Anushka Sharma trolled: Ugly patriarchy, anyone?!

Frustrated bigots, misogynists and morons occupy every possible space on Twitter. They are not called trolls for no reason and it doesn't matter whether they cheer for the Indian team and the smashing hero, Virat Kohli. They are so dumb that they forget Cricket is a gentleman's game. Blame it on their lack of empathy, self-respect and education, perhaps.
Unfunny assholes need to shamelessly peek into private lives and dragging a lady's name unnecessarily into India's emphatic win against Australia. You know the story, right? Film actor, Anushka Sharma, who is super successful in her own way was dragged by useless people celebrating Virat Kohli smashing success on the pitch yesterday. Worms who come uninvited, living up to the adageMaan na Maan mein tera bin bhulaye Mehmaan. I mean, it's so ridiculous when we see trolls dragging Anushka Sharma into India's win over Australia, bearing the mark of Virat Kohli. It is gross, vulgar and shows a lack of respect by barging shamelessly in the private space of both Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, two highly accomplished individuals in their respective professions.
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There is something called, moving on and it's unbecoming in this sheer lack of respect for two individuals who were in a relationship in the past. Credit goes to them for maintaining a dignified silence by not invading each other's space but no some people don't get it. They need to barge in. Dragging Anuska Sharma in every cricket move by Virat Kohli is the stuff desperate and useless people are famous of. No wonder, Twitter has become a slamming ground for every fucking bigot and morons who don't have anything better to do in life.

What a nation we are becoming? Indulging in character assassination, sledging on this pitch called Twitter and slanderous remarks. It has become our favorite sport to shows such lack of respect and human dignity. Respect is something we sorely lack as Twiterrati, be it not battling an eyelid to insult a journalist or someone having a contrarian view or push our ego button to drag Anushka Sharma with the childish jibes. It's so ludicrous.
We can do without some slam show in a bit to show our worth, Tweeple and there are better, intelligent ways to attract attention. Or, is it that the narcissists that we have become on social media need to vent out our daily frustration by pulling a fast on celebrities to gain some mileage? It ain't funny guys to hit someone below the belt.
It shouldn't take a Virat Kohli to remind us how our vile acts characterized a lack of education and cheap to blame someone for his action on the pitch. Credit goes to him for being a gentleman in setting the record straight on the positive role played by Anushka Sharma in his life. Respect that relationship. Ugly patriarchy, anyone?!

Spread positivity and cheerz


Happy Holi: Rainbow of colors

Image credit: https://farm4.staticflickr.com

Spreading energy, love and happiness.
It's Holi.
Celebrating vibrant energy.
Gamut of colors.
Blue, green, red, yellow.
Smeared on the face,
in love we revel.
A new season,
opening up gateway of happiness and new promises.
A spirit of together.
Rainbow of colors.
Hearts and souls strung together.
Be jolly like colors
Always and ever
With love
Happy Holi


Sensual words and words

Hi folks, 

World Poetry Day was celebrated on Monday, March 21. A poem I wrote on Facebook and thought of sharing on the blog:

Words, words and words

Hungry!! I ruffle through brain cells to seek you.

To quench the soul's thirst.

Sensual, lyrical and emotional fest.

Flowing in the river of thought and spreading like a virus.

Reaching every inch in our body and soul,

words take contour.

We express love, emotions, anger!!

What to do without words?

Syllables giving birth to poetry.

We revel in awesomeness.

Gushing at its beauty.

Can men and women stay alive without poetry?

Who founded poetry?

Gonna the feet and carve a place in doer's heart.

Happy World Poetry Day.


India vs Pakistan: One Voice always! India! India echoes

A gentlemanly game is truly genderless when men and women find an echo, a common voice to bring a nation together. When you have a common cultural aim in all fun, beat Pakistan? The game is cricket that brings seamless Indians together. Forget the intolerance and war of words among fellas in the country.
Indians swear by cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan and beating Pakistan to maintain our record. When the blockbuster sixer combo is rolled together, you know what happens? Fire sparks. We debate fiercely debating about everything that matters. After all, we are not called Argumentative Indians for nothing? We are at each other's lungs about intolerance, beef ban and extremism on both sides.

