Sex up your orgasmic pleasures

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Good sex, bad sex, pleasure sex...Let's hear it all for your referencing pleasures, sensual orgasm....
Time pass sex-sprang out of boredom 
Buddy sex-Friends with benefits or no strings attached sex
Grown up sex-arrrg! is there anything called as such
Mature sex-as if 35 plus old sex..wanna know it ain't different from our version of sex..u wanna say ours is a mature..uncles and aunties sex is sex
Fun sex-sex on the beach or in the car amidst loud music
Same sex-homosex and lesbians sex..some chicks get a libido viewing homo sex and guys sexual adrenaline rushes in for lesbians kissing and screwing it the right way.
Sexting-haha sms about sex..having sex on sms..plzzzz note chat sex or Facebook sex.undressing and having sex over chat. Now, speak about faking an orgasm..yeah!that's it
Summer sex-nopes people do have sex in both winter and summer. Though they mite do it differently.
Spicy sex-spice your sex love with strawberries,goji berries, ginger, chilly. Now, that's a red hot sex.
Kamasutra sex- As we pay obeisance to our forefathers, we indulge in different sexual positions in the hot tube, the tble and living room. By the way, have you heard of bicycle or car position?Lolzz, just kidding.
Monday blue sex- the perfect way to kick the Monday blues..wake up very early....have great, passionate sex. Go back to sleep,wake up and have sex again. Then, get dressed for office. Nothing better to beat the Monday Blues..Or call it,blue sex.Paint your room blue, dress in blue and paint your body Blue.
Weekend sex-rent some raunchy DvD's. Don't step out of home during the weekend. Buy wine beforehand, switch off the cell phone and landline, close the door and don't open it for anyone. In short, withdraw yourselves from the world and have full on sex.
Beach water sex-For a change, rent a car to Goa. Get naughty on the beach and have sex in sea water. Wow! What a therapy! Beach water sex. The best sex therapy ever. Never tried it but have a sex feeling that I'm gonna love it!!!!!
Friday sex-Friday end of the week where you slogged your ass in the office. Plain ude-u gotta get laid. Take your partner to some happy hour... Fuck the Friday release. Have lotsa beer, cuddle and kiss as it's the first step to goodie goodie sex..Sex-it up in the car,then continue it in the bathroom where you partner shall soap you all over the body. You do the same to her. Have spa sex as an alternative.Then, dim the light as you celebrate Friday sex in the bathroom. After all, you deserve Friday sex.
Sex it up.
Have great sex.


The Future and beyond

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Looking into the futuristic glass, I see my own reflection.
Getting carried by my dreams, I see my life at a turning point.
Dreams are the distant illusion of a life to be lived.
Yet, our memories has been programmed.
It crashed. It is rebooted.

