Skipping Condom

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"It's not the first time we were doing that so just ask him dude." Sneha walks in the chemist store as customers looks at her in sheer shock.
She retorted, "Why are you guys shocked? He's Deepak and he's my boyfriend and I dunno why he's hesitating to buy a pack of condom."
Finally she said, "Uncle just give us a pack of strawberry flavoured condom." The man on the counter said, "Rs 25 and put the pack on the counter table, happy to get rid of the insolent girl and her boyfriend. As they walked out, an elderly couple said, "Kya Zamana agaya..Unki umar to dekho not even 20, How it was different it was at our time."
She looked back at them, "What uncle, aunty? You guys never got laid in your time for the heck of it. By the way we are just 20 and love doing it. And we are not hypocrites. Have a gud day and re-kindle your sex life." The middle aged couple were crest fallen and the mouth of the lady was left open for a giid 30 seconds as a result of shock.
At the dining table, Sneha and Deepak broke into a mad, riotous laugh. Sneha tickled Deepak, "Dude, where is my Rs 500?"
He retorted, "Acha Baba, mann gayee..Girl you have guts and how you made a fool of these people and they must be cursing us and what earful you gave this poor lady. Have you seen how her mouth was left open.
Sneha lit a cigarette and smiled, "Just imagine her mouth remained like that forever due to shock?"
"Sneha stop being mean.We need to plan out who to fool next time. Let's search for our next victim or victims."
She looked at him palyfully, "Bastard, now it's your turn."
Shee opened the double- packed condom pack with her teeth and put one on his pocket and gently slipped the other piece of balloon in her handbag.
"Now I'm off. Sid is coming from Delhi and it's been painful not to have sex. I'm getting desperate." She said that as she took a Rs 500 note from Deepak.
He runs after her, "Hell, bitch!I have only Rs 50. My money yaar!!"
She laughs in a manic way and says, "Your Nihaarika is coming. What do you need money, dude? Just enjoy the fuck. You have cigarettes as aphrodisiac post sex."
She disappeared.
Very few know that Deepak and Sneha are siblings. They are more buddies and they constantly search for victims and provoke an act. Many thought that they are lovers and carry on the pretense only to turn the joke on the others.


Main Hoon Na

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The oft-repated, comforted phrase, Main Hoon Na, I will always be there for you. We always say it to a pal on phone, chat and sms. Hey, call me if you need anything. Does it sound a bell? It's the empty promises. kiddy stuffs that we make and yet we keep our promises. Oh! God! Am I getting delusional. Time for someone who will chide us, what happened last time when he or she promised you with the comforting, Main Hoon na ya Apun hai na,load mat le.
I don't think that many of us really keep up with their promise of always being there for us. It's worse than the simple I love You or I will always love you, no matter what. Equations change, situations alter as we make new chemistry and our bond changes from friend X to Y and Z. Our best friend is replaced by a new best friend who rules the heart.
Our 4 a.m friend becomes the complete stranger, Anjaana ya Anjaani oh yea yea yea..Well, that's life isn't it? This is the problem with our generation. We end up making promises that we cannot keep. What happened to this friendship. It has gone to dust. There are so many keep promises and the lamest excuses, Dude you need to move on in life or adapt to new friends in an altogether new environment and new people waiting to embrace you. I have my own priorities in life.
On that matter, I am very traditional. If I promised to someone, Main Hoon Na, I will always be there for you, I stick to my principles. I try my best to stand up for that person and be there when the person needs me. A friend will always be one.

"True Friendship withstand the test of time."
If you cannot make a promise, then don't do it. It's as simple as it gets. I don't hold a dagger to your throat and make you promise those meaningful words. Coz when you make a promise, I build a certain degree of expectations and when I need you as a friend, I expect that you will stand by me coz you are my friend not some other by-passers which I happen to cross path with everyday by exchange a Hi or What's up. I believe that in a friendship there should be mutual respect, understanding and people involved in the relationship should always be there for each other. Of course, we all have our own priorities with studies, career, family and  boy friend or girlfriend. There are other people in our relationship that counts. So is our personal space which should be respected coz at some point in life we must be alone and our own. Personal space in a friendship should not only be understood but treated with respect. Respect my space and your space is the first step towards the solid foundation for friendship.

