you pushed me away. You have put all my stakes at claim and there was no way I would jeopardize my investment on you. I hate you so much. You have destroyed yourself and cannot blame me. We would have been husband and wife, live happily with beautiful children I would have happily given to you.

He let her speak and was smiling in his heart, laughing how stupid she is reveal her plans. She was unaware that he has been playing around and she has been caught in his plan since he got wind of the scheming she indulged into.

Two cops entered his cell and saluted him, "Sir." She was confused and at a loss of words. 
She fumes: Now, why are you guys saluting this criminal? He has been arrested for fraud."

Two women constables walked in and handcuffed her. "Ma'am, you are arrested for fraud in Singhania Properties and conspiracy." She swore at him.

He: All the best Babe. Hope you enjoy your extended lifelong vacation in jail. You think I was unaware of your plan and hatred for me. I used all my powers, feeding the police and media to stage my arrest since I wanted to know how a shy girl like you, became confident enough to earn my trust. I wanted to know why you hated me so much.

HE: You must be thinking how I've put the act to trap you. See! I am not stupid like you to reveal my plans. You have already been caught on camera and no power on earth can stop your downfall.

He winks at her as she was led to the dark cell filled with mosquitoes. He wore his suit and walked away towards his black limousine. The cops saw him walking away and smiled , happy that they hit the jackpot with the bundles of note he fed them with and they know that the money will last them a life time.


G Ghostly affair

This post is written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2015) on Day 7 for Letter G.

The doors are bolted from inside, the window pane creaking and the curtains flying with wind flowing inside the house. I freeze and sat still on the sofa. I can't find the voice to protest. Finally, I took the courage, stammering and plead with her to unchain me. "Please," I implore you. Go away. You have such a kind and beautiful, feminine voice and I can't understand why you doing this to me and making me your prisoner." 
"Damn it! I am in my own house," I finally broke down.
The soft, invisible voice tells me, "Boy! I am in love with you. I am roaming for years to find love and finally found you. You are selfless and kind-hearted. There is no way I am going to let you off. Let's go into my world."
It sent a chill down my spine, wondering what kind of ghost who one day knocks on my door and falls in love with me. I silently pray that I am dreaming. I cannot run away since the first step I make towards the door makes me stop like statue and I am dragged back towards her. I cannot see her but I know she is standing right in front of me. I feel a chill dropping down my spine, my legs suddenly becomes weak and am drained of energy.
I slightly remember last night when we were slightly bored and downed bottles of whisky. The four of us were looking for thrill when we lay the Ouija board on the floor, calling for the ghost when coins stumbled, announcing the coming. My over-enthusiastic friends asked about her when she told about the guy who ditched her on the eve of herr engagement. Not able to face the parents, she jumped in the deep waterfall that consumed her body. In the wee hours, my friends left the flat and I didn't know when her heart went for me.
Do I have a choice, I wonder. She tells me, "I know what you are thinking? You are screwed with me forever. I feel sad for you. You are trapped. This is what you think. Both of us need each other and we would love each other forever. It's eternal. You know that I live in another world and you will not be able to make love to me. I cannot even touch the living and you cannot touch something which is already dead.
I take a deep breath. "In short, I shall be dead."
She broke into a cackle of laughter, "No! My dear. I will not kill you and take you into my world. But, you shall be mine forever and you will stay with me inside your house. I will not allow any other woman to take my place. Perhaps, you think it's a punishment but it's eternal love."
She started crying. "You know I didn't want to do that to you. Perhaps, you need to atone for the sins of your brother who ditched me for that bitch."


F for Flamboyant lovers

The post F for Flamboyant Lovers on Day 6 is written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/  'Blogging from A to Z April (2015) Challenge.

