W for Waiting for her love

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W for Waiting for her love

It was in 1947.  Sakina covered her head with the red scarf, walking past the green field to fill the earthen pot with water when she fell in love with the handsome Parminder. Dressed in white Kurta and Pagdi, Parminder rushed towards Sakina to take the water in the huge earthen pot and put on his head, relieving her of the burden. Soon, it became a routine for both of them and  was the perfect excuse to meet where Parminder would hold Sakina by her waist. It was the cold January when their love blossomed. For them, religion didn't matter for love is blind.
They sneaked during the wee hour in the morning and made love in the green field as Sakina untied her blouse and Parminder unlaced his Kurta. Their love was symbol of purity and flowered over the months. But, it was not meant to be.
It was August 1947 when Muhammad Ali Jinah wanted a separate country Pakistan for Muslims and Lord Louis Mountabatten declared the date for India to be partitioned into two countries. One was India and the other one would be called Pakistan. Parminder and Sakina were separated from each other, where the latter was forced the board the train to Pakistan. Parminder watched helplessly when he saw his beloved sitting inside the train by the window, chugging slowly and he run at frenetic pace, his hand holding on the moving train and was thrust on the track as the train whooshed past the railway track. He promised Sakina that he would soon come and take her back to India.
Sakina was pregnant and waited for him in her new country. Soon, it became days, nights, week, months and years. But, Parminder never came to Pakistan. She delivered a baby boy whom she called Parmi, after his father. Sakina was convinced that Parminder has left her in the lurch and married his new bride in the village of Punjab, forgetting the woman who loved him to death and his son. But, Sakina never stopped loving Parminder and would spent the whole day waiting at the railway station. Parmi soon grow up into a handsome young man, the xerox copy of his father. It's been 18 years since the lovelorn Sakina was waiting for her love at the railway station in Peshawar. Parmi was convinced that his mother has turned into a lunatic waiting for an inexistent man who never cared for both of them. He hated his father.
The young man was worried to see the state of his mother, growing from a young and beautiful woman who selflessly loved her son to turn into a disappointed, wrinkled face woman who aged faster. He searched for his father, traveled to India, walked miles in the village but nobody knew the where-about of Parminder. He came back to Pakistan defeated and inquired with railway authorities but nobody could check that someone called Parminder crossed the border.
When Parmi reached the railway station, he saw from far his mother's body freezing to death and lying by the side of the track. Sakina never grew tired during all the years waiting for the love of her life and finally abandoned her undying fight to wait for Parminder.
It was exactly one month after being separated from Sakina in September 1947 that Parminder took the train from Punjab to Pakistan. He was excited to be re-united with his love and see the birth of his new born son and while crossing the railways track,  Parminder was hit by a fast moving train that crushed him to death. In his last moment, Parminder feebly called her name, 'Sakina'.

The post is inspired by a real love story that someone narrated to me and took place in India and Pakistan. I changed the setting and injected my own interpretation to the story. Hope you like it. Never lose the faith in love.

With Love
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