The Future and beyond

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Looking into the futuristic glass, I see my own reflection.
Getting carried by my dreams, I see my life at a turning point.
Dreams are the distant illusion of a life to be lived.
Yet, our memories has been programmed.
It crashed. It is rebooted.

The glass of future or getting carried in the future,through dreams to let us know of an upcoming event or incident which will affect our lives. How many of us actually believe that they are signs which tries to warn us of impending incidents or events?
According to psychologists, premonitions form part of our birthright. Our capacity for them is part of our original equipment. Well, I have started to believe to a certain extent coz when someone goes wrong I can sense it or I'm brought to face the events in my dreams. I have some personal experience in life which has shocked my own self.I'm like later,O!God!Why did you chose to tell me?
It was in 2007 and strangely I wasn't able to sleep for more than 6 months. Me was awake throughout the night and worrying for no reasons. I sensed something was wrong somewhere but didn't want to delve further.
The time I would fall sleep, some weird dreams was taking me somewhere. Once, I dreamed that I was at the bus stop and someone was telling me that my Dad was looking for girl so that I get married.It was much against my wishes. But I didn't see dad.
In another dream, I was walking in the subway at Churchgate station as I got out of the station looking for a cab, I saw dad. I smiled and went to speak to him. He gave me a stern look. I was startled. He didn't said anything to me when I tried to speak to him. He didn't replied back.Back to reality. When I called mom and asking to speak to Dad, mom told me that he has gone to work or his medical check up or even better that he was sleeping. Didn't noticed anything at that time though I had a gut feeling coz whenever I spoke to Mom, he would rush to speak to me.Or,call me himself every now and then to enquire about my studies, narrating me stories what's been been happening with X and Y and whom he met last time or whether I am eating properly and whether I need money.
Months later, I received a call on a Saturday that Dad is seriously ill and that he is in a coma. I was crest fallen and didn't knew how to react. I was dismayed and shocked. Tried to pray and hardly slept during the night and it was the first time I ever read the Bhagvad Gita to get inner peace and sleep so that the next day I can travel back home. Once home, went to the hospital and couldn't recognize Dad. Thank God, he get out of the coma and seemed to be slowly recovering. He stayed in the hospital for one week and was discharged one week later. He seemed well,ate something and slept. We were relieved.
When I woke up the next day, Mom told me that she had a dream and a cute, pretty and fair old lady came in the house and smiled at Mom. She stood there. My immediate reaction was, it's Dadi. I have never seen her but what I could garner from relatives that she was very beautiful, short and fair and she died when Dad was 2 years old. We were to spend a long day and Dad health started to fail and we were not able to move him from the bed and he was refusing to take pills. He passed away in the afternoon.
Perhaps if someone told me about their experience, I would have listened and perhaps not believe, thinking it's some illusion. It happened with me. It's the gut instinct and my inner self prepared me for something ahead. Always trust the soul.I always trust signs of the future event or inner self.

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