We were crazy lovers. Ah! The ones who kiss passionately in public, stealing glances and cuddling affectionately to scare the crowd off the road. They called us flamboyant lovers. It was the 70s in what was called Bombay. We wouldn't give a damn to the conservative moral guardians, looking down on us and their eyes threatening us, "You are spoiling our culture. Have some shame!"
We loved shaming them. It gave us pleasure. She would dress in short skirts, dragging me towards her lips and smooching. We would yell in the bus and freak out when she saw a cockroach beneath her feet. She would freak out and clutch to me. It gave me a thrill and we yelled together not once but thrice to scare off commuters who would turn around and looked at us, aghast. The conductor chided us in Marathi, before throwing us out of the double-decker bus that gave a panoramic view of the city.
We were everything that young lovers were not. We did everything in the open, swearing, taking long drag of cigarette and getting intimate on the bench in an era where our friends would meet clandestinely and pretend to be good kids in front of everyone. We wanted to shock people. After all, life is lived once.
We pranced our way on Marine Drive, swinging from one end to the other. We were high on life and love, gulped a bottle of beer openly on the backseat of the bus which our co-passengers were oblivious of.
Her voice slurred, "You are crazy, my cho chweet punching bag? You not scared of cockroach..why did you yell and distracted the boring passengers out of their slumber...See, because of you we were thrown out of the bus."
I played along, "I shouted because you shouted, Your Highness. You see, I do whatever you do."
"Oho!" She mocked me. "My sweet crazy man. We scared people. We must make a gang."
I surprised her with a peck. "This is what I was thinking. You know, Haji Mastan will be scared of us. The new aspiring don, Dawood, will fear us and we will take over the city."
"We are fearless lovers and we will become Dons in the city. But, what will people call you, Behen."
"Shut up," She gave me a gentle slap. "Obviously, you don't wanna be a bhai to a behen like me."
Nah!We protested. 
It started raining and we were drenched from top-to-toe, holding hands and sprinting to Churchgate station. Finally, we reached her flat and lay on the bed.
I teased her with a feather striking her face, "I am feeling naughty."
"Feel. I cannot stop you from nurturing feelings," She tried to ignore me.
"Let's make love," I teased her.
She suddenly became serious, "Why are you thinking about sex at this time? Let's make love to each other's soul. We are fearless lovers. We don't need to follow the routine route, followed by everyone who pretend to have unflinching moral values yet do the contrary."
We hugged each other. Our soul did the talking.


D for Devil's love

D for Devil's Love

This post is written as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ and today Day Four for Letter D for Devil's Love.

She loved with passion and could not bear the separation. The innocent girl lived with anguish for ten years yet she remained flawlessly beautiful. Her love for him grew more intense and pure as every single day passed. Tears rolled down her cheek, thinking how he always loved her and can't even think of being unfaithful to her. He rejected the advances of damsels in distress, sizzling hot women ever ready to pounce themselves on him. She decided it was time to act.
The time has come for them to unite and conquer time and fate. No power on earth could stop them from being together again and she knew that she had to impersonate a living being, donning the garb of the unknown, another beautiful face.
They crossed each other's path in the business meeting and she felt sad to see him aloof and withdrawing from the world. She wanted to tell him, "It's just me. We are so close and why are you creating this distance  between us?" But, she was powerless. It took her a year to slowly become close to hi, the time he realized that he found a genuine friend and confidant.
One day, she mustered courage and asked, "What's bothering you? I am a friend and share your worries with me.  Please don't harm yourself or else, you will destroy the person that you have always been. You don't consider me to be a friend."
He hesitated but finally broke into tears, telling her about Saloni. He cried and she hugged him, thinking, "If only you knew I am with you and has never gone anywhere."
She invited him to her house and kept the light dim in the dining room. The delicacies were laid on the tray and red wine was poured in the white glasses.  It was time to reveal herself and she smiled in a seductive manner, "Amar! You are my Amar. I am Saloni."
Amar took a sip of wine and protested, "What rubbish is this? I hate this joke. You know na, Saloni, died when our car crashed at Lonavla."
She revealed her true form to him, the way he saw her when they left in the heavy monsoon to their best friend's wedding.
Amar felt a sensation in his throat, tearing his life into pieces as the poison spread into his body. Saloni held his hand and gently caressing his forehead, "It's okay, baby. I have come to take you with me. It's a matter of time, the pain suffered for years will be over and we will make our way into heaven."