The glass of future or getting carried in the future,through dreams to let us know of an upcoming event or incident which will affect our lives. How many of us actually believe that they are signs which tries to warn us of impending incidents or events?
According to psychologists, premonitions form part of our birthright. Our capacity for them is part of our original equipment. Well, I have started to believe to a certain extent coz when someone goes wrong I can sense it or I'm brought to face the events in my dreams. I have some personal experience in life which has shocked my own self.I'm like later,O!God!Why did you chose to tell me?
It was in 2007 and strangely I wasn't able to sleep for more than 6 months. Me was awake throughout the night and worrying for no reasons. I sensed something was wrong somewhere but didn't want to delve further.
The time I would fall sleep, some weird dreams was taking me somewhere. Once, I dreamed that I was at the bus stop and someone was telling me that my Dad was looking for girl so that I get married.It was much against my wishes. But I didn't see dad.
In another dream, I was walking in the subway at Churchgate station as I got out of the station looking for a cab, I saw dad. I smiled and went to speak to him. He gave me a stern look. I was startled. He didn't said anything to me when I tried to speak to him. He didn't replied back.Back to reality. When I called mom and asking to speak to Dad, mom told me that he has gone to work or his medical check up or even better that he was sleeping. Didn't noticed anything at that time though I had a gut feeling coz whenever I spoke to Mom, he would rush to speak to me.Or,call me himself every now and then to enquire about my studies, narrating me stories what's been been happening with X and Y and whom he met last time or whether I am eating properly and whether I need money.
Months later, I received a call on a Saturday that Dad is seriously ill and that he is in a coma. I was crest fallen and didn't knew how to react. I was dismayed and shocked. Tried to pray and hardly slept during the night and it was the first time I ever read the Bhagvad Gita to get inner peace and sleep so that the next day I can travel back home. Once home, went to the hospital and couldn't recognize Dad. Thank God, he get out of the coma and seemed to be slowly recovering. He stayed in the hospital for one week and was discharged one week later. He seemed well,ate something and slept. We were relieved.
When I woke up the next day, Mom told me that she had a dream and a cute, pretty and fair old lady came in the house and smiled at Mom. She stood there. My immediate reaction was, it's Dadi. I have never seen her but what I could garner from relatives that she was very beautiful, short and fair and she died when Dad was 2 years old. We were to spend a long day and Dad health started to fail and we were not able to move him from the bed and he was refusing to take pills. He passed away in the afternoon.
Perhaps if someone told me about their experience, I would have listened and perhaps not believe, thinking it's some illusion. It happened with me. It's the gut instinct and my inner self prepared me for something ahead. Always trust the soul.I always trust signs of the future event or inner self.


Seasons change, Relations change

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 Computers crash, people die, relationships go haywire...the best u can do is breathe n reboot. How true and how  computers and our lives have a strange but close relationships. Well, seen this profile update on my friend's G chat, Seasons change, Relations change and People change. It really hurts a lot when people who matters a lot to us suddenly start behaving so strangely and weirdly as if we never existed. It creates a lot of hurt in us as we ponder, what have we done to deserve all this and it takes us a while to come to terms with it. As a result,,we end up becoming ruthless and wanna hit back on people. We may become so insecure on entering into a new relationship as we know that if things may not turn up in our way, we may may end up hurting ourselves a lot. Some of us often end up being a recluse or enter platonic relationship, being buddy relationship with benefits like plain sex at will since it is fulfilling our needs.Well, well..things happen that way but we would not certainly risk a beautiful relationship with close friends just to fulfill some sexual needs. It will instantly kill the relationship.
Was speaking to a friend yesterday. She was telling me how S on whom she had a crush has started behaving strangely. S used to come to her flat and they would naturally hang around for coffee and all. They were kind of enjoying being together but for some reason or another, they were not dating. Then , there was the pretty T who was a good mate of my friend. They were staying in the same flat.Last week,T happened to see S but as she wanna say hi to him, the latter turned his back on her.How insensitive and ungentlemanly!!!I mean,it's so weird, not to say cheap! A case in point as to how people change with times.
There are people with whom we spent wonderful times together and we cherish every moment of being together. But, when the other person behaves in a weird manner, albeit,refusing to acknowledge our existence, be it through sms,mail, chat or face to face it really disappoints us. We wanna know the reason for the change of feelings.What harm have I done to him or her?Has they got new friends who replaced us in their hearts..Is it way to say dude we moved on!Yeah dude, fine we all need to move on..but, there are certain relationships for which respect must be given, certainly we weren't time pass friends, nor were we fuck buddies. We did spent wonderful times and promised that we will always think of each other and fondly remember the wonderful moments spent together.
By nature, I am a very emotional moments when it comes to friends and my loved ones. There are some friends with whom I'm in touch and am always the first to say hi on phones or via chat. There are others with whom we are not really in touch.But, the distance always melt my heart as I fondly remember moments spent together as if it was just yesterday. My good wishes remain forever with them and pray to god that they do very well in life. i wonder what my life would've been without them. I've grown as a person as like radio mirchi RJ used to say yeh college ki uaadein hamesha saat rahenge I say yeh doston hamesha zindagi mein saath denge..
However, there were some disappointments my friends as you chose to turn a deaf ear to my existence..you don't wanna reply to my Hi..It hurts and pains me a lot but then that's life. I will always think good of you and wish that there is a change of hurt and when we meet, we shall run, hug each other and fondly recollect our college days memories where we laughed so much with each other.
Never mind, I am also eternally grateful to God that there friends who still matters a lot. When the call, I get such a high from life as I thank the sky for blessing me with such great friends and human beings.We may not be in touch every day but I know they care a lot for me and when we speaks, I can feel the warmth and love. At least, seasons may change but the relationships with some people has withstood the test of time and will always.I recognize them.
Time may come and go.
But, you were the ones who were always with me and remained so forever.
You were my friend and was the one I could turned to in times of distress.
You were my support and was always there, reassuring me.
Time elapsed.
Yet, you changed as I ponder, what have I done to you my friend.
You just went way like the end of the season, never to come back.
Yet, I shall always keep you in my heart.
You are special to me.
Remember, we have fond memories of life spent together.
Perhaps, destiny has some other plans.


