Below 25: Sorry patron..you are too small to have a drink!!!!

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Criminals may not be born, they are created through a monster called stupid laws and legislation. The brain behind them: Government. They dare say that we young people are not responsible enough and that they should be the one deciding what is morally good and bad for us. How ridiculous! I mean it is insane coz we don't know what we are doing with our life. Congress is claiming paternity is our new age mai Baap..as if we are some fucking chutiya..please pardon my language. Our new age self claimed parents have raised the drinking age from 18 to 25.
I don't know. We are living in a time where double standard is the norm of the day. Every time political activists of the main political parties visit Mumbai for their so-called conferences or seminars, well find out where they are after the conference. IT IS A FACT: They are in Kamathipuran. And, they dare teach us morality and have the guts to bring the legal drinking age to 25. Their point is: We young people are immature and don't know what we are doing. C'mon, get a life. If someone has the right to vote at the age of 18, it means that the person has the legitimate right to have a glass of whisky or Vodka. If people can have sex at the age of 18 and in many cases below that, then where is the stupid argument of no BOOZE below 18. It's such crap and utter nonsense.
We are young but we are not irresponsible or idiots that we don't know what to do in our life. A 20 year old can write book, go for an MBA or can be practise as a lawyer or can aspire to become an MP. By the way where all the young MPs? Why are they silent or are they toeing the party line in the garb of hypocrisy? Statistics has shown that many who are beyond 30 or 40 or even 60 something uncles go home drunked, beat their wives and forcibly fuck. Then those adopted fathers and mothers can also pass a law: Increase the voting age to 25 or the marriage age to 25. Since the young people don't have the maturity to drink, they do not have the maturity to get marriage and indulge in the fucking game. Similarly, they don't have the maturity to vote. I dare those bloody non-sensical hypocrites to do that.
Better still, don't issue a licence for driving till he or she has reached the age of 25. Whenever something has been banned, it's all for grabs. Trust me on that. The ban on alcohol for youngsters will lead to a thriving black market. Same case for weed. We all know that it's illegal in India as well as in many countries to have a toke but this illegal market is a flourishing business. I think it's time for those politicians to get some education on real issues affecting the country  You have the guts to risk my life by letting terrorists attack my state, city or country every 2 years. Still, you have the fucking gut to tell..oh! sorry!..not to tell me but order that I cannot drink.
I am not condoning the abuse of alcohol. I know for sure that alcohol has destructive effects for not just the individual but also for the family and society at large. I am only hitting at the hypocrisy of our society. My point is simple: I am not stupid and I have a right to make a choice for my life. I have the right to be in a live-in relationship, to have sex at whatever age I chose to and with whom. It's not to the government to come forward and draft some stupid laws when they have just woken up from their leniency or dream.
At the time I am writing a post, a terrorist attack has just hit the capital city Delhi at the court where 11 people have been killed and 62 injured.
Now will our respected netas tell us why they can protect us from terror attacks? Still they want to teach us as to how to lead our lives? I leave it to your own conclusion. Looks like some people just woke up from their dreams, imagining it to be our reality.
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