Ten years ago:

Amar and Saloni walked together towards their car. He held her by the waist and she shone in her black sari like star in the sky. They held hands in the car, occasionally stealing glances like teenage lovers. As the car rushed towards Lonavla, it started raining mercilessly and Amar tried to apply the break at the sight of the truck speedily coming in their way. He lost control and the car cascaded inside the deep gorge. The vehicle was crushed and caught fire. Amar and Saloni clutched to each other tightly. He woke up after two days in the hospital, partially losing his memory. It took him three months to recollect that his life crashed and got a shock when he learned that his fiance died on the spot. Little did he know that his Saloni would come one day to take him in a beautiful and perfect world. They walked hand in hand, sharing happiness in the perfect world they always dreamed about.

With Love


E for Eno

Today is Day 5 of the http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ and I am writing on letter E for Eno. Happy Reading.

E for Eno

Little Ravish was confined to the four walls of his plush bungalow which has all the riches but seeing his parents would be a luxury. The parents led a hectic life, running against time during the day in office and partying till late night. Occasionally, the mom would cuddle Ravish late at night who would turn his back in irritation. The five-year-old had no friend at school and lived in his own world, refusing to play with kids his age during the recreation but walked alone. Speaking to the wall was his favorite past time.
One day, Eno was brought home and the moment he saw Ravish, he went on the latter's trail, following, following him inside the room to break his silence, tears, anger and sadness conveyed by his eyes. It took Eno a long time to become the only friend of the five-year-old. Ravish which allowed him to forget his miseries and longing for his parents' presence at home. All he could think at school was his little pet and once he got off the car, he would push the door open to fling his bag on the floor. He shouted, "Eeeenoo!!!!!! Eno would lick his feet and this earned him a gentle brotherly caress from Ravish.
Their eyes conveyed expression of love and friendship, watching TV together and speaking inside the room. Ravish become so happy and lively overnight, a far cry from the time he would brood and shed tears. The innocent voice caressed the fur of Eno, "Dey are not here, Eno. I dont miche (miss) dem. After all, I have you." Ravish hugged Eno tightly.
Eno became the life of Ravish and both became inseparable like lost friends. When Ravish would leave for school, Eno would bark ferociously telling him not to go and Ravish would wave bye to Eno with his tiny fingers. Ravish would hug Eno on his bed and the pet licking his face. 
Ravish would share his day at school, "I hate skool. I wanna be with you. Dey are never hoome and don't hav' time for us. It's okay!! Eno!!!! You are myyyy onleee friend. I don't need anyone."
"Shoo!," He place his hand on the mouth of Eno. "Lishen (Listen) I can hear der footsep and voice. They are here inside the house. Let's not make noise and be good boyzzz." The dog would not protest, understanding that the parents have come back home. It was past midnight. Eno would jump from the bed and pretend to sleep in a corner inside the room and Ravish closing his eyes, listening to the parents.
"I think both of them are sleeping. It's good we brought, Eno home and the dog is giving him company. Or else, it would have taken a toll on our lives and parties. When he grow up, he would understand that we are doing everything for him and he doesn't lack anything in life, servants, toys, food and car," the father said. The Mom nodded in approval.

C-Crush story

The post is written as part of 'Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.' Today is Day 3 and I am writing on letter C-Crush story.' Hope you like it.

C-Crush Story

It was the summer of 2000. Aniket was whining his time away on Orkut when he added Sonali to his friends list out of sheer boredom. He flirted with her, telling how beautiful she is and at first, she ignored his compliment. Slowly, they started chatting with each other and Sonali responded to his advances, sending smileys and teased him about his intentions.

Aniket: I think I got a crush on you, Sonali.

Sonali: What makes you think I will believe in what you say?

Aniket: Should I jump atop a building to prove it to you?

Sonali: Cliche!

Sonali ignored his frantic messages.

Two days later, Sonali replied: Listen! I am not interested for a long time relationship. Game for a fling?!

Aniket couldn't believe his eyes and went blank for few minutes, stareding at the chat icon.

Sonali: Hello! What happened?

