J for Jealousy

This post J for Jealousy is written on Day 10 as part of http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge (2015).

Things are getting out of control in my life and I am getting suffocated in this relationship with Ankita who has been bugging me for days. As we step inside college canteen, a classmate say a cheerful hi before leaving her mobile number. "Hey! Gotta run to class. You've become a rare specie. Gimme a call sometimes, soon," she waves good bye.
We settle at one of the unoccupied table and orders two cups of tea. Ankita looks at me, "So, who is that girl? Planning to call her..huh!"
"Babe", I protest. "She is an old class mate and we've been together since 12th."
"Oh! I see, so Mr Congeniality needs to catch up with the hot bitch. Dude, you are such a prick," she fumes.
I am getting irritated at her paranoid behavior of constantly checking my phone, flitting pages of my diary. I prefer not to react to her.
She tries to pacify me, "Say something, na."
"What there to say?" I am pissed at her weird behavior. I hate it when there is a trust gap in a  relationship. 
After few days, I hear from class mates that she's been asking questions about my whereabouts, whom do I go to meet after lecture and why I head to the cafe every now and then.
During the night, she calls me and start fighting with me. "I've been trying to call you several times and it seems that you are having lovey-dovey conversation with your old classmate."
I shout on the phone, "Listen! If you cannot trust me, there is little I can do and better call it quits."
She changes the tone and pretend to joke, "Hey! Chill. You got so angry. I was just kidding."
I ignore her frantic phone calls and messages. After days, I call her, "You know why I was ignoring your calls. I've heard you having an affair with this handsome neighbor of yours.
She starts crying on the phone, "How could you even think like that when the person I care the most is you? That's sad and so cheap."
I start laughing. "Exactly, Madam. You have to understand that trust matters in a relationship. It serves no purpose in doubting each other. It was my way to make you realize that both of us have a life beyond being together and romance. We have a right to have our own set of friends and that doesn't mean we are cheating each other. Space matters."
She was at a loss of words and was speechless. "Sorry baby, I got a bit jealous."
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