Till you are, I am

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Till you were, I am. 
The radiant smile exuded as you playfully seduce me with the hand stroke on your long fair.
It was love, what we throught of it.
We displayed an element of lust even without being physical with each other.
The way you smile after you wake up by my side. 
When I bring you flowers, the sensual manner you would say, so sweet, so cute.
Till you were, we were together,locking in our passion for love.
Alas! We knew that it would end,sooner or later.
Coz every relationship reaches an expiry date.
Our were not meant to be understood by the watchers.
It was a different kind of love.
We taught each other so much.
Or,love taught so much.
The need to love selflessly, creating our own space and embrace life.
The Almighty brought us together so that we can elevate in our respective lives.
It is the lesson of love.
Lessons we shall taught new people we meet throughout the span of our lives.
Love is not permanent. Nor is sex and lust.
It is a condition of being.
We are flesh in human form and yet we aren't.
We think we are in love with each other since we are together.
The truth is that we long each other obsessively since we are in the habit of being with each other.
We becomes addiction to each other.
When the times comes,let's get rid of this addiction.
Some call it break up.
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