WoW: Fool me Twice

'Fool me Twice'

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. 'Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me. I love this quote which is so true and jumped on the occasion to participate for WoW after a span of six months. Hope you enjoy the take!
Write Over the Weekend!

'Fool me Twice'

I furiously typed on my laptop and rush to get for a print out, signing the letter, accompanied with a long written diatribe ink on paper. I have decided. I am putting my papers to walk out from the worthless, useless and hellish office.
Suddenly, a tube light moment struck. I crushed the letter and threw in the dustbin. I ain't go letting them get rid of me so easily and will play around to beat them at their own game that they love playing in the office. They made me a scapegoat the last time but not this time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
My career was on a roll as a young business reporter. One day, I was urged by my heads to lay my hand on the documents to expose the nexus between business magnates to embezzle funds. My boss congratulated me for my work and urged me to track the business which involves black money where hundred crores are at stake. The man, whom I consider as a father figure in office, told me to meet him in our Lower Parel office at 11 o'clock to discuss my next assignment since he didn't want anyone to get hold of the sensitive matter that may spoil our plans. As I reached the office, he called me, "Arjun! I will be late by five minutes. There is a blue envelope on my table. Open it and have a look at the concrete evidence that will make us expose Singhania property development. It must go tomorrow morning as breaking news."
I walked silently and gently pushed the door of the MD office, opening the envelope when two cops entered. "Arjun Mhatre?," they ask. I nodded. "You are under arrest for tampering with sensitive evidence that may put at stake so many businesses." I protested vehemently, telling that I am waiting for my boss. They urged me to come with them since I have been caught red-handed with the blue envelope that should be in the hands of the officials of the Finance Ministry and CBI. I've been told that I might be charged with stealing confidential envelope that contain the state secret of the Government of Maharashtra.
The tall police office, lit a cigarette and looked menacingly at me,"Sir! It's a serious matter. Confess your crime and spend six months inside. Singhania will take care of the rest."
At that time, I realized that the media baron where I am work is in cahoot with the perpetrators of blue-collar crime. I got wind of the role my boss was playing to frame me. At that time, the phone rang and the police officer told me,"Sorry to bother you. You can leave for now."
The next morning, I knocked on the door of Rajput Bedi, the managing director of 'Breaking News' to confront him but he coaxed me with, "Sorry for getting you into trouble. Take this signed cheque. Feel free to put the amount of your choice without hesitation. Book your flat and car. Don't think I am buying you. Arjun, you are a honest man and it's your reward for working so hard for our newspaper." 
I walked out, with the thought 'Fool me once, shame on you.'
It's only now after I tore my resignation letter and threw it inside the bin that I realized that Bedi fooled me for the second time by sending me on this assignment about the secret meeting between two media barons and a minister on deal worth crores. It was midnight the earlier day when I overheard the conversation between Bedi and his associate that someone else will represent him at the meeting. I recorded the conversation on my new mobile phone gifted by Bedi. He didn't realize that his secrets were recorded on the memory card which he forgot to remove.
It was my toughest night at work and stayed in the office till early morning. The bundle of newspapers already went to press and before leaving office, I tendered my resignation on Bedi's table: 'Fool me twice.....' I took my copy of Breaking News and forwarded the video via whatsapp to print, web and TV journos in town. I lit a cigarette and sip a cup of tea at the tapdi reading, 'Media Magnate Rajput Bedi swindles Rs 300 crores with State Minister on biggest scam in Mumbai.' In the evening, I was glued in front of the TV camera, zooming on Bedi, handcuffed on his way to jail. It was the headline on Breaking News and on all TV channels. I had the last laugh, 'Fool me Twice....'

Wild winter

Steamed noodles,
warms the heart.
It's winter.
The cold percolates and seeps through the body,
as I down not one but couple of whisky pegs.
Nestled on the couch and wrapping the blanket,
eyes closed in the silent room,
as one's thought is transported to the world of imagination and wild dreams.


Deadly heat, let's stop the fury!

Nature strikes and unleashing its force,
robbing human beings of their lives.
It's the deadly heat, wrecking havoc and instilling fear among humans.
The earth revolves but it seems to be on a destruction spree.
A grim reminder to take care of our surrounding and beauty,
offered by nature.
We've been very careless and ruthless destroying the gifts,
trees, greenery and ecology.
Today, we are bearing a huge burden,
lives claimed by earth.
Innocent men and women, lives that could have been saved.
Introspection and looking inward needed,
not to be swayed by the ways of the world echoed by capitalism to make wealth.
Amassing richness in this materialistic world,
but at what cost?!

