Letter S for Straight Talk

This post S for Straight Talk is written on Day 19 for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015) on http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

She: Don't beat around the bush with this touchy-touchy gestures. Last time, you invited me for coffee and you held my hand under some stupid pretense.
He: Sorry, yaar. I held your hand by mistake.
She: I am not dumb. I hate this cuddly cuddly thing. Say what you want!
HE: What are you talking about?
She: I prefer Straight Talk. Spell it out, what do you want? We hardly know each other and both of us are single.
He went blank and speechless.
She: Are you interested in me? If yes, go ahead and spell it out. I am game for a harmless fling and passionate smooch.
He was getting embarrassed, wondering how she read his mind. The cafe were teeming with young lovers and music blasting, piercing ears. He almost stammered, trying to pick himself up.
He: I mean...I like...I mean, I love you.
She: Hey dude! Chill! I am waiting.
He: Ok. I like you. I mean, I don't love you.
She: As if I love you. It's just that you faking it, trying to make me believe that you are in love with me. Guys will be guys. They can't even get things straight. I am not going to eat you raw, I mean I can.
She winked telling, it's a platonic relationship and there shouldn't be any hope.
She: Let's enjoy the moments together and make it sensual.
He: Is it a yes?
She: You haven't proposed properly.
He finally took a deep breath.
He: It's true that we've barely met. I wanna enjoy the moments of togetherness. I didn't want to look like a weirdo. You right. It's better that we have a straight talk and take it from there. You are hot and sexy. But, that's not the only reason that I am attracted to you. You have a beautiful heart and wanna make moments with you. I want to laugh and cry with you. I wanna kiss and make love to you. Let me get this straight now, you are the most beautiful woman I can see right now. I will make you the most special woman, princess!
She broke into a laugh and pinched his cheek, "Cho Chweet." She pretends to be in deep thinking mode and confused at his proposal, "Actually, let me think how you good you are as a lover. Nothing can be trusted nowadays.."
He started getting tensed when she yelled and laughed like a mad woman. "It's a yes. What do a guy do when a girl say yes to him. Should I teach you?" she teased.
She jumped straight into his arms, making the first step and pushed her lips towards his. They kissed passionately in public glare.

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