Waiting for his prey

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Preying on his target the hunter sits and wait in the scorching sun.
He has been waiting since the wee hours in the morning.
Yet,not a single animal came.
He was praying that even if he gets a rabbit,his kids would not sleep on an empty stomach.
He's perspiring and left his gun to drink some water from the lake.
He heard the tiger roars and could hear the animal thumping its claws.
He could sense the presence of the animal.
He jumped on his feet and came back to the spot.
His gun didn't moved.
Yet, there were no signs of the animal.
He felt asleep and when he woke up there were no signs if animals, forests.
The trees and branches were not moving.
He again went to the lake to drink water,thinking today is yet another day.
As he bend his head on the surface of the water, a valiant force dragged him inside.
He was too frozen to cry for help.
His body flaoted on the water surface.


Illusion of Life

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On our way to reach a new high in life, we roll the grass into the cigarette rolls.
To accompany us into our journey, we blast rock music as we inhale our first, second and third puff as we pass the joint.
We are attaining salvation and are taken in another world.
Suddenly, we feel our bodies are slowly moving upwards as we see the earth and its people.
It's another world we are in, free from material bondage and attachment.
Slowly, we are nearing the sky, birds and angels.
Alas!The more we feel we gotta reach them, they are moving far away from us.
Salvation is a long distance call.
To reach there, we shall meet stumbling blocks and pass through a long journey filled with riddles.
Some call it the longest journey of life.
Who needs holy men, babas to guide us to the road less travelled?
It's something to be experienced from within and seen through our own eyes and  to feel within. 
Suddenly, we are brought down in the world habitated by humans, animals, cars and buildings.
As try get up, I see that everubody are sleeping.
Sonali is smiling in sleep and she's travelling with Amit, Shiji and Adi.
I shall not disturb them and let them enjoy the high, the other world bereft of sensual pleasures, materialistic pursuits.
I take a cigarette and goes for a walk to see the sunrise.
I experienced beauty and am going to admire the aesthetic scenery.
As for the rest, they shall be brought back to the earth and follow their steps.
Nothing is permanent in life.
Beauty is felt from within. 
Life is something to be felt deep inside, not necessarily to experienced.
I call it Good Morning.

