All Work,No Play..Jack's a dull boy

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Time: 01.00 a.m, Monday morning.
Honestly speaking, there were no plans to blog at this odd hour. I should've been on the bed happily sleeping or reading some newspaper and stuffs..My soul doesn't sleep before 2 a.m in the morning. College-hangover-habit-whatever you may call. Acha! I tell you a secret don't leak it out..jus came from work.
Well, well no post for me since Thursday..I've been having trouble with my net connection since two weeks, the connection appearing and then disappearing. It's been damn irritating. I mean I pay for this damn thing and the ISP behave as if it's all fine. Customer care is a lost word in today's world. Magically, miraculously I have the connection right now,so i jumped on the occasion. kya pati kal ho na ha..
The good news is that I have got myself a brand new cell phone-not the latest though.. Nokia C 3. It is quipped with wireless net connection, 2.0 camera whose clarity is awesome and Qwerty pad..I just can't get enough of it. I just love the large screen.It's so much me and looks like my identity is carved in my new handset. It's classy but very youthful and super cool. Basically which truly represents the real me. We are simply made for each other. Rest assured,photo shall come morrow..provided of course, the connection works and not the blimk-and-miss connection that I'm being provided.
Wondering how behaal my haal will be in one week's time.coz I splurged 3000 bucks on a new levis denim and of course the phone.Shall plead with Mom to bail me out..Terrible expenses but addictive. But, but as long as we make ourselves happy from time to time, it's not harmful. A treat is what it is. Never mind,planning to get another levis on June 24,my budday..start saving for dat baby. We do work hard and sometimes we should splurge and indulge and pamper ourselves. Or else, no charm in living life which may end up being so boring..All work and No play make Jack a dull boy..Except, I'm a new version of Jack-o..masti!full on masti.
m really looking forward for Dum Maro Dum towards the month end. The concept sounds interesting though as  a foot-tapping number the title track is cool and the chick,Anushka Manchandani has a sensual, sexy voice. But,nothing like Asha-tai..Her version of Dum Maro Dum is way beyond and nothing can beat the original version. Actually, dis one is a poor copy, not to say pathetic..Am I not in synch with what I am saying..
It's time to say good nite to Mr Blog..Inshaallah, we shall meet tomorrow if God wills the net..Lotsa stuffs to tell.
Have a great night.
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