But, if I promising something to you, my mind will not get twisted and when you are afflicted by the downslide and sorrow, I will not run away from you only to come back when everything is hunky-dory. If I do that, I do not deserve to be your friend at all. When your boyfriend or girl ditched you, I will be here coz you need to shoulder to cry. I will not here to preach and tell you where you were wrong and your ex is not ass or sleeps around. As you friend, I will only listen and try to understand. Criticisms, if any I shall it for a later time as I believe as a friend I have the right to tell you as a friend. But, not before listening to your own perspective The genuine friends are the ones who do not judge nor they do get influence by outsiders to condemn you or worse break a friendship.
As I reflect on the simple yet powerful words we constantly use as we hug our friends, I wonder whether years down the life whether we will really live up to them. The sad part is the way we utter these words as if we are saying good morning and having a cup of chai. Well, if we believe in friendship we should make an effort to mean what we say: Main Hoon Na..Bane chahe Dushman Zamana, Salamaat Rahee Dostana Hamara.
You think it's filmy?
I don't


Loved..Lost..No regrets

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Can we love,lose that someone and feel no regret all? You've loved, thinking she's the one and that you wouldn't surviving without her. She's your world and doomsday strikes. All of a sudden, differences crops in and the relationship turns sour. Time for break up. It's always very painful and takes hellish time to get out of it. I took one year and perhaps more to get out of my earlier relationship. I couldn't come to terms with it. In plainish term, I wasn't ready to accept that the relationship was over. What followed was the frantic blank calls or un returned smses..I just wanna know what went wrong and how was I to blame in the relationship? Mine was a complex story and I was ever ready to leave everything for her. But, it just din't work out the way we wanted to..
Relationships are so complex as friends comfort us..U shall overcome it. Indeed. Now the simple question is: Why that person who meant the world to you no longer makes any difference to your life? Why her name doesn't evoke anything. Yet, you were ready to fight the world to be together and the till death do us apart thing? Were there any regrets? The fights, the blame game-I'm happy I din't indulged into this one.
I fail to understand as how her name doesn't evoke anything now. Does this mean that I have moved on to better things in life. Frankly, I don't know..I really don't know. It doesn't mean that I didn't cherish the wonderful moments spent together and the first time we crossed each other or the first date. Far from that, I cherish each and every moment of us being together. I smile when thinking of these moments. Just the other day, I was going through her pics and looking at my personal diaries on the dates we met. But, honestly speaking, it was just that and nothing more. By the way, I am planning to write a novel on our moments spent together. I dunno know why I am planning for a book on our aha moments and our break up. Of course, some events will be altered and names changed. But, but, question marks and better it is left unanswered!!
Na woh bewafaa thi Na hum bewafaa tha..kya karein  hamari kismat judaa thi!!
Does it ring a bell in your ears? have you come across such a thing? Was it a learning experience and education on the essence of a relationship? Normally, I try seeking out answers and explaining what went wrong and the after math of a break up? Only, difference is that now I am trying to understand several things of what it was before and now why it doesn't make any difference. Perhaps, the person brought some changes and positive energy in our life and has gone to light a candle in another person's life. Is it the law of nature? Is there any answer to life, love and break up?
Questions sought and answers needed. As human we cling to each other and we are the biggest clingers. After all, we are human beings and all of a sudden we detach ourselves from our previous moments of life. No we don't do it with intention or motive so as not to suffer. It becomes a natural thing.