The fury is forgotten when the country's monument and national treasure, Amitabh Bachchan recites the national anthem, Jnana Gana Mana with passion and pitching for our win at the stadium with the God of cricket by his side, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Yes, it brought the country together and Team India could do no wrong against Pakistan, maintaining our clean record against our lovable neighbour. We fight on the pitch with good stead. India vs Pakistan that was played on Saturday brought me back to the memory of World Cup in 2011 when we smash and fought it the hard way. India, men and women became one. There was no caste, sex or religion or for that matter, Bhakts or Sickulars. Perhaps, we should coin a new word, Cricket freak. India won not just on but off the pitch.
Beating Pakistan with Virat Kohli smashing it out makes us feel that we have won World War 3 and the T-20 World Cup.
It’s pure ecstasy. We freak out and after all, it's a matter of life-and-death, looking how quickly and back-to-back we lost 3 wickets in the match. It was a close shave and we won by 6 wickets. The best and cherished moment for fans was when Virat Kohli, the man who blasted the match with the memorable shot bowed to The Man who carried Indian Cricket on his shoulders for 29 years, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar who gave a thump up, showing his emotions that he never left the game. An inspiration, Sachin Sir remains forever and what moment when the Indian cricket team saluted after the match. It's the kind of emotions that triggers in us patriotism and sense of belonging to the nation, no matter where we live.
India vs Pakistan, the match that frays our nerves and passion be it among commoners or netizens. It's a matter of do or die.
It's been after four years that I followed the match yesterday after I almost courted heart attacks post Pakistan semi and Sri Lanka final in 2011. I vowed that I won't be following cricket after the God, Sachin Tendulkar retired. I kept the promise. But, yesterday, was different and was like the old days. Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar, my icons at Eden Garden cheering against a side we love to see losing and celebrating. Yes! We did! I am not in India right now and was alone at home yesterday. Turned the wardrobe upside down to fish for an old version of my cricket tee.
Team India won! Bleed Blue.


Unknown destination

Fear of the unknown.
Alien destination.
Mind wandering in alien territory.
A seeker searching for truth.
What a pack of lies he led?
Ordinary mortal!!
Obsessed with materialism.
False ego and pride.
Facing the angel of death,
he asks, Who are you?
I am your shadow, angel says.
Illusion of a life,
led in darkness.
Face to face with truth.
Thick black fog blazes his vision.
He wore blinkers all the years.
Sowing seeds of doubts in their minds,
he faces them.
bowing to him.
Performing fire rituals.
His time was up.
Shrouded in darkness,
he saw half truth.
An unknown destination and path,
is not the end of his journey.
Infinite journey, perhaps.


FB prompt: Writing for writing sake

Hey folks,
It all started as an idea for a prompt on Facebook tagging few folks on Monday: Have you ever wondered if you wake up one day and lose all your blog followers. You become one illusion. Will you stop writing? I write for myself and will do it for the self..I am my own audience.

Wrote on the FB status on a jest and Soumya was the first one, among many tagged to play along. Here, I come with my own prompt, tagging myself to play the game. Feel free anyone to be a sport for the pure love of writing and rack your creative grey cells.


I write for myself. The emotions are completely mine. After all, I am a human being, I eat, cry, munch chocolates, make love and lust. How writing can be different. The blog or for that matter keying in words is an intrinsic part of my existence and oxygen for survival. Call it, human instinct.
Play a game today: Imagine that I woke up to realize that all blog followers and comments have mysteriously vanished. The FB tribe is not existent and suddenly blocked me. After all, who will read my blog posts now!! I press the panic button. My hits have whittled to zero.

All sacrifice has gone in vain and the hard work poured during the nine years has been washed away by the storm. What the fuck will I do now? I go into a depression mode and hit the scotch bottle, turning into a new age Devdas over the blog. After all, I am a ‘has been’. A Difficult and almost impossible task to accept this writing Tsunami.