All Work,No Play..Jack's a dull boy

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Time: 01.00 a.m, Monday morning.
Honestly speaking, there were no plans to blog at this odd hour. I should've been on the bed happily sleeping or reading some newspaper and stuffs..My soul doesn't sleep before 2 a.m in the morning. College-hangover-habit-whatever you may call. Acha! I tell you a secret don't leak it out..jus came from work.
Well, well no post for me since Thursday..I've been having trouble with my net connection since two weeks, the connection appearing and then disappearing. It's been damn irritating. I mean I pay for this damn thing and the ISP behave as if it's all fine. Customer care is a lost word in today's world. Magically, miraculously I have the connection right now,so i jumped on the occasion. kya pati kal ho na ha..
The good news is that I have got myself a brand new cell phone-not the latest though.. Nokia C 3. It is quipped with wireless net connection, 2.0 camera whose clarity is awesome and Qwerty pad..I just can't get enough of it. I just love the large screen.It's so much me and looks like my identity is carved in my new handset. It's classy but very youthful and super cool. Basically which truly represents the real me. We are simply made for each other. Rest assured,photo shall come morrow..provided of course, the connection works and not the blimk-and-miss connection that I'm being provided.
Wondering how behaal my haal will be in one week's time.coz I splurged 3000 bucks on a new levis denim and of course the phone.Shall plead with Mom to bail me out..Terrible expenses but addictive. But, but as long as we make ourselves happy from time to time, it's not harmful. A treat is what it is. Never mind,planning to get another levis on June 24,my budday..start saving for dat baby. We do work hard and sometimes we should splurge and indulge and pamper ourselves. Or else, no charm in living life which may end up being so boring..All work and No play make Jack a dull boy..Except, I'm a new version of Jack-o..masti!full on masti.
m really looking forward for Dum Maro Dum towards the month end. The concept sounds interesting though as  a foot-tapping number the title track is cool and the chick,Anushka Manchandani has a sensual, sexy voice. But,nothing like Asha-tai..Her version of Dum Maro Dum is way beyond and nothing can beat the original version. Actually, dis one is a poor copy, not to say pathetic..Am I not in synch with what I am saying..
It's time to say good nite to Mr Blog..Inshaallah, we shall meet tomorrow if God wills the net..Lotsa stuffs to tell.
Have a great night.


Murgi, daal aur Briyani

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Saloni Sigh-Narang. Status:Former top model, in 40s, Page 3 socialite in Mumbai-Delhi circuit. Married to Abhishek Singh, billionaire and industrialist. Plans to venture into film making.
Saloni is the envy of countless WAG's, bachelorettes and party boppers for sealing the deal of being a Mrs Singh. She's frowned upon,looked with envy and jealously. In her kitty parties, Saloni bitch against Mr Husband for giving her a raw deal, neglecting her and for an unsatisfying sex life. Yet, she stays in the relationship coz there is no gold digger around. She never miss an opportunity to thrash Abhishek.
Why do we live so much to ourselves? I haven't been able to find an answer to that. Yet, we end up being frustrated with our married life and fear of being judged to society. Money is a chain, a shackle which binds us in a relationship and yet we thrash the husband which provides for the typical rich woman luxury. She affords her travel, kitty parties, branded perfumes and clothes as well as sleeping with young boys half her age. Call it the rich woman-power hungry syndrome.
I feel it is unfair that you live off him,piggy back on his success and public tear him. Yet, they bemoan their fate. At the same time, such couples are not willing to speak and communicate so as to remove any kind of misunderstanding. So far they are happy as long as society is happy..Arre log kya kahenge abe samaaj ki aise ki taise..Live your life. You've been born once. If you chose to be in the relationship and enjoy the glamour and sex, at least refraIn from loathing Mr Husband in public. Sure, you express it to remove your frustration. But, does it solve the problem. I am afraid not!!!It's a big NO.
I think efforts should be made on the part of both spouses to appreciate each other's kindness. Sadly,both are at fault and neither wan abreak away for fear of being judged. The fact is we are living double lives and to a certain extent the life o0f an unknown individual(Sach Kadwa lagta hai). I'm sorry guys that the way I view this tamashaa of some people fooling themselves. This is one thing I cannot imagine myself doing. This is very hypocrite.
Fine,you love the trapping of this kind of relationship with all the associated perks. Simple si baat! Then, stay in the relationship and stop whining or bring your problem in a public place or even entertain guests so as to get sympathy.It is very disrespectful to one's partner when you bring bedroom problems in a party. then, why did you guys tied the knot? Questions which shall remain unanswered coz I know not many among us are willing to question our self-beliefs and our own existence. The ego is too big and it's a trap. Be magnanimous in your relationship. Accept everything with a smile on your face. Accept the relationship the way it is and make amends and hoping that tomorrow is a new day. Things will improve. Who knows, you might appreciate each other's reality and him or her too.
This is not without saying that men don't do it. We men do it too while were sloshed. Frankly, I pity such men who will label their better half as sluts to play down their inadequacies as individuals and human beings. We have been formed in such a manner to label a person. Among our friends, we pretend to be the roaring lion and inside the home, we don't communicate. Deep inside, we are unhappy. So chill guys. Be prepared to talk to your partner and still shall things remain in a stand still, be ready to seperate or call it quits. At least, it's better than fooling yourself and be unhappy in a relationship bearing society's stamp. Arre yaar!Who needs society's approval? It's your life and you earn your money. Live your life and shall bow to U.......
Be happy in life.Love knocks when you least expect it. Be ready to explore life and never say No to a new relationship.


