Deadly heat, let's stop the fury!

Nature strikes and unleashing its force,
robbing human beings of their lives.
It's the deadly heat, wrecking havoc and instilling fear among humans.
The earth revolves but it seems to be on a destruction spree.
A grim reminder to take care of our surrounding and beauty,
offered by nature.
We've been very careless and ruthless destroying the gifts,
trees, greenery and ecology.
Today, we are bearing a huge burden,
lives claimed by earth.
Innocent men and women, lives that could have been saved.
Introspection and looking inward needed,
not to be swayed by the ways of the world echoed by capitalism to make wealth.
Amassing richness in this materialistic world,
but at what cost?!

At the last count, 1700+ killed in the deadly heat in India.  One hope that the upcoming monsoon will bring relief and the madness streak will be put to an end. The poem is dedicated to men & women, children who succumbed to the heat and also for us to look inward, strive to protect our legacy, nature and avoid destroying forests, ecology and greenery.

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