Murgi, daal aur Briyani

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Saloni Sigh-Narang. Status:Former top model, in 40s, Page 3 socialite in Mumbai-Delhi circuit. Married to Abhishek Singh, billionaire and industrialist. Plans to venture into film making.
Saloni is the envy of countless WAG's, bachelorettes and party boppers for sealing the deal of being a Mrs Singh. She's frowned upon,looked with envy and jealously. In her kitty parties, Saloni bitch against Mr Husband for giving her a raw deal, neglecting her and for an unsatisfying sex life. Yet, she stays in the relationship coz there is no gold digger around. She never miss an opportunity to thrash Abhishek.
Why do we live so much to ourselves? I haven't been able to find an answer to that. Yet, we end up being frustrated with our married life and fear of being judged to society. Money is a chain, a shackle which binds us in a relationship and yet we thrash the husband which provides for the typical rich woman luxury. She affords her travel, kitty parties, branded perfumes and clothes as well as sleeping with young boys half her age. Call it the rich woman-power hungry syndrome.
I feel it is unfair that you live off him,piggy back on his success and public tear him. Yet, they bemoan their fate. At the same time, such couples are not willing to speak and communicate so as to remove any kind of misunderstanding. So far they are happy as long as society is happy..Arre log kya kahenge abe samaaj ki aise ki taise..Live your life. You've been born once. If you chose to be in the relationship and enjoy the glamour and sex, at least refraIn from loathing Mr Husband in public. Sure, you express it to remove your frustration. But, does it solve the problem. I am afraid not!!!It's a big NO.
I think efforts should be made on the part of both spouses to appreciate each other's kindness. Sadly,both are at fault and neither wan abreak away for fear of being judged. The fact is we are living double lives and to a certain extent the life o0f an unknown individual(Sach Kadwa lagta hai). I'm sorry guys that the way I view this tamashaa of some people fooling themselves. This is one thing I cannot imagine myself doing. This is very hypocrite.
Fine,you love the trapping of this kind of relationship with all the associated perks. Simple si baat! Then, stay in the relationship and stop whining or bring your problem in a public place or even entertain guests so as to get sympathy.It is very disrespectful to one's partner when you bring bedroom problems in a party. then, why did you guys tied the knot? Questions which shall remain unanswered coz I know not many among us are willing to question our self-beliefs and our own existence. The ego is too big and it's a trap. Be magnanimous in your relationship. Accept everything with a smile on your face. Accept the relationship the way it is and make amends and hoping that tomorrow is a new day. Things will improve. Who knows, you might appreciate each other's reality and him or her too.
This is not without saying that men don't do it. We men do it too while were sloshed. Frankly, I pity such men who will label their better half as sluts to play down their inadequacies as individuals and human beings. We have been formed in such a manner to label a person. Among our friends, we pretend to be the roaring lion and inside the home, we don't communicate. Deep inside, we are unhappy. So chill guys. Be prepared to talk to your partner and still shall things remain in a stand still, be ready to seperate or call it quits. At least, it's better than fooling yourself and be unhappy in a relationship bearing society's stamp. Arre yaar!Who needs society's approval? It's your life and you earn your money. Live your life and shall bow to U.......
Be happy in life.Love knocks when you least expect it. Be ready to explore life and never say No to a new relationship.

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