Plan B

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Do you have an alternative plan in the dimensional flow of life? Life is like 3 D movie as you embark on the wonderful journey of life . We all have dreams since childhood and wants to live our passion as a free bird. However, somehow there is the period of struggle when we aspire to become a writer, actor or singer. Plan B comes into being. Till the time we search for work, we must survive. We must fend for food.
How do we do it? Plan B is when your academic degree provides a helping hand and the much needed back up. If you are an Economics graduate, for example, join a bank or any MNC or corporate house and earn some money. That way, you are not going to starve and are being paid. In the mean time, you can always keep your passion alive, make your contacts and meet producers as well as making your videos. That way, your money can help you follow your passion. One may argue, though living in an expensive city like Mumbai is not easy and there is no way you can use money earned from Plan B to make our passion come alive. To that I argue so many of us have done it and it's better to have Plan B than starve in life. John Abraham holds an MBA and was a media planner in an advertising company.
There many things which merit a Plan B. I have always wanted to become an actor, a film director and also planning to write a book. But, in terms of turning into a full fledged writer it does not always pays since you are a new bie on the market. Publishers will not put their money on someone new on the market and it's also humanely impossible to act in a movie or direct on your own. Baby! You need the moolah. But, but nothing is impossible. Besides, social and professional networks like FaceBook and Linkedin gives you a platform where you can market your book. Blog adda is also there. Worse, create a blog and blog spot offers facilities where your posts can be easily converted into a book. You can well write your scripts and let people know on net. Besides, a handy digi cam can shoot your short film. It's the world of endless possibilities.
I am working as a reporter and a sub-editor in a newspaper. I regularly write for the paper and it's a good motivation to slowly work on my script and book. I am presently writing on a collection of short stories though I struggle hard to find the time to so. But, at least Plan B is working. I am able to earn and slowly pursuing my dreams. However, I could have done more and need to constantly challenge myself to do so. PLAN B is damn important in this beautiful journey of life. I have just realized it. There was a time when I was damned fed up of my job and was seriously waiting to call it quits. I happy I didn't!!!When I imagine what would be my plight without a job!!!! I wonder how I would lament on my stupidity..I was planning to go on a spiritual quest, from Dharam shaala to Goa and of course visiting exotic places like Malaysia, Paris and Brazil..Honey! Honey! money needed for that!
Planning to quit a job and concentrate on your passion and tour the world or take an MBA or an alternate degree..no problem is that? The hitch is to start planning from now. Start saving for the rainy days, grow your professional network tree and make sure that you get some freelance job where you can sit by your laptop and devote two days per week so that your expenses are covered.
Have a great Day..a sequel to this one might see the light of the day
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