Tale of my quirky insurance agent

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I'm bad at saving money. It's the time to confess that. I've been working for the past 2 years after I passed out from college and university and whatever I save in bank end up in the dumps. I'm short of cash and ATM card guided my me is whittled away gradually. Counselled by Mom and my bua I agreed to meet an Insurance agent on Friendship day. The guy is the insurance agent of my bua and after much coaxing I gave in and on a Sunday this guy paid me a visit.
Uhhhh! There is nothing wrong with the insurance plan. In fact, it is a pretty decent one and me think that I'm gonna go with it. It's flexible and schemes can be changed to suit my fancy. I can easily move from one plan to another and claim the money and take loanable facilities. The problem is the guy. He's affatus but what irritated me is that on a busy Sunday, he made the history of the company and trying to hard sell his company too much. For starters, I wanna tell him, cut the crap dude, I know you represented a damn good company and I've done enough research on this one. But, but this guy was going on and on..blah!blah!blah! You know our company has been there for a long time, our shares are quoted on the stock exchange..Only thing remaining for the guy to do was to indulge in some kind of oria. I was feeling so cloyed as he started praise my intellect..Hell! you hardly know me and how come you know that I am very intelligent to the point of being a genuis.
It was getting on me as I don't have patience to do so on a Sunday and especially listening to an agent spouting. Finally, I interrupted him by offering him a cup of tea which he refused. Thank God he asked for a glass of water so that I can get up and get him. Finally after 30 minutes he explained the plan to me. Invest Rs 1000 bucks for a period of 20 years and I shall get Rs 800,000. Waise bhi!!! Who has the patience to wait for 20 years to cash on the money. That was funny. I listened patiently and smiling on those fucking 20 years. A toast to the flexible term which I can change next year by invest a lil more...god help me so that I can cash in the money in some 6 to 7 years.
Funniest thing but not pleasant to one's ears..In an event something happens to you and you end up dying....Yea he actually said that..Your relatives will get the money immediately..Abe Madarchod! If I die I won't even enjoy the money in pa
rlok..what the fuck is that someon else will enjoy my hard earned money? Fuckong asshole I've been slogging my butt so that some guy in the family enjoy my money. Certainly not my mom! She won't feel like taking the money of her son and I don't intend to get married by now...
This is nothing. His best is yet to come!!! It is a good thing that you are investing so that when you marry you can plan ahead and finance your children's higher education. WTF!!!!!I'm not married and this fucker is after my life. I wanna invest wisely and enjoy the monetary gains and not for children..hmm! U not married. You should so that you are not too old when your children are going to university. Asshole! Did I asked your opinion when I should get married?! Bloody loser, why do you wanna screw my life?!
Never mind. I'm going ahead with his plan since it is a good one. No! I'm not waiting for 20 years and wish to get the money very soon. There is another insurance agent, a very pretty gal who's been after me so that she can prepare a plan for me. Every time, she calls I just manage to tell her, next time.Lat time, she called and insisted for us to meet, told her to call me in 2 months..Had to ward her evil spirit off coz she was like,tell when you were born and your occupation so that I can prepare a plan for you..Holy shit! Difficult to get rid of those species...Insurance people are indeed quirky....WTF
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