Live (In) Love

This post, Letter L is written on Day 12 as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ for Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2015).

Zoya stares at the sky and didn't bulge for a second at Juhu beach. I ask, "What are you looking at at?" She tells, "Shh. Don't break the silence of the beautiful night. Just look at the stars. Ask for something precious." She closed her eyes, ran the moist palm of her hand on our faces. My skin feels the cold sensation running through her palm. 
She looks at me, her face fresh like the morning dew, "What did you ask for? No! Wait, don't tell me."
I tell, "I asked for the most beautiful thing in the world." Deep inside my heart, I prayed for her love and togetherness that shall never separate us till death. She gives me the coy expression that made me feel in love with her and I can feel the divinity within her.
We walked together, our feet soaked in the white sand, "You know. Whatever you ask from the stars become true, they say. I believe in the legend."
I concentrate on her words, the innocent thoughts that she conveys brings warmth to my existence. Zoya is the reason for my happiness and always brings out the best in me, re-affirming my faith in humanity. She changed me as a person and makes me better every single day. Some call it fate but for me it's pure love.
She is the angel that came uninvited to bring perfection that was missing in my life.
"Love is the most beautiful feeling on earth. I started living. I live (d) (In) Love.
She smiles radiantly, "What are you thinking about?"
"You," I say truthfully.
"Aha," she grins and her words tells me that she is amused.
"Vishal. You know what matters is living every moment and finding love in every small thing. What lies behind us and what lie before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
I protested, "But, you sent me the forward this morning."
She patiently said, "Allah! It is just a gentle reminder of times that may slip in front of us. Live (In) Love."
This moment was so beautiful. I didn't want it to slip from our hands and how I wished I could capture the emotions forever. Love is timeless. Everything is so perfect.

I woke up next to Zoya to realize she has disappeared. I regained my senses, "She is not here with me.  She was right: Live (In) Love." The painful break-up that me go through an an emotional turmoil and couldn't understand that love is not about possessing someone but feeling the emotions running through my senses. She made me understand the day we parted how we matter to each other and there shall not be a day when our feeling would not reach out to each other. After all, who can tear apart souls and hearts who are bound together. Now, I have begun to understand the power of selfless love. It's truly, Live (In) Love.

Post script: It's an extract from the novel I've been trying to write for more than three years. It's a true love story coupled with hues of imagination. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

With Love

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