Afridi!Poor loser!Wicket dropper

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O!Afridi!Dear Afridi! Are you ill?We Indians are praying that you shall get well soon..O!Boy!We can understand being rammed and slammed by India in the semis is making you sick..Jawab dena pada hai na Pakistani government ko na!Hum log samaaj the hai.
We Indians are very big hearted and during the World Cup we went out of your way to welcome the Pakistanis whom we consider as brothers and sisters. You know why?Because we consider you guys to be one of us sinve we come from the same soil.
Now, what's wrong wid you boy?At one moment, you love us. The next moment you term us as unloving people and we have to go a long way to become like pakistanis. You even went further saying that all peace talks between India and Pakistani should be scrapped since you don't wanna any peace with us.O!Afridi boy!Poor loser!Wicket dropper! I'm sure the loving people in Pakistan must be laughing at your idiotic antic. So desperate boy, to get the love of your people and justify your ineffectiveness on the field. Boy! Concentrate on your game and be a good boy.
O!Afridi! What a brainless asshole you are! You may well join the Taliban or the hardliners who preach hatred in the world. Or, were you threatened by them to make anti-Indian statements? Very possible,everything is possible boy..O!Afridi boy. It's a way to hide the effectiveness of your who were slammed by India at Mohali. At least!Boy! Take a leaf from Sachin. The more successful he becomes, the more self-depreciating he is. Try at least once to be humble and stop being so arrogant coz a jackass like you doesn't deserve.
What happened boy?Looks like you still haven't digested the defeat. I believe that sports makes one become more wise,intelligent, respectful but unfortunately, I can see any one of these qualities in you.Poor boy!One day you love us!The next you hate us..telling we are not capable of any love.Listen boy. We Indians don't need any lesson from you.

Mug crazy!dis one red Nescafe

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A new coffee mug adorns my kitchen collection since yesterday. Been eyeing the bright red Nescafe mug on the shleves of supermarkets since the last four months. Buy a 200 grams Nescafe and get a complimentary cup as gift. I've been an avid collector of mug since I realised it. But, can't recollect since when? Must be during my college days in Pune. Still remember a fancy mug bought in a 49&99 gift shop..Well got it for 99 bucks..Good deal. It was at Sagar Arcade on FC Road.Sweet memories. Yes! Indeed!
Got lotsa mugs at home.Me keep buying them and have a similar fetiche for pens of all kinds.Historically cannot write with a single pen and need to experiment with different inks. same thing with mugs.Lost a prized, yet cheap maroon mug in office. Last week, Mom bought two nice an dattractive maroon coloured mugs. It's crazy but I am beaming like a child at the sight of my red coloured Nescafe mug. There is smiley on both sides of the beautiful designed Nescafe mug. Thank you, Nescafe.
Like a child possessively grabbing a toy, I can't let ma Nescafe mug go beyond my sight. I had coffee in it thrice since the last 36 hours. But, the same cup, same colour, same design,it's not ma first Mug. Had a similar Nescafe mug in Pune and bought a Nescafe box for 100 bucks just for this mug. When I moved to mumbai,left it in Adi's flat, at least for the sake of his memory for our crazy times together. But, this time I ain't let this one go, far away from my eyes. I love my mug. I just can't get over it. I'm a jilted lover for my red coloured mug. Bright and sexy and it spell romance and lust.
What say?!My mug,O!my mug. 