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We are living in a time where our sexual desires are repressed. Let’s face: We are sexually frustrated and our free flow of thinking process has become judgmental as a result of moral and religious influence. We have become hypocrites as we lead a life based on mistrust, prejudice and of course our male egos and superegos. Freud would die of a heart attack had he been alive.
It’s a sham. I am a man and I’m the first to admit how we snigger at a woman wearing short skirt, bare back and showing her cleavage. Yet, we voice against it in front of everyone showing how morally right we are. But, that doesn’t stop us from passing snide and leering remarks in private. We literally rape the women in our minds as we enjoy a libido.
A woman has the right to wear any form of clothes she chose to wear before venturing outside. As a civilized and democracy we must ensure that we protect and uphold the right to life and the dignity of a human being. Freewill is opposed to coercion where we are imposing a set of dress code and moral more to impede a person’s freedom.
None of the clothes wore by a woman should justify physical, emotional or psychological violence.
For starters I am referred to the slut walk that took place in Toronto when a cop asked women to avoid dressing like sluts to avoid physical violence. It’s our own Besharmi Morcha which took place on the streets of Delhi. The walk addresses several issues to the way a woman is dressed, her perception in the corporate board room. There are cases when a fully-clad woman have been subjected to sexual violence. The thoughts of the cop exist in many societies including India where a woman dressed in short skirt is viewed as an easy-lay. I find it revolting and disgusting as my own kin-read it aloud MEN indulges in such kind of behaviour and mindset.
The attitude must stop. I support the Besharmi Morcha and irrespective of its outcome, it has sparked a debate. Why just Delhi? Cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Nagpur, Punjab should come forward. Words like Slut Walk or Besharmi Morcha are just names and could have easily been termed the uprising of the fairer sex or revolution. It makes sense for such walks as cities like Delhi and Mumbai witnessed a surge of sexual violence against women. Remember on new year eve, a woman accompanied by a male companion was molested at the Gateway of India.
I am conscious that everyone supporting the cause will be subject to derision of the part of extremist political, social and feminist groups. We are not here to ply to their set of acceptable standards of behaviour. It is not just a walk but a cause for a better society. We belong to the young generation and in today’s times when a woman rules in the board of directors of Pepsico we cannot afford to be ruled by sexist attitudes or male sexual domination. It is a time to act as it is our lives. It belongs to us and not to some so-called predators. Who gave the right to put a judgment and the right to rape and kill?
Who gives me the right to call someone a ‘randi’? What is a randi? I am a male. I can be randi as well. I may well sell my soul for money like many CEOs or politicians do.
It’s sad how we men tend to look at women and we are only too happy not to remove our tinted glassed. It suits us and our interests. It boost our dominance and sexual ego. Perching on a high position, the tinted glasses gives me the right to force myself sexually on a women in exchange for promotion, both from a physical and psychological point of view? Who gives me the right to do so and brandish someone showing her breast that she is willing around with everyone?


Headline of the Day, better things in life:Move on ,baby

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11 dies in bomb blast in Delhi..Delhi court blast:11 blast, 74 injured.

Black Wednesday: 11 killed, 76 injured as terror returns to Delhi

A policeman carries a wounded blast victim at the RML Hospital in New Delhi following a bomb blast......
At least 11 people were killed and 76 injured, when a powerful bomb exploded at a crowded gate of Delhi High Court this morning. About 2 kg of explosives were used in the blast according to the Home Ministry. Meanwhile, the Centre and Delhi government have announced a compensation of Rs 4 lakh and Rs 2 lakh respectively to the next of the kin of those killed in the blast.

Here's a look at one of the headline in answer to today's blast. Then comes the real natak..the usual bhashan of netas and TV will follow suit with their stupid debate..Can India win over terror?  For starters, I am tired with this crap of responding to such gimmicks on the web page of the likes of Mid Day and TOI or NDTV. I ain't gonna vote and tell. Today, I was sad for the blast victims and that's it. I chose not to give any importance to the blast. Better ignore it. It's pointless to sit and work on solutions. Nothing gonna change as a result of the lack of goodwill. The PM can talk, so can amul baby face, Rahul..Yet, nothing will be done. The best thing to do is to carry on with our respective lives. In the name of TRP, the media is giving too much importance to terrorists. This is what they want: Coverage and hit the hardest and what better partner: The Indian media is always up for grabs. As the above picture suggest: Take us along, baby and let shamelessly put the picture of an innocent life.
Now the reason I've put the picture taken from HT is to show the insensitivity on the part of the media. It's my way to show and let know how I condemn usage of such pictures to boost TRP.
Case closed: No more argument on the subject. Let's not attach importance to it and get on with our life
Moving on to better things or stuffs in life. I just finished reading Times Traveller's Wife. A book of absolute beauty which I rounded in less than 10 days. So far so great. I got another one, The Joy and Sorrows at Work. As a colleague pointed out the other day, at we only have sorrows, sorrows and sorrowly. Interesting point but highly debated though. After I round up with Joy and Sorrows at work, me shall put a brand new post inspired by the book and my life on the matter.
It happened last Sunday. I woke up aaram se at 10. Read some stuffs and there were plans to read some books, watch some DVD movies and what else, starting a short story or better still work on my script. I received a call from a senior editor at office. Apparently, there was a crunch of staff and if I can fill in. I was silent for a few seconds, weighed the pros and cons. Adhered to that though reached office one and  a half hour late. Then, one realizes that it's part of the job. Can it be termed as sorrow? I think yea but it's how we frame our state of mind. But, but I've been rewarded by getting 3 consecutive offs..How? On Saturday everyone is off, my sunday off fall on that day and the off was restored on Monday. So enough to laze around, read, write, blog and sleep. Well, that's definitely the happy part of being at work. One thing for sure: This was appreciated and it means a lot for an employee.
Finally I will be able to get two week or perhaps few days more towards December so that I can enjoy my holiday. I badly need a break. I conveyed my wish to boss and I just wanna write an aplication and what follows shall be the negotiation. I can't wait to picture myself on the beach in Goa and really looking forward to visit amchi Pumbaikar( I am one..my love is torn between both cities..well..no clue..take a guess). Looking forward to meet old friends, make new ones and let loose.
Guess me gonna catch a movie on DvD in some time. Tomorrow I shall wake up early and attend duty..Time to make some contacts as I am venturing into reporting job. I believe that someone can be a reporter with responsibilty and don't bring news at the cost of human lives or invent lives. We belong to the new generation and together we can and shall make a difference.
1) Never do something out of obligation-be it reading, boozing, dating or writing. Just let yourself be.