It’s gloom and dhoom for couple of days, weeks and months. I pick up clothes and pack my bag on a solo trip.  Inspiration hits like a flash of lightning. After all, my blog is all about my individuality and never wrote anything to please anyone. It’s my human emotion at play and why bother for an audience. I start writing again. After all, I always write for ME, MYSELF. Writing is all about selfish reasons and is food for the soul. In the start, I never craved for attention when the blog was started and wrote at length without being bothered about the audience reaction. It was about free will.

Remember I have a voice. No one on earth can influence or muzzle that distinct voice belonging to me. It’s the true mark of my character as a human being. The pen and thoughts dictate my existence. After all, I am not seeking a stamp of approval from society. Of course, if someone can connect with what I write and not saying agreeing to my stand point, I’ll be happy that we can connect. I seek fulfilment that somewhere, a difference can be made to someone life and bringing a smile to a face (s). After all, isn’t it the true purpose of writing?!

Who says that I don’t bother when no one reads me or the hits are at an abysmal low. Of course, it does! I am human and affected when posts are ignored. I love to write and churn poems that will fetch me hits and words of appreciation. Alas! Hits should not be the sole purpose of writing. Sometimes, the blog works in a tipsy turvy manner when the whole post is lost and the fuck word is uttered out of sheer frustration. I don’t abandon writing and will never.

Love as always



Glittering sun.
Stormy weather.
Settling calm.
An illusory life, perhaps!
Broken heart into pieces.
Unrequited love.
Grey hair.
We never won the game,
sitting at the shore.
Night fall beckons souls,
to slug it out.
Fight the inner demons,
lose yourself a bit.
Torn into shred and pieces,
life may not be the same again.
Curse it today.
Tomorrow, it will define it.
Dark tunnel is an illusion.
It exist at the back of our minds.
Cherish the black spot, disappointment and woes.
Life was never stand still water.


Celebrate the woman

O! Woman!
Who stole your affection?
Robbed you of your identity!
Hunger to love, lust, provide emotional warmth and care.
Hiding under the veil,
it's time to break away.
Bear your body and soul naked.
Let them judge for it shows their character not yours.
Discard the cloak of pretense.
True freedom lies flying in quest of your human fulfillment.
Dabbling roles,
they will thrust upon.
Fulfill them at your free will and not to their whims & fancies.
Bare your heart open,
stand naked.
Slap them hard if they dare,
for you are not weak.
False pride and ego,
archaic traditions to exploit you in the name of religion.
Walk your path,
for your eyes never lie.
The fault lies in them.
In the name of religion, caste and gender roles,
they will bark forever!
Be an inspiration to the new generation.
It's your way or the highway.
Shed darkness.
Be upright for your ethics can never be traded.
Barbing insults calling you loose, they will.
Since when, the world has stopped at insults.
Explore the world for it belongs to you.
You don't need a day to celebrate your identity, sexuality and awesomeness.
Happy Women Day

Love N Respect


Desire and love

Tresses of hair stroking her innocent face;
Smile that belie wound and angst:
Soul pierced by dejected and forgotten love buried deep down:
She will not let me enter her heart and soul;
Shoving me violently:
Contented to play with her body,
Gently caressing and kissing her belly,
Frustration gnaws on me:
Our bodies are intertwined together,
Yet our hearts and souls are stranger to each other.
Locking her hair in my fingers,
I stretch them to pain her.
Yet, she is resistant to hurt;
Nothing shall pain her or inject wound to her existence;
Never tired to tell me, you can do whatever you may with my body. It's all yours:
Don't ever think I will let you enter my heart.
We are linked through sheer intimacy and it stops abruptly as we penetrate each other;
What's the point of making love to her? I wonder;
I wave her good bye till she finds another forlorn lover, craving to touch every inch of her skin and breath;
Our hearts can never become one with universe,
No point in fulfilling each other's desire;
She shall remain a muse forever etched in my mind.

With love