Till you are, I am

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Till you were, I am. 
The radiant smile exuded as you playfully seduce me with the hand stroke on your long fair.
It was love, what we throught of it.
We displayed an element of lust even without being physical with each other.
The way you smile after you wake up by my side. 
When I bring you flowers, the sensual manner you would say, so sweet, so cute.
Till you were, we were together,locking in our passion for love.
Alas! We knew that it would end,sooner or later.
Coz every relationship reaches an expiry date.
Our were not meant to be understood by the watchers.
It was a different kind of love.
We taught each other so much.
Or,love taught so much.
The need to love selflessly, creating our own space and embrace life.
The Almighty brought us together so that we can elevate in our respective lives.
It is the lesson of love.
Lessons we shall taught new people we meet throughout the span of our lives.
Love is not permanent. Nor is sex and lust.
It is a condition of being.
We are flesh in human form and yet we aren't.
We think we are in love with each other since we are together.
The truth is that we long each other obsessively since we are in the habit of being with each other.
We becomes addiction to each other.
When the times comes,let's get rid of this addiction.
Some call it break up.


Vaada raha..Poonam Pababe jus do it

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A vaada is a vaada is a vaada..Pan..babe of the Poonam, you promised to strip for our Indian team and for Indians..Remmember, vaada kiya to nibhana padega na...R u waiting for Vijay Mallya permission to strip??Ooops!U wanna King Fisher beer.It's my favourite and I can offer u  a whole pack of KF.
Now, stop dilly-dallying n just do it..don't worry bout moral police..No one listens to Shiv Sena or Raj Thackeray nowadays.I'm sure Team India will be happy for the treat. We are Indians and know how to take care of the fucked up extremists-cum-hardliners..Phuleeze u can take care of them.I'm sure if you strip for them as well, they will look for other issues. Who doesn't know Raj Thackeray???
I'm not bantering dear Poonam..You started it and I'm just following...I 'm ain't no sexually deprived specie nor am I saying that I am waiting for you to strip. Cricket is a religion in our country and a promise is a dharma..Don't be an adharma.Like Team India fulfilled the nation's expectations,we expect you to strip..I may well watch and.....I refrain from saying anything...m just not promising anything to you, dear Poonam.
For the next fifteen days, I shall be more regular on blog.Past the cricket frenzy, watched Man U beat Chelsea at Stamford bridge. On another day, I woul've been flying with excitement. But, I'm not yet over our fantastic cricket final against Sri Lanka..Victory hangover, as one may call. Still don't believe that we made such a fantastic finish to life the World Cup. That's what champions are all about. Watch for some more posts on cricket related stuffs. Then, I beckon to move on!!!Or, may be!!!It's a world of sixers and centuries.
Got myself a new pair of Levis Denim from Turkey..Nopes, I didn't go there but paid a hefty Rs 3,400 something for it..Crazy,na!But,indulge yourself,once that's my motto and buckets converted into blue denims. Luckily, cricket dominated the eventful Levi's and it took a back seat.

Poonam, Dear Poonam, we haven't forgotton you.If you cannot fulfill the promise of our heroes and a nation,please don't make empty promises. Think twice before you strip,pardon..leap..Just Do it

Just Kidding
Nopes Poonam,this kidding stuff doesn't apply to you.