Aniket: No! Nothing.

Sonali: See! Let's meet up at a place of my choice and on my terms. After that, we will not contact each other and I am not giving my phone number.

The date was set. Aniket waited for the whole day, cursing himself that he has been fooled by Sonali, abandoning all hope of meeting Sonali. It was just another nightmare. Forget it, he told himself.

At 8 p.m, he got a call from Sonali, "Hey! Take the train and not car, come straight to Andheri station and from there, hail a cab to Leela. You will not speak to anyone.

When Aniket reached Leela at 10.30 p.m, he saw a tall girl in blue denims and her hair was falling on the shoulder. "Gosh! She looks super hot and more beautiful than on her profile picture." he thought.
Sonali didn't say Hi and came straight to the point, "Quickly follow me!," she ordered as they were led inside the luxurious room. One thing before we start, "At 6 in the morning, you silently sneak out of the room." Aniket nodded.

The light was switched off and Sonali whispered to him, "Baby! Let me see how passionate lover you are." They made love to each other that night, surpassing all limits.
Sonali disappeared from Aniket's life and she blocked him on Orkut.

Three months later:

Aniket was having tea one sunny afternoon at the tapdi near Rajabhai Tower in Fort when he saw someone staring at him. The tall and specky guy, dressed in tie walked up to him, "Aniket?"

"Raj", Aniket shouted. Both Aniket and Raj were childhood friends in Dadar where they grow up together and the latter left for Delhi. They've been out of touch. "I just came from Delhi and happily settled in Mumbai," Aniket hugged his friend.

"Come! Let's go home. I'll introduce you to my wife," Raj dragged Aniket to his plush bungalow in Bandra."

"Jaan! Come out fast. Where are you? I will introduce you to my childhood buddy, I keep boring you with his tale and today is the day to meet him."

A soft voice murmured, "I am coming."

Raj patted Aniket, "Here, she is."

Aniket got a bolt from the blue, It was Sonali dressed in an attractive and shiny red saree.



B for Babe Hitched

Hi I am participating in the http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/  Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. Today is letter B on Day 2 Hope you enjoy the story. Must I add that all the stories are pure fiction. Scroll down and read

B for Babe Hitched

Anjali was a head turner in college and she derived pleasure in seeing self-claimed lovers pursuing her to no end. She enjoyed the attention and when they would approach her, she would ruthlessly turn them down. They realized that she is beyond their league.
The head turner was oblivious of the silent and brooding lover who followed her everywhere. Rahul always wore his expensive cologne, Levis Jeans and Dolce& Gabanna tee to work magic on his lady love. He thought, "They tell Anjali is a dil todne wali machine (heart breaker). Why shouldn't I take a chance? I believe in myself and when the time is right, I will ask her out and she will be mine forever."
Sitting in the campus for hours, Rahul waits for Anjali with bated breath and the moment she walks past him, she runs her finger on her curly hair. Rahul goes in a dream world, romancing Anjali in the world of illusion. 
One day, Anjali walked towards Rahul and shook his hand, "Hi I am Anjali. Actually, I need a favor from you. You know, I have my dance classes and am not able to attend lectures. Would it be fine if you can pass me your notes?" Rahul couldn't believe his luck and stammered, "Y-E-S. O-F C-O-U-R-S-E." He was aware of the jealous eyes preening nd silently cursing him.
It took no time for Anjali and Rahul to become good friends and they would often sneak out of classes, to sit in coffee houses, speaking about almost anything. It took no time for Rahul to fall in love with Anjali, admiring her and found everything about her cute and flawless.
She would hug him on hearing the shy compliment and gave him a peck on his cheek, "Cho Chweet, Rahul." The lover was almost convinced that Anjali is in love with him and has already made plans to propose her on the last day in college. He would surprise her after exams, taking her to Barista and  hint the waiters to bring a huge heart-shaped cake with a ring hidden inside.
It was the last day of exams and the lover boy was less worried about exams but more about proposing to Anjali. He dashed at Archies and bought a huge red card marked with a gold-shaped heart, scribbled, 'I love you.' He nicely tucked the card inside his backpack.
He was sitting on the stairs inside the lush campus when Anjali walked in. She gave him a tight embrace and noticed that Rahul was hyper. "Hey! Chill, it's just an exam but there is a surprise for you. It's a big day. So, let's go and screw the exams."
Both of them walked inside the exam hall and after three hours, Anjali smiled, "Hey! the paper was good na." Rahul cheered and gave her a high five. "I wasn't expecting such an easy paper."
Anjali assured him, "I am sure both of us will score a distinction. Listen! Let's go to Barista." It seems Rahul's plan is working and was convinced that Anjali got a hint and was just playing around, waiting for the proposal.
"You know Rahul. Today is the last day in college and you are my only guy friend. You are my best friend. I need to show you something. Surprise," she shouted as she removed a shiny blue envelope from her bag.
"What is that?" Rahul asked.
"See for yourself," she prodded him. "Ok! wait! let me open it. It's my wedding card and I am getting married to Akash. I was so happy Dad agreed. You know, we've known each other since childhood.
Rahul didn't know where to look and suppressed his disappointment with a fake a smile, "Babe hitched."