At the last count, 1700+ killed in the deadly heat in India.  One hope that the upcoming monsoon will bring relief and the madness streak will be put to an end. The poem is dedicated to men & women, children who succumbed to the heat and also for us to look inward, strive to protect our legacy, nature and avoid destroying forests, ecology and greenery.



String of friendship

String of friendship pulled,
For there is always a reason season to celebrate and renew the bond.
As we hark back to the past,
we were just kids playing together,
kicking the ball and lolling in the paddy field,
Chasing each other,
silly fights we had,
Only to be friends the next day and hugging each other.
A bonding that moved beyond time.
True friendship never rustle with time or altered over time. 
Celebrate the differences in high spirit and let friendship soar in the sky.

With Love


Universal language of oneness

I am the universe,
I take a breathe;
I am mountains, seas, oceans;
Jet of light flashes through the senses,
waft of lightning and air percolates into one;
Love freely;;
I breathe air, love and energy, the undefined that fills
life with abundance;
I am the ultimate power, throwing vibes of unparalled goodness and perfection;
It ain't no illusion,
for flawless beauty and the extraordinary is in the mind.
I fear none for I am the biggest benefactor of zing.

With Love


Mata Diwas, Matoshree ki Jai!!

Today is Mata Diwas, opps Mother's Day. Cash crunch?! I ask what are Mom's for? Ma will complain but ultimately give but how much is debatable. It's been a great journey with Mom, from the strict disciplinarian who will never loosen the rope and the lovable one, showering flawless and selfless love. Even in her ghussa their is love, from scolding to make me feel like a child at an irritating level, it's her way of showing affection. It makes me wonder whether I'll ever grow up in Mom's company. Here, some quirky characteristics of Mom on Mother's Day. Enjoy!

Noise pollution
Mom can be a noise pollution, increasing the decibel level to an octane level which makes me retaliate but attempting to compete with her. I naturally lose the battle with her telling to put my stuff in order, the wardrobe, table. You name it, you get it!! I feel like a teenager rebelling against her when she scolds on why I keep smoking and the whole drama.

Ekta's soap opera
Speaking of drama, Mom can go dramatic by getting inspiring by Ekta Kapoor's soap operas. 'Kyon ki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi' narrating to me how I am turning down matches made in heaven and that I will end up alone when she's gone. So much drama baazi, one has to take a cue from Mom. By watching Mom getting into drama mode, I can rake the moolah by scripting a narrative to Balaji Telefilms, I tell you, Ekta Kapoor, just knock on my door!

Bandit Queen
Now, who can compete with Mom on that? The moment she raises her voice, you are as good as dead, whether throwing the clothes on the bed to iron some stuffs and if you don't neatly arrange them back in its place, calamity will strike. Not just me, even those municipal council guys who forget to do their work properly or the phone provider who won't come to fix the land line, will see Mom going to their office to create a ruckus. The end result: The poor guys will jump straight to our house to fix up things.

Night owl
Now, I am a night owl and dunno whether I have inherited the qualities from Mom and make her stay awake. Being a journalist, there are days when I reach home in the wee hours and Mom will stay up to the lark and will not sleep till I am not served food. At times, I get irritated and protest, Mom, I am not a child. But, I realize that in Mom's scolding and taking me to be a child, there is love.

Pampered Me,Whom you kidding?
It's the biggest joke to say that I am a pampered child. Ok! Dad would pamper me a lot but Mom is a strict disciplinarian where I get my way very rarely. I do feel caged to be in Mom's clutches when sometimes, it's her way or the highway. But, I am a rebel remember and there are plans to fly off to conquer the world in some far-off corner in the world. I wanna say that staying faraway from parents make us grow as individuals and that doesn't mean we don't love our parents. Jokes apart, it's very important to be disciplined and we shouldn't get stuck into emotional decisions coz it never help us as humans.

Bhajan, Puja and other rituals
Mom is an expert with her regular fasts and paying obeisance to the God by visiting them every othe day to the temple. Being a total Tangdi Kabab and agnostic, it gets to me when I am being fed veggie on days during the Durga Puja, Hanuman Jayanti and Satya Sai Baba day. You name it, you get it! Sometimes, I can be mean and take my sweet revenge by taking a dig, Mom, is there any day when you don't fast. In fact, I am amused at her devotion to the Gods.

