Two strangers on rampage

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We fought each other today.
We haven't even met once.
A new meaning to the buzz 'social network'
We have been arguing on the merits of each other's state.
I reason with her, My state is better than yours' as she reposted,'No mine better.'
The meaningless bickering of a couple who woke up to horror ofter making love to each other.
There is so much love in the fights.
Then, we teased each other.
We don't need to try too hard on each other as our lips plucker in our wildest and craziest imagination.
Distance seperates us, age is a misnomer.
Battle knows no age.
Everything seems fair in war seems to be our motto today.
It's been an unusual interaction.
We ain't a couple.
Plain strangers who crossed each other through Zuckerberg's baby.
Hey Mark do you have the slightest idea what you just did to us?!
Dude, you played with our emotions and created a rift between two distinct personalities.
The world of two extremes.
One shall call it a chance meeting.
Strangers don't just say hi and go on an innocent coffee blind date to hold hands and make love.
We do fight.
This one is a different kind of relationship.
We connect to fight.
It's a crazy and mad world.
Anything can happen. 
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