Q for Queen of Hearts

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They were madly in love with each other. Like any love lorn adolescents, they were hell bent to rebel against their parents to make their love triumph. Both were 18-year-old lovers who met and fall in love over coffee in college, holding hands and kissing inside the dark theaters. She was his 'Queen of Heart'. Till, the day they decided to take the plunge and face their parents.
Romi faced her conservative parents who confined her in locked room for days and threatened to take her out from college. She refused to take food and water till her parents agreed to the match. They were adamant that she is too young to get married. She persisted, "I love him and decided to marry him. We could have eloped but we didn't want to break the trust of our parents." It was a long six months fight, Romi and Dharmendra had with their parents, often taking ugly turns and shouting at each other." Finally, the parents relented not without telling their children, "Both of you are fighting with us to get married despite that you haven't made your career or earning to be independent. If something goes wrong in your marriage, don't blame us since we are not willing to take this responsibility."
Dharmendra and Romi married at the age of 19. They were facing tough times and grew tired of seeking financial help from their parents who willfully helped their children. After some time crack started to develop in their marital life with occasional tiff and turning their backs on each other. It was time to take a decision on their future. One day, Dharmendra came home and joined his young wife inside the kitchen, "Romi, my love. We need to talk. We fought with our parents to get married but things are not really falling in place."
Romi was shocked when Dharmendra called for discussion. "I know, yaar. Perhaps, we should have waited for a little longer to get married. Dharmendra listened to his wife's arguments and told her that he has arrived at a decision. It is something that Romi feared and couldn't bear to be separated from her husband. She could hear the words told by their parents still ringing in hear ears.
Dharmendra said, "It's the best thing for us. It will be painful in the start but towards the end, we will sail through. Romi, I have decided to drop from college to work so that I can support your education."
At first, Romi protested vehemently and reasoned with her husband that it's no solution to jeopardize his career but the latter already made up his mind. Today, Romi is a doctor and after she completing her MBBS, Dharmendra took up business management and pursued MBA, supported by his wife's comfortable salary.
Romi and Dharmendra have two children and every Sunday, they make up time by treating them for ice-cream before driving to the beach. They sit on the grass, admiring the kids prancing around. Romi bends her head on Dharmendra's chest, "It's an incredible ten-year journey. When we fought our parents, they didn't believe we would have made it.
Dharmendra gently held her hand, "I always trusted my love. You were my lucky charm and. after all, you are the Queen of Hearts."
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