2) Never shy away from finding love

3) Make love not war

4) Kiss and make love with passion.

5) Don't get carried away and indulge in silly bantering.

6)Just be.

Be creative





Below 25: Sorry patron..you are too small to have a drink!!!!

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Criminals may not be born, they are created through a monster called stupid laws and legislation. The brain behind them: Government. They dare say that we young people are not responsible enough and that they should be the one deciding what is morally good and bad for us. How ridiculous! I mean it is insane coz we don't know what we are doing with our life. Congress is claiming paternity is our new age mai Baap..as if we are some fucking chutiya..please pardon my language. Our new age self claimed parents have raised the drinking age from 18 to 25.
I don't know. We are living in a time where double standard is the norm of the day. Every time political activists of the main political parties visit Mumbai for their so-called conferences or seminars, well find out where they are after the conference. IT IS A FACT: They are in Kamathipuran. And, they dare teach us morality and have the guts to bring the legal drinking age to 25. Their point is: We young people are immature and don't know what we are doing. C'mon, get a life. If someone has the right to vote at the age of 18, it means that the person has the legitimate right to have a glass of whisky or Vodka. If people can have sex at the age of 18 and in many cases below that, then where is the stupid argument of no BOOZE below 18. It's such crap and utter nonsense.
We are young but we are not irresponsible or idiots that we don't know what to do in our life. A 20 year old can write book, go for an MBA or can be practise as a lawyer or can aspire to become an MP. By the way where all the young MPs? Why are they silent or are they toeing the party line in the garb of hypocrisy? Statistics has shown that many who are beyond 30 or 40 or even 60 something uncles go home drunked, beat their wives and forcibly fuck. Then those adopted fathers and mothers can also pass a law: Increase the voting age to 25 or the marriage age to 25. Since the young people don't have the maturity to drink, they do not have the maturity to get marriage and indulge in the fucking game. Similarly, they don't have the maturity to vote. I dare those bloody non-sensical hypocrites to do that.
Better still, don't issue a licence for driving till he or she has reached the age of 25. Whenever something has been banned, it's all for grabs. Trust me on that. The ban on alcohol for youngsters will lead to a thriving black market. Same case for weed. We all know that it's illegal in India as well as in many countries to have a toke but this illegal market is a flourishing business. I think it's time for those politicians to get some education on real issues affecting the country  You have the guts to risk my life by letting terrorists attack my state, city or country every 2 years. Still, you have the fucking gut to tell..oh! sorry!..not to tell me but order that I cannot drink.
I am not condoning the abuse of alcohol. I know for sure that alcohol has destructive effects for not just the individual but also for the family and society at large. I am only hitting at the hypocrisy of our society. My point is simple: I am not stupid and I have a right to make a choice for my life. I have the right to be in a live-in relationship, to have sex at whatever age I chose to and with whom. It's not to the government to come forward and draft some stupid laws when they have just woken up from their leniency or dream.
At the time I am writing a post, a terrorist attack has just hit the capital city Delhi at the court where 11 people have been killed and 62 injured.
Now will our respected netas tell us why they can protect us from terror attacks? Still they want to teach us as to how to lead our lives? I leave it to your own conclusion. Looks like some people just woke up from their dreams, imagining it to be our reality.