A for Amour-a parisian love story

This post is being written as part of the 'Blogging from A to Z April Challenge' and it's my second outing. Here, we go for letter 'A for Amour' where my theme is 'Romance (Short) stories. I hope you will enjoy my first entry on the first day of April.

It was during the holiday when I roamed freely the streets of Paris, longing for romance. I stood at Pont au Double, admiring lovers kissing freely and holding hands. I lit a cigarette when she approached me, asking for light. She pulled her hair with her hands and smiled.
She asked, 'Vous parlez francais?' (You speak French)
'Un peu,' (A little), I say.
We got talking and met over coffee, letting ourselves free on the Parisian streets and Champ Elysee. Ines, that's her name. She invited me to her apartment, we made love to each other, kissing passionately. We had everything going for us and the world didn't matter to us. Love couldn't be more perfect than this. Ines knew English for she studied and lived in United States for five years.
Once she asked, "You know, may be we won't be each other forever. What would you do?
"I don't know. I prefer not think about it."
I was happy living in the moment for my 'amour' (love in French). Elisa calls me 'amour.' I was losing control over the self, drawing myself to her despite knowing that we were momentarily enjoying each other's company. Once, I asked her why she is dancing with that guy in the pub.
She turned around, "Amour! I think we have a pact that we would enjoy every moment with each other and we both know that it's not forever."
"Still! I protested."
"Amour! I love you. You are the guy who makes me feel special. But, why take load?
I walk away from her, kicking my shoes in frustration/
Ines didn't return my call for days. Perhaps, it was time to call it quits. I was three weeks away from leaving France. Her weird behavior was killing me deep inside. I dropped at her apartment where I spent days and night to see the door bolted from inside. I got the hint. Perhaps, Ines found another lover. I left a letter from her, 'Amour! We spent wonderful moments together and shall always cherish the moments of love, kissing and wonderful memories you gave me.  I wish you luck and I am sure you found someone better. I left the letter and a red rose in her letter box.
I traveled to France in train enjoying the scenery, from Lyon to Bordeaux. Somehow, I extended my stay for three months since something was amiss in life. I felt incomplete without her.
I visited the cafe we first met and kissed, ordered a coffee in the Parisian winter, smoking like chimney. I again became a regular at the cafe, engrossed in the memory of Ines, the times we spent together and hoping she will come again.
One day, an elderly man patted me on the back. I turned around and he asked, 'Looking for someone?'
Uhmmm! Yes! May be! Actually No!, I stammered.
Ines?' he asked.
I was bewildered and asked, 'How do you know?' 
The gentleman eyed me and said, 'Ines left this parcel for you. She loved you a lot and hope you will forgive her. Please don't throw away the memories. She died to cancer two weeks ago. She didn't want you to suffer and asked you to find love. Gosh! I am missing my daughter.'
The old man, wiped a tear, patted my back and walked away. I was speechless. I packed my bag on the same day and took my flight, thinking about the priceless moments with amour.