Mata Diwas, Matoshree ki Jai!!

Today is Mata Diwas, opps Mother's Day. Cash crunch?! I ask what are Mom's for? Ma will complain but ultimately give but how much is debatable. It's been a great journey with Mom, from the strict disciplinarian who will never loosen the rope and the lovable one, showering flawless and selfless love. Even in her ghussa their is love, from scolding to make me feel like a child at an irritating level, it's her way of showing affection. It makes me wonder whether I'll ever grow up in Mom's company. Here, some quirky characteristics of Mom on Mother's Day. Enjoy!

Noise pollution
Mom can be a noise pollution, increasing the decibel level to an octane level which makes me retaliate but attempting to compete with her. I naturally lose the battle with her telling to put my stuff in order, the wardrobe, table. You name it, you get it!! I feel like a teenager rebelling against her when she scolds on why I keep smoking and the whole drama.

Ekta's soap opera
Speaking of drama, Mom can go dramatic by getting inspiring by Ekta Kapoor's soap operas. 'Kyon ki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi' narrating to me how I am turning down matches made in heaven and that I will end up alone when she's gone. So much drama baazi, one has to take a cue from Mom. By watching Mom getting into drama mode, I can rake the moolah by scripting a narrative to Balaji Telefilms, I tell you, Ekta Kapoor, just knock on my door!

Bandit Queen
Now, who can compete with Mom on that? The moment she raises her voice, you are as good as dead, whether throwing the clothes on the bed to iron some stuffs and if you don't neatly arrange them back in its place, calamity will strike. Not just me, even those municipal council guys who forget to do their work properly or the phone provider who won't come to fix the land line, will see Mom going to their office to create a ruckus. The end result: The poor guys will jump straight to our house to fix up things.

Night owl
Now, I am a night owl and dunno whether I have inherited the qualities from Mom and make her stay awake. Being a journalist, there are days when I reach home in the wee hours and Mom will stay up to the lark and will not sleep till I am not served food. At times, I get irritated and protest, Mom, I am not a child. But, I realize that in Mom's scolding and taking me to be a child, there is love.

Pampered Me,Whom you kidding?
It's the biggest joke to say that I am a pampered child. Ok! Dad would pamper me a lot but Mom is a strict disciplinarian where I get my way very rarely. I do feel caged to be in Mom's clutches when sometimes, it's her way or the highway. But, I am a rebel remember and there are plans to fly off to conquer the world in some far-off corner in the world. I wanna say that staying faraway from parents make us grow as individuals and that doesn't mean we don't love our parents. Jokes apart, it's very important to be disciplined and we shouldn't get stuck into emotional decisions coz it never help us as humans.

Bhajan, Puja and other rituals
Mom is an expert with her regular fasts and paying obeisance to the God by visiting them every othe day to the temple. Being a total Tangdi Kabab and agnostic, it gets to me when I am being fed veggie on days during the Durga Puja, Hanuman Jayanti and Satya Sai Baba day. You name it, you get it! Sometimes, I can be mean and take my sweet revenge by taking a dig, Mom, is there any day when you don't fast. In fact, I am amused at her devotion to the Gods.

Mom's revenge
Mom is not just super Mom but super smart by turning some joke or something on me. Just today, she was telling that there is a marriage in the family but since, I was not willing to go, she's like, ok she'll go and stay over. I joked, cool! I get the house all for myself. She threw a bomb on me,'Yeah, one day will come where I'll be gone and you will be on your own. Oho! Emotional Mom.

Folks! This was meant to be a fun post on Mom's quirky behavior. I know,our Moms love us loads and they do everything for us when we browbeaten and dead. They are our bank account we turn to and nurse us when we are ill.

Loads of love to Mom
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