We, Sachin and India are World Champions..Hurray!!!!!!!!!!

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It is a very tense moment. Right now, I am surviving a massive heart attack. We are behind Sri Lanka. They scored 274 runs and time is running fast as we are at 224 runs. Doubts is creeping in. Gambhir, Dhoni hit sixers and here we are at 242 runs. Five overs remaining and why did Sachin lost his wicket. We are now at 256 and now at 265 and now 271 and here we are. Woohoo!India has just won the World Cup with 277 runs.
Incredible India! We have just won the World Cup. What a night!I've never been so tensed in ma life and I wrap the Indian flag around my shoulder. I'm too much excited, shell shocked. Finally, justice is done to the man who has given 21 years to Cricket in India and he won the first World Cup.The master blaster waited for 21 years and rightfully so. What a wait! We created history as we became the first host country who won the World Court. This is a proud moment for every Indian not just in the country but throughout the year.
The terrific comeback and with such style. It's been truly a glorious moment in India. My heart went out to Sachin who just after 18 overs lost his wicket and had to leave the field. It pinched me and lost hope. My cousin called from UK and I admitted defeat. But, the youngsters of the likes of MS Dhoni, Zaheer Khan, Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Ghambir showed extraordinary mentality and took India to victory. After losing Sehwag and Sachin you play with a psychological handicap but they overturned defeat into victory. V with a bang. A proud moment. The boyzzz made us proud today. I am proud to be an Indian and my team made me proud.
It taught us a lesson. Never lose hope in life and fight till the end. India played like true champions and it would have been a robbery had we lost it at Wankhede stadium.I am still soo soo excited and after 28 years we won our Second World Cup. Drama at its best. We created history today and we deserve to celebrate on the streets all over India.
I bow to team India who deserves each and every moment of this World Cup. On our way to victory, the boyzzz made us proud and this Saturday, April 2 will remain etched in our minds. A beautiful moment in life. India won today.The people of India won!
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