Mom's revenge
Mom is not just super Mom but super smart by turning some joke or something on me. Just today, she was telling that there is a marriage in the family but since, I was not willing to go, she's like, ok she'll go and stay over. I joked, cool! I get the house all for myself. She threw a bomb on me,'Yeah, one day will come where I'll be gone and you will be on your own. Oho! Emotional Mom.

Folks! This was meant to be a fun post on Mom's quirky behavior. I know,our Moms love us loads and they do everything for us when we browbeaten and dead. They are our bank account we turn to and nurse us when we are ill.

Loads of love to Mom


A to Z Reflection: How it happened?

The post 'Blogging from A to Z Challenge, Reflection post: How it began' is written as part of the finale. Hope you enjoy as I hark back, tracing the challenge, which is nothing less than Hindi film pot boiler. Do let me know coz I am craving for the feedback!

How it began? A2Z Challenge this April is a definition and extension of my old 'self'. I have always been someone who never planned things in life and when opportunities came along, I dragged my feet. Success and failure has been more or less the same way in life.
Today, if I have been able to complete the challenge, the whole credit goes to dear friends Shalzz and Vidya who kept pushing me, telling how I can do it. It's past history now when I hopped on the very last minute to the challenge. When I decided to put the link, announcing my theme, romance and short stories, I had a panic attack when I headed on A to Z to put my link only to see the collection closed. Bad signal. I clicked on 2014 link.
I frantically checked the linked again and in a jiffy, signed it. It was done and now time to start writing. It was a Sunday and the sleepy head jotted two posts, for Monday and Tuesday. I am not beating the drums. But, the fact is I pre-scheduled my posts and was never late, to the contrary well in advance by 4 to 5 posts. I didn't suffer the blog fatigue at all. It quite surprising considering that last year I suffered when I wrote on the other blog (www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com). Pre-scheduling works big time and learned how efficient one can be.
To cut a long story short, I remember chatting with Shalini, telling how I can't and won't be able to do it this time due to crazy work schedule. We discussed and analyzed, found myself giving her some ideas and as the date inched closer, I cursed myself for not starting to write in mid-February, well in advance. Two days before the challenge, it was already decided that there is no way I can take part in the challenge and found myself on Vidya's blog. Her two cents worked magic on me, with her invaluable inputs. I was in. The rest is history.
That's the power of connecting with bloggers, they become our strength and I discovered countless bloggers, telling their stories, this incredible pool of super talented story writers and poets across the blog. A2Z for me is a journey in life where each moment was relished. Finally, it's done. Some of my stories are based on observations I made about life in metro cities like Pune and Mumbai. Of course, I gave my own twist when I weaved them into fiction. It's been a great journey. Nah! I ain't leaving you like that on reflection made. Here, another short story as I doff my hat.

Not Romance, Just a Short Love Story

I don't know why I am sitting in this marriage! Zoya is getting married and despite the fact that I threw away the card when I told her that I am not on the verge of sanity to see the girl I love the most getting hitched to an unknown guy. I am sitting in the marriage in the company of my best friend Adi. She is sitting majestically, along with the groom on the throne.
Adorned in jewelery and decked in a shining gold sari, Zoya looks stunning beautiful, flawless and like an angel. My heart is burning seeing her so perfect. How can she look so beautiful?! She never looked so perfect and divine, all these years we were together and she dressed on her special day for this unknown guy. Asshole! My heart is ripped apart seeing the bride and groom together, walking hand in hand, as they leave the venue towards the car.
I start growing hyper when Adi holds my hand, Dude! Chutiya! Don't make a scene.  I protest, "But, it's her, Zoya, my Zoya." I am almost in tears. Adi hug me, "No! Bro! It's not her. It's a Hindu marriage and Zoya is Muslim."
I try to protest and am speechless. Zoya is gone and so are the guests. It's only the two of us, smoking up and high on ganja and hashish. I am on the verge of passing out. I woke up in a jiffy, jumping out off the bed and almost doing a somersault. It took me a while to realize that it was just a dream. Zoya has been married long time back when she ditched me for her NRI husband, Amreeka returned. She took away my soul and I am sent back into nostalgic mood. I walk into the kitchen and open the fridge to pour myself a glass of juice. I lit a cigarette. After all, it's just a dream. Forget her.
PS: Hope you enjoyed the small gift. See you next year, A2Z-ers