AHA moment

Post no2 on blog spot.Quite inter already had 2 visitors. Well, slow and study wins the race. I'm yet to get the hang of things on blogspot.Like Ad display,profile pic on the blog.One nice things for Athithi and make them feel they are welcomed. Well, it shall take some time.
Started reading Eat,Pray,Love. It's an amazing book and the journey in the life of a woman coming from a divorce and diappointment from life. How she loses sanity and goes to India and learn the culture. She gonna have her wow moments of life. Or what I call the AHA moment. We all have our Aha moment where a light enters our lives and we feel refresh. It comes from blessings coming from some unknown source. Suddenly, the breath feels so beautiful,the breeze makes us youthful. That's my definition of AHA moment.
I've experienced the AHA moment quite a few times this year.It came late coz I've experienced and felt AHA after two years of my life. Our life is youthful and evry moment moment of life must be lived fully.Kya pata Kal ho na ho. Now, why New kid on the block is feeling stoic and philosophical. It happens dude,lelo mazaa:)
As the Christmas and New year approaches, I look forward to buy a new brand of shoes. Yea!New kid has a fetish for goodies..read shoes,jeans,chocolates,coffee,pens.Yeah!Oh yeah!But not sex or gals..Now don't get it wrong, don't dare you make your silly mind wandering..I'm perfectly straight..I love beautiful girls but loving, enjoying the company of women or good sex is different from fetish.Yeah!duh!dat correct. Ab agaya akal..Lovely amazing people,its a youthful blog from adolescent to young adults..no thoughts censored here..yeah teens most welcome whatever you love doing,saying, rant it out here,Baby..
Why worry,New kid on the block is reaching out to u beautiful People..Love you.
Shall leave you wid a question:Can love exist without sex?
Drop a line or two..though I doubt i'll get a respond since the blog is not well known,man anyhow how if you happen to be teh 1 reading it..Feel Free.
A full stop to my rantings.
New Kid on da block


Here,I am

Hey folks.
Well I'm new. hmm!Not quite so..Been on Word press for ages and wanted to try something new..something youthful and jazzy.Blogspot is well the answer and truly so..Elated and one wonder at the beautiful creation of Blog spot.
The new blog, my baby looks excited with all the colourful designs and applications. In one word, jazzy.The blog is for the youth, our generation and thoughts will flow freely. It's about the teens,adolescent and anything youthful and colourful.I love quotes and I love this one "Live this moment as if its' your last. Finally, I'm on blogspot. Been contemplating and toying with the idea for more than one year. Was zeroing on an address or whatever fuck you call it, blog title..was searching for something youthful coz I wanted it to be for the young. Being young, is there an age for that?
In the flick of the second, I am targetting an audience from 14 to 35.The young gen or Gen x and now I extend it to anyone that wanna feel,think and act young. Age doesn't matter..uncles and aunties or welcome.But,just be cool and u are here. We gonna have damn fun where only we shall matter. The rest doesn't not matter. We are living during exciting times..shed the garb and you are here. Remove the veil of prejudices and feel free. Kiss the world. Breath fresh air and discard what is moral and what is not.
What am I feeling?Oh!Yeah!Baby I'm excited for joining blogspot coz everything seems cool here.I am a child and excited to embrace this new world.
New Kid