Supa Saturday Diary

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GAME showing @10 a.m on this to be wonderful Saturday in a theatre next to me. That was the plan to wake up@ 8.30 a,m and jump straight to catch the movie. Woke up at 9 a.m and rushed to watch the morning and reached there with 5 minutes of lateness. It remind me of college days where we would skip lectures and go for m'in show. Remember, one Sunday I caught Dhoom at 10 in the m'nin at E-Square, Pune.
The only good thing about Game was Abhishek Bachchan, He gave such an endearing performance and looks natural in both the role of the gang lord and the undercover cop. Full on credit to him. Sadly, the script should have been better developed and bring more surprising elements. There is no suspense and part of the climate should have been edited. That said, Game is high on style and low in substance. Go for it if you are an Abhishek fan.
Back to basics. Came back straight from the movie and met family friends for lunch. The topic of discussion was something very eventful which was gonna happen later in the afternoon. We did not speculated nor did we make an assessments of things to be. For such things, better to keep the suspense going and later react after the suspense done. Or else,it kills the fun or the mocking bird,I shall say.
At 2 p.m, I gave some Economics tuition to 2 students who came..It's been going on for two months and quite interesting. I had the pleasure of welcoming a new students as both are preparing for their A-level cum HSC exams. It was wrapped up at 3.30 p.m.
There comes the biggie of the biggie, the clash of the titans..I'm having goosebumps, feeling signs of tremor and heart attack. I'm hyper watching the obvious..Is life a great party??I doubt and fingers crossed at the end of the first innings..I speculate on runs and matters of overs..We discuss with each other,viz, friends on FB. Now what's gonna happen!!Are we gonna win or lose on home turf..I'm quite positive and optimist, a far cry from my upbeat mood before the start of the clash...Second innings start, we slowly progresses..still optimist.Oh!No! Drama unfold itself in Mumbai and what is wrong with the Gods!!!!!Pray!Pray!Pray! There is no remedy and a non-believer of forms gave way to prayers..Too much is at stakenow!!!Our man is out..I'm shattered,heart broken but no time to demystify things..We are still losing hope on Facrbook and Twitter.
Seems like prayers are answered and it looks like we are back..the Game movie have done sum unbelievable therapy. We still lagging behind and it looks like we can still notch it..We aren't there yet..The most tense moments of life unfurls itself and many in the world must have felt the same..Nerve-racking tension, high BP goes unchecked..The boys hits a six and the magical moment came..I jumped and yelled. No prize for guessing. We have just won the World Cup. India!India!India! India are the world champions of cricket. What a Saturday! What a night for crazy cricket lovers and the entire nation. I skipped alcohol for three months and it's the time for celebrations. I am at it again.. Absolutely dramatic as I drain down my Absolute Vodka with Orange. I still can't believe it. It's been a night of the night. An ode to master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, Captain Dhoni, Gautam Ghambir, Yuvraj Singh and the entire team India. Wankhede stadium roared in applause.

P.S: Two days after the big win, I still have the hang over of the match which made us World Champions. It will not be forgotton soon. A supa crazy, awesome Saturday.
With Love.


We, Sachin and India are World Champions..Hurray!!!!!!!!!!

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It is a very tense moment. Right now, I am surviving a massive heart attack. We are behind Sri Lanka. They scored 274 runs and time is running fast as we are at 224 runs. Doubts is creeping in. Gambhir, Dhoni hit sixers and here we are at 242 runs. Five overs remaining and why did Sachin lost his wicket. We are now at 256 and now at 265 and now 271 and here we are. Woohoo!India has just won the World Cup with 277 runs.
Incredible India! We have just won the World Cup. What a night!I've never been so tensed in ma life and I wrap the Indian flag around my shoulder. I'm too much excited, shell shocked. Finally, justice is done to the man who has given 21 years to Cricket in India and he won the first World Cup.The master blaster waited for 21 years and rightfully so. What a wait! We created history as we became the first host country who won the World Court. This is a proud moment for every Indian not just in the country but throughout the year.
The terrific comeback and with such style. It's been truly a glorious moment in India. My heart went out to Sachin who just after 18 overs lost his wicket and had to leave the field. It pinched me and lost hope. My cousin called from UK and I admitted defeat. But, the youngsters of the likes of MS Dhoni, Zaheer Khan, Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Ghambir showed extraordinary mentality and took India to victory. After losing Sehwag and Sachin you play with a psychological handicap but they overturned defeat into victory. V with a bang. A proud moment. The boyzzz made us proud today. I am proud to be an Indian and my team made me proud.
It taught us a lesson. Never lose hope in life and fight till the end. India played like true champions and it would have been a robbery had we lost it at Wankhede stadium.I am still soo soo excited and after 28 years we won our Second World Cup. Drama at its best. We created history today and we deserve to celebrate on the streets all over India.
I bow to team India who deserves each and every moment of this World Cup. On our way to victory, the boyzzz made us proud and this Saturday, April 2 will remain etched in our minds. A beautiful moment in life. India won today.The people of India won!